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        • 1 Fund investment recent troubles
          Recently, with the market's adjustments and some style changes, some friends began to appear uneasy. Does it continue to hold or go out, if it is held in a value-based fund or is it going to be a small and medium-sized venture? The more options, the more trouble. This is his recent god operation sent to me by a friend recently. A typical good hand was broken, and there was no place to complain. With such a good fund selected by Anson Value, he has worked so hard to collect so many chips and flesh at the lowest point on February 9. After selling it, I found that I was not able to make a big rebound and I wanted to buy it back. This practice is a typical chase. Not to mention that we can't make money. First of all, it's not good for physical and mental health. When you look at it, you have to worry about it; you have to be beaten on both sides, and you have a bad time. Earned this
        • 2 The most popular kind of investment, you never expected
          Leader · Niu Benjian has nothing to do on weekends. Take a look at the recent report on the selection and future trends of China's investment and financing management by Panshi, a joint investment company. Investment and wealth management has become an indispensable part of people's lives. Insurance, government bonds, gold, funds, stocks, futures, foreign exchange and other investment methods have become an important source of income for people. You may not have imagined that more than 70% of respondents choose robust investment products, and insurance has consistently ranked first in the country for three consecutive years. In the investment categories such as funds, stocks, foreign exchange, and futures, the group with income of more than 1 million has a significantly higher proportion of stocks and gold than other groups. In 2016, insurance, stocks and wealth management products were ranked among the top three in terms of national investment. In 2018, funds and real estate went into the eyes of Chinese investment
        • 3 Fund White | What is "28 Wheeling"
          What is "28" and "2" is that there are 20% of large-cap stocks in the stock market, and "8" is 80% of small and medium-sized stocks in the stock market. Rotation is the continuous switch between large-cap stocks and small-cap stocks. Then add a timing indicator. So, imagine yourself, the market style, most of the situation is not the broader market rose is a small disk. When the broader market is going to rise, I will buy large-cap stocks. When the small-caps rise, I will buy small-cap stocks. How do I buy stocks on various plates in the stock market? Very simple, there is an index fund in the fund, which is the index to follow. So, take a look at the 28th round of the market. The index funds that tracked the CSI 300 were selected as large-cap stocks; the index funds that tracked the CSI 500 were chosen as small and medium-sized funds. We can see the following two
        • 4 What is the regular payment fund? What are there?
          Recently, it was found that a fund that had exchanged funds rose very well and it was interesting to find the name. Regular payment, in the end is what kind of fund it? "Regular payment" refers to the fund's operation mode, which clearly stipulates that the fund will return a part of the investment assets to customers regularly at a certain amount of time or at a certain proportion of the net value each year to provide investors with a stable cash flow. Specific to a regular fund, we see how it operates. In the case of paying regular interest payments at the Bank of Communications, we have taken a look at the fund contract. In accordance with the stipulations of the fund contract, the Fund regularly pays a certain amount of cash to the fund share holders by automatically redeeming the fund shares each month. Specifically, the Fund follows an annualized cash payment ratio as stipulated in the prospectus.
        • 5 Since stocks are so shameful, don't read it and go to work.
