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        • 1 In the middle of big promotion! Super cheap index big collection!
          Index investors will inevitably lack of concentration and illusions: Seeing the index held in hand falling and falling again will illusion and fall again will be the abyss. Maybe tomorrow they will be trapped in 18 layers of hell. Can not be untied, more and more afraid, more afraid of more and more, had to cut his hands, flesh away; if you see the index rise and then rise again, and fantasy that they will fly from here, maybe this one's own K The line is the one chosen by God and will rise indefinitely. It will last for generations and will never cease. Do not blame you, if the index for the hand is cheap or expensive, there is no X number, how do you make people have a determination, how do you have faith? If you want to be aware of index investment, look at the valuation is the easiest way. One of the commonly used valuation indicators is the price-earnings ratio (PE).
        • 2 Today's strongest leading stocks to seize the opportunity to continue the daily limit next week, long-term hold (with shares)
          The One Belt One Road Offshore Oil Project, Huibopu, China Oil Engineering, Beiken Energy, Rutong, Zhongman Petroleum, CNOOC, Hengshun Zhongsheng, Jereh China Oil Engineering: Crude oil is the king of commodities and price fluctuations have been The distribution of assets in the world's major assets has a major impact. Brent crude oil prices broke through the integer mark of 80 US dollars and set a new record of three and a half years. Benefit from the rise in oil prices and gain 2 boards. Jereh Co., Ltd.: The company has become a member of the first-tier supply network for exploration and development equipment of CNPC, and it is a rapidly rising oilfield service company with considerable development potential. Combustible ice source, oil, potential Hanson, China Oil Oil Services, Haimo Technology, Haimo technology: oil prices rose + oversold bounce, the company is the world's leading oil and gas field multiphase flowmeter and production optimization solutions provider, the country's largest pressure
        • 3 Note: The most complete unicorns Ningde era concept stocks, focus on these stocks next week (list)
          The unicorn Ningde era finally came to an IPO. In this weekend's time, I studied related topics, and long-awaited to come out. Let's take a look at the concept stock of the real Ningde era. Please look carefully at the analysis. :(A bit more, please be patient.) 1 Wright Wright 002076 Wright said that Ningde Times is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company Zhuo and automation customers. 2 Changying Shuangzhi 002664 Changying Souvenir Quality confirmed on March 27, 2018 that it has been concerned about the shareholding of the company’s chairman Yin Yin in the Ningde era. Chang Yingxin said that Yin Yin has his own investment considerations and does not affect the company’s production and operation. Whether or not to cooperate with Ningde in the future is subject to the announcement. 3 Huaxi Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of 000936, a village capital company
        • 4 2700 becomes 500,000! Old shareholders to retrieve accounts: locks up to 184 times in 20 years
          Is there anything more happier than missing? Have! Recently, an old investor in Wuchang District, Wuhan City, has recovered the forgotten shares for more than 20 years. The stock market value has changed from a few thousand dollars in the current year to more than 500,000 today! Surprisingly surprised, not surprised? This is the case. On the eve of the Spring Festival this year, Mr. Yi’s (65-year-old) wife found out that two copies of the “Shenzhen Petrochemical” and “Hubei Yihua” stocks held more than 20 years ago were worth RMB 3,615. However, the “Three Gorges Securities Registration Center” that registered and hosted Yihua’s stocks had already been cancelled. After a few weeks, Mr. Zhou finally confirmed that the current hosted securities brokerage of “Hubei Yihua” is Guotai Junan Securities (17.540, 0.04, 0.23%), so he became a Guotai Junan Yichang Sales Department through online account registration.
        • 5 Sino-U.S. Trade Friction and Peaceful Resolution But it is imperative to watch out for Chinese domestic alternatives
          After two days of intense and difficult negotiations, on the morning of the 19th, local time, the Sino-U.S. economic and trade consultations in Washington finally came to fruition. The two sides announced the transcript of this round of consultations with the “Sino-U.S. Joint Statement on Economic and Trade Negotiations”. Positive, constructive and fruitful. This transcript was hard won. Although it did not meet all the demands of both parties, it was at least positive, fair, reasonable, phased and constructive. It was of great significance to lead the healthy development of Sino-U.S. relations and promote the stability and prosperity of global economic trade. . Sino-US trade friction and peaceful settlement, the peoples of both countries are happy, but it has been vigilant that the domestic substitution of domestic people is imperative! In this Sino-U.S. trade friction, the biggest topic of the future has already emerged: the domestic alternative industry! I believe that all people of insight in China are
        • 6 Yang Wei Wei! Huawei is amazing in Europe, and the giants will have no sleep!
