Quotes upgrade

Super Level-2

Deep insight into changes in the market situation, identify both long and short PK strength
Faster than normal Level-2100Times faster than the average market1000Times

Handicap transactions

The first time to master individual stocks transaction information
Full range of trading opportunities to capture changes in the market

Personalized subscription

Fortune number

A hundred schools of thought, investment is justified
Trader with the master, dialogue with the elite

Personalized information

The more you understand, the information you want to see
Scientific positioning of user roles, real-time push personalized information

Rogue live broadcast

Close contact with the star V, the wealth of the road to open

Intelligent stock selection

Keep up with market hot spots, stabilize trading opportunities
Based on big data, pay close attention to the flow of funds and analysis
Investment value, to provide intelligent stock selection strategy to meet you
Various stock selection needs

Fingerprint and gesture quick login

Smart and click, log in as fast as lightning
Draw a small hand, draw your own password
Millisecond-speed login, do not miss every investment opportunity

Debt bond artifact

The whole network debts hit a new artifact
Easy one-click subscription, waiting to sign in to make money

Points area

Stores make points, points to send Gifts
Fun and money, all the prizes to the bowl

Ask the secretaries

Information disclosure, Q & A
Close interaction with the secretary of the board, restore the most real
Company Events

Multi-figure index

Time-sharing, K-line can be set up to 4 sub-indicators
Multiple contrast, multiple odds, make analysis and decision-making more efficient

Time-sharing collection auction

Help decision-making, winning a thousand miles
Ancestors know in the morning, fast people make money step by step

total258Item upgrade optimization

3600Fight for many hours day and night

Only to give you the best quality investment experience!