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Seven reasons to choose Oriental Fortune Securities account

1 Ten thousand yuan gifts to send non-stop

Moneymaker free for 1 year
Quotes valuable first step

2 Real contest to send cash

Account to participate in the real stock market competition
Win big cash prizes every month

3 Commission save to think of

1 year province 1 iPhone8
Low commission stocks more affordable

4 Stock financing is cheaper

Financing prime rate as low as 6.99%
Other brokerage financing average interest rate of 8.6%

5 Powerful account features

Trading faster and more complete
Big Data Science Analysis

6 Strong security of information security

The system is completely closed
Information is not leaked

7 One-stop investment experience

Market, information, stocks, money management,
One-stop interactive service!

About Fortune Securities

Oriental Fortune Securities Co., Ltd. referred to as the Orient Fortune Securities, is a comprehensive securities company, the Department of Oriental Fortune Information Co., Ltd. (stock code 300059), a wholly owned subsidiary

  • Main business: A shares / B shares / funds / three boards / bonds / asset management / Internet business
  • Trading methods: online transactions, mobile phone commissioned, telephone transactions, web site commissioned
  • National unified telephone commission: 95357 transfer 8/4000197700
  • Unified national customer service hotline: 95357

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