          The day before yesterday, after rushing to 3300, it was inevitable that it was a wave of stumbling. This was called evasion: Yesterday’s tip was again low and open, and the result was, I believe we are all for all to see. It’s called hunters’ dips: Today’s weekend IPO, though There are twists and turns, but it is still possible to achieve a big probability at the end of the day. Today's market trend is as follows, personal opinions, for reference only: individual stocks, last month mentioned that the long-term gold stock Jiakai City, has opened the way for thousands of miles of rise, the recent mention of low stock Galaxy, Gaga food is just around the corner, Haven't entered the market waiting for the next wave. You may have missed these wonderful contents: "The power of model" has been reproduced and praised by the Chinese armed police! Beijing Lao Wang Buying House Note: Uncovering the mystery of skyrocketing housing prices in small county towns... Extended voting for holidays: Spring Festival holiday 18 days, five
        • 6 How does the dealer "delude" to retail investors to sell shares?----Zhonghong Corporation, ChinaNetCenter, Great Wall Motor, Jiantou Energy, Jidong Cement
          How does the dealer “cheat” to retail investors to sell stocks? Every participant in the market is standing in opposition to each other, not to mention bookmakers and retail investors. The use of a “cheat” word by the dealer’s control method does not provide a comprehensive summary, and “coercion and inducement” are appropriate. In concrete terms, it is nothing more than price suppression and deterrence. The essential law of the market is Jiancang - Xipan - Pull up - shipping, each stage is the wits between the main force and retail investors. In fact, the subtext of this issue is that the dealer must pull up, so he must defraud retailers to sell. I summarize a few points: 1: Take the bad graphics, the banker is very clear that retail investors use those technical analysis, such as support pressure, they will deliberately make the stock price penetrate the support, triggering a sell-off and then eat goods. There are 60-day moving average, 30-day moving average, macd
        • 7 Iron and Steel Industry Capacity Revelation: Never Underestimate High-Level Determination!
          Two years ago, China's second-largest steel listed company, WISCO, had announced a "dreary" annual report, with a huge loss of over 7.5 billion yuan, becoming the loss-making king of the A-shares. Not just WISCO, when the steel industry lost money in the entire industry. In 2015, the total losses of the 31 A-share listed steel companies (ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry in the China Securities Regulatory Commission) totaled as high as 19.5 billion yuan. The collective cloud of losses caused by collective losses shrouded the entire steel industry. At the same time, the liabilities of steel companies continued to rise, and the debt ratio hit a record high; high-level liabilities brought a heavy financial burden to steel companies already in trouble, and the 31 A-share steel companies had financial expenses of 27 billion in 2015. Loss and layoffs have become a lingering nightmare for the steel industry in 2015
        • 8 Li Zhilin: A stock market has indeed changed, the style conversion is not doubt it?
          Please click to enter the picture description 03.09 Li Zhilin - Advice Weekly comments: A stock market has indeed changed, the style conversion is no doubt? Last weekend, the style of the market was clearly changed in the seven trading days after the Ming and Qing Dynasties. However, many organizations are still holding an emergency meeting to debate whether the “market style is changing?” It makes people feel a bit weird and overwhelming. It is said that the mainstream view still believes that the concept of "unicorn" is "rabbit tail can not grow," and can not stop the mainstream of large-cap blue-chip value investing. However, this week's market trend, especially Friday's FBMACE's 11.3 billion, soared 3.53%, not only exceeded 1800 points, but also exceeded 1850 points, regained all the averages, and confirmed that the GEM as the representative. New economic stocks, already
        • 9 How to choose the industry leader (shares)
          Recently I have seen several articles introducing the industry leaders in the sub-industry. Some have collected dozens of stocks, some as many as hundreds. What do we think are so many stocks that we really care about? I also want to study the subdivision leader to see if I can find out which ones can only focus on. However, I used to study the fundamentals in the past and thought of a flush machine. Using it may be able to take shortcuts. Now that there is advanced technology, why not use it well and get twice the result with half the effort! Surprisingly, there are 1,458 leading companies in the sub-industry listed by the Flushing Robot, which accounts for almost half of the existing listed companies! Oh, China's listed companies still have brushes! These companies are certainly in good and bad conditions, so I used ROE to shrink for three consecutive years.
