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The A-share "double bottom" prototype appears, what kind of stocks do you like?

The stock market, a person and a person, the battlefield of long and short games, there is a game between retail investors, the game between retail investors and institutions, and the game between institutions and institutions.

They all say that seven losses and two flats are earned. Most of them refer to retail investors. I don’t know that the main force of the institution sometimes loses money.


However, the rise and fall of stocks often depends on the will of the main force. When the main fund is optimistic about a stock, it will try to seduce the retail investors to sell the stock to achieve the purpose of attracting funds; when the main capital raises a stock, it will think The method creates a pattern that will continue to rise to attract retail investors to take over. Therefore, everyone is always keen to find the main trail, because it is closely related to the market value of our account, but it seems that we can't always catch it.

Is there any method or indicator that can help us identify the main trail?

February 1 (Friday)After the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets opened higher, they oscillated upward. The current market needs to pay attention to the low-end stocks to fill up opportunities, focusing on the main funds recently large intervention and more active stocks. Recent involvementDahua shares,Solar energy,Jiechang driveSuccessive daily limit. Later, we can focus on the early involvement of the main funds in individual stocks. The main funds can be inquired through institutional monitoring.Institutional monitoring indicators - free of charge 

Where is the main force?

The institutional monitoring indicator Huang Zhu represents the main capital inflow, and the blue column represents the outflow.

Dahua shares - the main funds slightly pulled out of the trap and pulled up, the band rose more than 10%.

Solar energy -After the main fund shocks, the Masukura is up, and the short-term band is up nearly 20%..

Jiechang drive -After the main force entered the market, it continued to increase the position, and the chips were highly concentrated and the volume increased by 40%.


Recently, the main force involved in individual stocks, short-term popularity, performance can be human, but must evade the main force to lure multiple stocks, in order to prevent high positions. Focus on the relevant stocks involved in the early involvement of the main funds, and also monitor the main attention of their stocks through institutional monitoring. (The above stock cases are for reference only and do not constitute trading advice)

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