          Too hot, not enough to sell! A few days ago, Huawei Glory Mobile officially entered the European market. Glory glorified 10 in London, England, and will be sold in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, India and many other countries. It is reported that Glory 10 has received a warm welcome in the European region, sold out in 24 hours, and sold about 100,000 units on the first day. The market in Spain is even more exaggerated. It sold out in just six hours, and its popularity is evident. Overseas media also highly praised: "Glory 10 has become the best camp of the 2018 mobile phone," "The price is only 399.99 euros but has the same excellent features as the high-end phones such as iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9." More worthy of surprise is: Huawei this
        • 7 The 5G era is coming! It's no problem for this company to increase billions of revenues! Company executives: A lot of money opportunities
          Inscription: Even interviewed by the Securities Times reporter, Mao Xun, deputy general manager and secretary of the Board of Directors, Mao Hao is also a tool. “We are a businessman. In addition to technology, we must also earn money to earn money for employees and earn money for shareholders.” Mao Hao said that the company’s empty talk slogan is useless and must also address commercial interests and financial costs. Of course, as a technology-based enterprise, it is necessary to place an elevated level of technology on a very important position. Only the continuous progress of science and technology will ensure that the foundation of enterprise development will be stable. The main business of Astron Technologies is the research, development, manufacturing and technical services of optoelectronic devices in the field of optical communications. Talking about the future, Mao Hao said that the future world is the world of light. Grasp the core technology of light, to some extent, you have the right to speak in the business world. Securities Times "Listed Companies
        • 8 Danger signal! Another country’s debt has collapsed
          In the US market on May 15th, the financial market suddenly changed its face. The US dollar index broke through the 93 mark and continued to climb upwards. The main non-US currencies, spot bullion, and US stocks were “floating down.” Rising tides of currency selling in emerging markets followed. After the devaluation of the Argentine peso, the Turkish Lira exchange rate against the US dollar set a new record low on the 15th. It once fell by 2.5% during the day and led the drop in emerging market currencies. Since the beginning of the year, the Lira has fallen more than 17%. It has fallen by 9.9% since May, and is one of the worst performing currencies this year. Cartography: 21st Century Business Herald Design: Deng Juxuan In addition to the currency devaluation, the Turkish 10-year Treasury bond price also fell to a record low on the 15th, and the yield rate soared 91 basis points on the day, the largest increase since 2014.
        • 9 Xiong'an billion environmental protection market opens, and the agency predicts that these stocks will have 30% upside.
          Investment is a high-risk activity. I try to improve myself every day. I only hope to trust you. I just want to make this a safe haven for investment. I just hope that you are no longer alone on the investment road. --- Lin Shukan saw the establishment of the first local Eco-Environmental Bureau, and the National Environmental Protection Congress immediately on May 16. The Xiong'an New District Ecological Environment Bureau was established in Rongcheng County, Xiong'an New District. The Eco-Environmental Bureau was the first local "Eco-Environmental Bureau" after the establishment of the National Department of Ecological Environment in March 2018. The Xiong'an New District Ecological Environment Bureau of Hebei Province serves as the dispatching agency of the Hebei Provincial Environmental Protection Department and is managed by the Provincial Environmental Protection Department and the Hebei Xiong'an New District Party Committee and the Administrative Committee. According to the agency's calculation of the ecological environmental market space in Xiong'an New District in the next five years, municipal water supply and drainage, sanitation and garbage disposal, and water environment
        • 10 One hundred billion unicorns won the IPO approval by the enterprise Ningde era will break the two major records of the GEM!
          China Securities Regulatory Commission officials issued micro-night on the 18th, May 18 approved the initial application of the two companies, the Shanghai Stock Exchange board: Green Power Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Stock Exchange gEM: Ningde Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.. The total funding of the two companies does not exceed 6 billion yuan. Compared with pre-sessional prospectuses, the amount of funds raised this time has shrunk to less than 6 billion yuan (or two companies). Prior to this, the amount of investment in green power and environmental protection was less than 600 million yuan. The capital is expected to be between 5 and 6 billion yuan, shrinking at least more than 50%. Prior to the Ningde era IP0 plans to publicly issue 217 million shares, accounting for not less than 10% of the total share capital, raising 13.12 billion yuan. At present, the number of shares issued should not change, and the amount of fund-raising will shrink dramatically. In Ningde
        • 1 The medical fund manager said: I stand on the high post of medicine and look into the distance
          The grade dispensers said: Today, the pharmaceutical sector led the rise, and the colleagues at the Shigekura Medical Foundation near the level dispensers were all happy. However, everyone is afraid of joy. Standing on the high post of medicine, the grade dispensers invited special results this year! do not! it is good! Cai Cai, a fund manager of Wells Fargo Pharmaceuticals (161035), “appeared” and chatted with the guest officers about the future of medicine. Applause ~~~Hi, Dear Holder This year, the speed of "Pharma" is so fast that people "are caught off guard". As of 2018/5/10, Shenwan Pharmaceutical's biological index rose 12.71%, ranking first in all industries. Finally, he was able to return to the partnership with last year’s winner, “food and drink,” and create a “drink and take medicine” market. It's just that the sweetness of happiness is coming too fast.
        • 2 In the middle of big promotion! Super cheap index big collection!