        • 10 A-shares on the weekend reported major positive news. Lithium battery concept Relay unicorn, struck next week
          [Marketing Explained] Reviewing the market this week, the subject matter is still hot. Domestically produced software, big data, 5G, integrated circuits, and semiconductors based on the Industrial Internet have performed strongly. At the same time, the unicorn-A related listed stocks have also performed strongly. Of course, in the second half of this week, blockchain, Xiong'an, bio-pharmaceuticals also performed well, but it does not matter, as long as they can seize the mainstream opportunities, how much money is the problem. Last week's operation, summed up one sentence is to stay brave, starved to death! Weekly strong stocks dare to select five days in the first half of the adjustment process, near the tenth line low suction, then Friday's earnings will not be too bad, on schedule, the blue chip is still weak on behalf of the SSE is also suggesting that we do not blindly Operation, wait for opportunity. Operation, continue to pay attention to the four attributes of industrial Internet
        • 1 Fund investment recent troubles
          Recently, with the market's adjustments and some style changes, some friends began to appear uneasy. Does it continue to hold or go out, if it is held in a value-based fund or is it going to be a small and medium-sized venture? The more options, the more trouble. This is his recent god operation sent to me by a friend recently. A typical good hand was broken, and there was no place to complain. With such a good fund selected by Anson Value, he has worked so hard to collect so many chips and flesh at the lowest point on February 9. After selling it, I found that I was not able to make a big rebound and I wanted to buy it back. This practice is a typical chase. Not to mention that we can't make money. First of all, it's not good for physical and mental health. When you look at it, you have to worry about it; you have to be beaten on both sides, and you have a bad time. Earned this
        • 2 Brokerage plate, why is it only suitable for one in the bull market?
          Although today's time is a bit late, but still want to command the female fans of the "Happy Queen's Day!" Do not know how many female partners concerned about the commander, signed to let me know, Ye Hao in the future to write more about the Queen's Foundation Tips articles. Finally, after receiving some small partners' questions, do you have a chance to ask the fund of the securities/dealers theme? Some small partners also have funds for such topics in their hands to ask if they can hold them for a long time. Today, we come to analyze through the perspective of the brokerage company's performance data. First of all, I would like to say my point: The theme of securities/dealers is a trend investment, and it is more suitable for "bigger" in the bull market! Let's look at a group of securities industry associations' statistics on the 2017 operating data of securities companies. 131 securities companies achieved a total operating revenue of 3,113
        • 3 Finding the Most Beautiful "Blue Chip" Fund
          First of all, I wish you the most beautiful, little fairies / miss sister / goddess / queen / female paper happy holidays! From the beginning of the text: Regulatory agencies announced that the "registration system" was postponed, the "new economy", "unicorn" and other good incentives, the small and medium-sized business ushered in a wave of rally, most institutions put forward a "blue chip" market, then What is a "blue chip", whether there is a good "create blue chip" fund according to the Shanghai Stock Exchange 50 deduction, many of my friends first thought of the "GEM 50", before LeTV arbitrage when many people pay attention. The GEM 50 Index 399,673: The GEM 50 Index consists of a sample stock of 50 stocks with the best liquidity index during the survey period. The GEM 50 Index focuses on sample stock liquidity, market capitalization, and
        • 4 FOF ushered in the second batch! So, how did the first batch of FOFs perform? (Heavy weight warehouse fund)
          Last night, big news came out of the fund circle. According to the disclosure on the website of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the second batch of three FOF products was formally approved, plus six of the first batches launched before the first half of the year. Currently, there are nine publicly funded FOF products. The SFC website announcement shows that the three FOFs approved this time were selected by Zhongrong Quanquan, Shanghai Shangrui Hybrid, and Qianhai Open Source Yuyuan. According to the approval, the second batch of FOFs will be scheduled for distribution within 6 months. The first batch of six FOFs was approved for September 2017, and the establishment time was concentrated from late October to early November. Based on this calculation, it is expected that the three FOFs should be established in the second quarter. FOF, in fact, Fund of Funds - "funds in funds", is a type of investment in other investment funds
        • 5 When the market adjusts, "three bogey
          As the market has continued to adjust recently, many funds that have invested in stocks have seen their net value fluctuate from top to bottom. Many investors have also been fooled: “Is it right to hold, or is it profitable?” In fact, this time is the time to test your mind. A bogey blindly killing or deterring the market, many fund's net value fluctuates much, rise one day, fall for one day, and sometimes retreat much more, beyond the bottom line of investors' psychological tolerance, and finally can't stand to sell in the fall. It is often cut on the floor. In the eyes of Uncle Cat, because it is for investors to manage their wealth, the net retreat should be controlled within a relatively reasonable range. Mature fund managers will respond to market conditions and stock valuations in a timely manner so as to keep the net value fluctuation within a reasonable range. Capital Funding for Investment
        • 6 What's hot for the "New Economy Theme" fund?
