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      Code name Latest price 5 minutes ups and downs
      002890Hongyu shares35.685.13%
      603088Ningbo Jingda23.903.82%
      002835Same as shares10.803.35%
      Professional Finance: The first batch of sales agencies approved by the Securities Regulatory Commission
      Safe Finance: Supervision by the People's Bank of China
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      • China Merchants Banking Liquor Index ClassificationNearly one year33.05%
      • E Funda consumer industryNearly one year29.20%
      • Cathay Internet + StockNearly one year24.72%
      Latest news
      LeTV made a loss of 13.88 billion yuan in 2017 and a loss of 300 million yuan in the first quarter 00:39 Xi Jinping presides over the symposium on furthering the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt and delivering an important speech 00:37 Loss of over 80 million in Hunan Tianyan in 2017: Management considers restructuring 00:34 Behind Beijing's Vanke Co., Ltd.'s dispute over "rent-to-buy" disputes: Radical sequelae appear to show a self-sustaining lease market. 00:33 Beautiful data in the US dollar is boosted again Gold continues to fall 1320 00:33 Healthy eating brand Le Chung won Coca-Cola’s leadership investment of several hundred million yuan 00:32 Red Star Macalline (01528.HK) increased its revenue from self-operated shopping malls to 1.736 billion yuan in the first quarter 00:31 4.26 The European Central Bank kept its policy unchanged, and the euro broke new ground again! 00:31 Yap shares online subscription results released 54,000 total lottery numbers 00:27 Increased by 200% in ten years The Brazilian government’s oil tax or R$ 100 billion 00:24 It's starting to get exciting... The big event is happening 00:17 European Central Bank does not move on schedule as required. Draghi reversed the momentum to help the euro break the 1.22 mark 00:14 Goldman Sachs: US stocks S & P index needs 88 trading days to get rid of the downturn 00:06 Unprofitable bio-pharmaceutical companies are only waiting to fire their guns but not many companies that meet the listing conditions 00:02 Strong corporate earnings boosted the market US stocks rose across the board AMD jumped 13% 00:00 St. Nissan's 2017 revenues dropped sharply - 31.03%, net profit 750,000, earnings per share 0.05 23:59 Graper 2017 revenue growth of 4.85%, net profit of 6.82 million, earnings per share 0.3 23:58 La Chapelle pursues 35 million yuan for Pincheng Industrial and holds 63.375% 23:56 La Chapelle’s revenue rose 8.22% to 2.237 billion yuan in the first quarter 23:56 Millet re-transmitted to Hong Kong listed in May, 100 billion US dollar valuation reverie, really into the first single AB stock? Why throwing hardware profits does not exceed 5% promise 23:52
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      Stock name Quote change Focus on shares
      Gree Electric Appliances-8.97%attention
      BOE A-4.90%attention
      China Software-attention
      Ziguang Guoxin-0.28%attention
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      Polaris 18Active shareholderattention
      Old mudball hngfgyActive shareholderattention
      Dragon 8Active shareholderattention
      Little Investment Jen 8Active shareholderattention
      Investment nmbActive shareholderattention
      Combination name Daily income 5-day earnings 20 day earnings Total revenue
      City Recluse11.02%9.47%20.48%-50.18%
      Blizzard without traces10.09%21.09%50.31%68.74%
      I have also come to 99...10.04%-12.04%-17.04%2.39%
      Analyst Latest index 3 months earnings 6 months earnings 12 months earnings Track stocks
      Zhang Jin5466.5455.44%83.67%125.94%Tiger Medical
      Lu Dongfeng1294.0454.34%29.40%29.40%Shengbang shares
      Tan Pengpeng1311.6443.38%31.16%31.16%Soft Control Shares
      Wu Yujing1128.4830.07%19.53%15.89%Thors
                                  Data date
                                  Friday, April 27, 2018 Friday
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                                  Continuous suspension227 Family
                                  New suspension of trading today7 Family
                                  Resumption today15 Family
                                  Performance report816 Family
                                  Performance forecast210 Family
                                  Dividend increases259 Family
                                  Purchase of new shares0 Family
                                  Payment signed2 Family
                                  Listing of new shares2 Family