          Index investors will inevitably lack of concentration and illusions: Seeing the index held in hand falling and falling again will illusion and fall again will be the abyss. Maybe tomorrow they will be trapped in 18 layers of hell. Can not be untied, more and more afraid, more afraid of more and more, had to cut his hands, flesh away; if you see the index rise and then rise again, and fantasy that they will fly from here, maybe this one's own K The line is the one chosen by God and will rise indefinitely. It will last for generations and will never cease. Do not blame you, if the index for the hand is cheap or expensive, there is no X number, how do you make people have a determination, how do you have faith? If you want to be aware of index investment, look at the valuation is the easiest way. One of the commonly used valuation indicators is the price-earnings ratio (PE).
        • 3 A fund manager's late-night monologue
          “To take this opportunity today, I want to talk to you about money.” The middle-aged man in the middle of the 40-year-old sat, dressed plainly and with some whitish hair; he was the Top 10 fund-raising fund manager, but he called directly. The interview must be low-key and low-key, not willing to reveal the real name, pen name D. The veteran practitioner said: Not too long ago, there was a chance that I took a small shareholder list, and those who voted for thousands or tens of thousands of users had names that were rustic and eloquent. Pages suddenly felt that they had taken on a responsibility; for me, it was only a small amount of management assets, but for them, it may be the old-age pension fund. Therefore, he spent a week in his spare time, arranging a manuscript and looking for an opportunity.
        • 4 Rising production and sales of new energy vehicles began to take off
          According to the data released by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, China’s new energy vehicle sales in April reached 81,904, while the total sales of new energy vehicles in January-April reached 225,000, an increase of 149% year-on-year. In April, the production and sales of new energy vehicles both rose sharply, reaching 81,000 vehicles and 82,000 vehicles, respectively, an increase of 117.7% and 138.4% over the same period of the previous year. In January-February data, the production and sales of new energy vehicles were 232,000 vehicles respectively. 225,000 vehicles, an increase of 142.4% and 149.2% respectively over the same period of the previous year. From the data, new energy vehicle production and sales rose sharply. In the fourth quarter of 17 and the first quarter of 18, the new energy automobile segment represented by the lithium battery segment also saw an adjustment. At present, the valuation of the sector is also at a low point.
        • 5 A shares into the Moroccan, I saw the great consumption and innovation of offensive and defensive
          Today, the list of A-shares that were transferred to the semi-annual MSCI constituent stocks was freshly released. The constituent stocks are all large-cap blue chips. From the perspective of the primary industry, the constituent stocks are mainly concentrated in banks (20), non-bank financial (30), medical biology (18), real estate (13), and architectural decoration (13). Rich II can not help but reveal the old mother's smile. To know that Fu Tien wrote too many articles in the past few years that he “must refuse to move in the face of A-Share MSCI”, it can be seen as a witness to the A-share dream come true. The adjustment of the constituent stocks in the short term is expected to become an important guideline for increasing the allocation of foreign capital to A shares. There was a guest officer who asked if it was necessary to follow the MSCI selected constituent stocks to buy? No, this is definitely not the case. First of all, the list is selected by MSCI.
        • 6 Financial differences between men and women, after reading it feels right to burst!
          Experts say that there are many different behaviors between men and women. One second of a smile and one second of a flower can cry in the face of death. To control emotions on this trivial matter, it's almost like putting every emotion in every second. Image, good-looking, vivid, and vivid This picture once again powerfully verifies that boys and girls are two different creatures. Indeed, the thinking and behavior of boys and girls are always different. Boys think about problems by logic Girls think about problems by attitudes Boys like to solve problems Girls Like venting emotions is more so in the case of investment and financial management. If you have had a financial experience, then it has a deeper feeling. A man's financial management in order to save vs women's financial management to spend 2 boys to see the market trend VS girls to see the difficulty 3 boys believe Friends VS girls believe themselves 4 boys stimulating VS girls like
        • 7 [Reading] January 22: MSCI that everyone is talking about, is it?
          On April 11th, the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission jointly issued an announcement that the mainland and Hong Kong will increase the amount of interconnection and interoperability from May 1st, which will quadruple the daily quota of stock exchanges and interconnections. The MSCI index, you can also use its Chinese name: Alum Index. MSCI is one of the most influential index providers in the world. The market performance of emerging markets after joining MSCI has covered the A-share industry's leading players. Prior to this, Henry Fernandez, Chairman and CEO of MSCI, stated that there is still a daily limit for the interconnection mechanism. After A-shares are included in MSCI, the inflow of capital will increase. It is difficult to ensure that it is not touched. This will affect the continuity of the transaction. If you are on the day of inclusion, you can completely relax or cancel daily
        • 8 Liu Chuanzhi publishes an internal letter to explain the 5G voting. Lenovo did not sell the country.
          Two years ago, the 3GPP conference has now been two years away. However, recently, many people have released Lenovo's voting at the conference and instantly became a part of the siege of Lenovo on the Internet. Among them, "Why did Lenovo not vote for Huawei" and "Lenovo does not support the Polar program" made the association even more unpopular by labeling it. