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Seven reasons to choose Eastern Fortune Securities to open an account

1 Ten thousand yuan gift delivery

Earn Money Tools for Free 1 Year
Quotes are precious one step ahead

2 Contest to send cash

Open an account successfully to participate in the real stock trading contest
Win huge cash bonuses every month

3 Commission to the unexpected

1 year Province 1 iPhone 8
Low commission stocks more affordable

4 Stocks are cheaper to finance

Financing preferential interest rate as low as 6.99%
Other brokerage financing average interest rate 8.6%

5 Strong account features

Transactions are faster and more complete
Big Data Science Analysis

6 Strong information security

System fully closed
Information is not leaked

7 One-stop investment experience

Quotes, information, stocks, financial management,
One-stop interactive service!

About Orient Fortune Securities

Eastern Fortune Securities Co., Ltd. is abbreviated as Eastern Fortune Securities and is a national comprehensive securities company. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dongfang Wealth Information Co., Ltd. (stock code 300059).

  • Main Business: A Shares/B Shares/Funds/Three Boards/Bonds/Asset Management/Internet Business
  • Trading methods: Online trading, mobile phone commissioning, telephone trading, web page commissioning
  • National Unified Telephone Commission: 95357 rpm 8 / 4000197700
  • National Unified Customer Service Hotline: 95357

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