                                  Directional hair extension0 Family
                                  Supplementary plan14 Family
                                  Listing of shares119 Family
                                  Equity registration76 Family
                                  Shareholders meeting65 Family
                                  Internet voting66 Family
                                  Asset restructuring 1 Family
                                  Asset acquisition1 Family
                                  Pledge of shares53 Family
      name Latest price Quote change Main net inflow
      1Inspur software23.317.62%160 million
      2Hight12.809.97%132 million
      3Silan Micro16.453.65%68.99 million
      4Qianshan medicine machine9.2010.05%78.84 million
      5Founder Technology3.7310.03%75.23 million
      6Yuzhong Technology59.2610.01%52.48 million
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      name Quote change Leading stocks Quote change
      1Craft goods3.88%Deyi Wenchuang9.99%
      2Precious metal-0.41%Western Gold1.64%
      3Civil Aviation Airport-0.68%southern Airline1.79%
      4bank-0.83%Shanghai Bank0.13%
      5Security equipment-1.14%Yuzhong Technology10.01%
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      rise Consolidation Falling

      date name Related Earnings per share Revenue year-on-year Net profit
      04-27Luan Ring Energydetailed0.930065.46%224.60%
      04-27Guo Rui Technologydetailed0.3500-8.24%-25.84%
      04-27Sanli Spectrumdetailed1.15002.14%12.89%
      name Latest price Quote change Turnover
      1N Wencan21.9743.97%81.95 million
      2Crane shares28.6610.02%13.89 million
      3Dingsheng New Materials34.569.99%15.8 million
      4Vogel Optoelectronics93.6710.01%80.50 million
      5Zhende Medical74.0310.00%18.17 million
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      name Latest price Quote change Turnover
      1Qianshan medicine machine9.2010.05%627 million
      2AOL Electronics17.5810.01%201 million
      3Xintian Technology34.6210.01%2.24 billion
      4Zhongfu Information53.5210.01%15.77 million
      5Jida Communications22.5410.00%755 million
      GEM Fund
      Nuggets High-quality Growth Enterprise Growth Unit
      name Latest price Quote change Turnover
      1Four-ring zinc gallium--21.21 million
      2Chengda Bio16.820.78%17.67 million
      3Dongchuang Technology--7.51 million
      4Zhongshi Culture3.77-2.58%7.66 million
      5Successful bid group4.013.35%7.08 million
      Preferred QDII
      Global asset allocation, investment without borders
      Purchase date Purchase code New stock short name Issue price Issue price-earnings ratio Payment date
      05-07732045Fuda alloy9.6522.7605-09
      04-25300742Yue Bo Power23.3422.9904-27
      04-25732013Yap shares11.6718.004-27
      04-24732259WuXi Mingde21.622.9904-26
      date Stock name Transfer method Circulating Shares Total share capital Industry
      04-27Tianbao human resourcesprotocol-10 million
      04-26Sanmu Aquatic Productsprotocol-25 million
      04-24Oberthurprotocol3.53 million10 millionEquipment
      04-24Dongsong Medicalprotocol-22.06 million
      date name Additional price Number of additional P/E ratio Discount premium rate
      04-26Power Control Technology6.503000000-95.20%
      04-26Huichuan Technology11.003.18 million20.40-5.74%
      04-26Ai Luowei10.007 million--54.55%
      • VC/PE Investment Details
      date name Investment agency investment amount Price per share
      04-24Condor carbon carLianyungang Jinhai...4.8 million1.10
      04-18Shenzhen-Hong Kong Environmental ProtectionShenzhen Shenzhen and Hong Kong production...16.03 million7.20
      04-11Credit GuaranteeHarbin H...110,0001.06
      date name Types of
      04-26China Gas Turbine Decision...Industry conference
      04-262018 Third International Sea...Forum
      04-262017-2018 real estate design...Industry conference
      04-26Asian companion diagnosis and refinement...Forum
      04-272018CPC Century Photovoltaic...Industry conference
      04-27Japan: Unemployment Rate: Season...Economic data
      Code name Latest Price (USD) Quote change
      CCMTaihe Medical3.9421.23%
      DQBig new energy54.204.17%
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      Variety contract Latest price Quote change
      CSI 300 IndexIF18053735.40-2.12%
      SSE 50 IndexIH18052666.60-1.51%
      CSI 500 IndexIC18055806.40-1.79%
      Five-year government bondsTF180697.920.04%
      10-year government bondsT180694.690.03%
      Quantification Fund
      Quantitative investment, refining and gold