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Select Eastern Wealth Securities Stocks Account Opening

Big reason

Reason 1: Trading commission rate

Trading commission million 2.5
No capital limit

Reason 2: Financing stocks are cheaper

The annual interest rate for financing is as low as 6.99%
Shortage of funds no longer exists

Reason 3: Features can be powerful

Enjoy 5 features
Helps you choose stocks efficiently and make money easily

Reason 4: Sell ​​hard cash

Send tens of millions of bonuses each month
Uncapped bonus income (100% available)

Reason 5: Trading can be powerful

Lightning trading, new artifacts, account analysis
Hong Kong stocks pass, idle money management, national debt reverse repurchase...

Reason 6: Information security guaranteed

Eastern Fortune (Stock Code: 300059)
A wholly owned subsidiary
Closed trading system to protect your information

Reason 7: One-stop investment experience

Quotes, information, stocks, financial management, interaction
Oriental Fortune Mobile Edition is all set

Reason 8: Lightning Banking zero waiting

Open an online account for 1 minute
7*24 hours Open all year round online service

Tips: There are other securities company stock accounts, you can choose Eastern Fortune Securities to open another one (support one person and three households), all incentives and event incentives can share!

About Orient Fortune Securities

Oriental Wealth Securities is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Orient Wealth Information Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 300059). The company has a full range of securities business licenses. Its business scope covers: brokerage, securities investment funds, securities self-employed, financial advisors, securities Investment consulting, securities asset management, securities underwriting and sponsorship, margin financing and securities lending, financing of financial products, provision of intermediate referral services for futures companies, new board recommendation, listing, trading, and market-making services, and innovative businesses have also started: Purchase, Pledge, Internet Business, etc.
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  • National Unified Customer Service Hotline: 95357

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