          There is a word in the market hotspots on these two days. It is the “new economy”. The rapid upswing after the GEM decline today is also estimated to be related to the word. The current session reaffirmed its support for the "four new economy" (new technologies, new industries, new business models, and new models). After the listing of corporate A-shares, some internet giants have expressed hope that they can land/return to the A-share market, and even the Securities and Futures Commission will prepare Measures were introduced to support the listing of new economic enterprises. Specific news about the "new economy" believes that there are already many, and I will not start. Today we take a look at what are the funds most relevant to the theme of the new economy? How is the historical performance? Is there anything worth starting with? 1. The name of the fund with new technology searches for the word “new technology”. There are currently two major markets: Fuguo Gao
        • 7 Gem Rush to Rebound Killer
          In fact, as early as two months ago, someone had consulted with Lan Lan about the fund of GEM. At that time, because the market was not yet clear, there was no special introduction, and recently with a lot of favorable launches in succession, the GEM may hopefully usher in the market. A wave of strong rebound. On the policy front, the delay of the registration system will undoubtedly give GEM encouragement in terms of confidence, and the fact that the IPO has not been approved by the company for a three-year shell-board listing will help reduce the pressure on the issuance of new shares. Coupled with the current valuation of the GEM Index has been less than 40, at a low of 19% of the historical valuation of the past three years, it seems that going strong has become a matter of course. But at the same time, we should also see that it is still difficult to determine whether the GEM, which has long been known for its irrational speculation, can attract the attention of the main funds in a large area and thus stimulate sustained market conditions.
        • 8 New energy vehicle purchase tax incentives extend again
          This morning, when the Prime Minister did a report on the work of the government, he said that the preferential policies for the purchase of new energy vehicles will be extended for another three years and the policy on the relocation of used cars will be completely abolished. With the prolongation of the policy of favoring new energy vehicles, will new energy vehicles usher in the spring? According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the production and sales of new energy vehicles in China reached 774,000 vehicles and 777,000 vehicles in 2017, ranking the first in the world for three consecutive years. According to the database of China National Business Industry Research Institute, as of the end of 2017, the total number of new energy vehicles in the country exceeded 1.7 million. According to the development plan promulgated by the State Council, by 2020, the annual production of new energy vehicles will reach 2 million vehicles, which will double the sales volume in 2018. The new energy auto industry index reached one in September last year
        • 9 If you have Unicorn Fund, will you buy it?
          With regard to what the concept of the unicorn is specifically referring to, I think it should not need to be specifically developed. I believe we see a lot of recent news. Most of the views on the "Unicorn" in the A-share market are all "happy" to lift their hands agree that "beasts" come after the A-share is a major advantage. But what is the truth? "Unicorn" return to the A-share market which plate will cause an impact? What do we need to pay attention to when investing in TMT, artificial intelligence and other thematic funds? Today we will talk about this topic. Let's take a look at what plates the so-called "Unicorn" will relate to. 1. According to "2017 Hurun Greater China Unicorn Index" according to the "Unicorn Index" report issued by the Hurun Research Institute in December last year, the 120 unicorns involved in the report
        • 10 The 20th year of the public fund, the "first" in the history of the fund
          What is the concept of time in twenty years, maybe it is just a flick of a finger. Since its inception in 1998, China's public fund industry has just passed 20 years. At the beginning of March 1998, Cathay Capital and the Southern Fund were established, and the Chinese public fund industry achieved a "zero breakthrough." As of the end of December 2017, there were 113 fund management companies in China, 45 of which were Sino-foreign joint ventures, and 68 domestic-funded companies; 12 securities companies or securities companies owned by public funds that qualified for the management of public funds had 12 insurance companies. Family. The public fund assets managed by the above institutions amount to 11.6 trillion yuan in total. In the past 20 years, China’s A-share market has experienced four CBBC conversions. The bond market has also experienced multiple bull market conditions, making China’s fund industry generally create for the Christians.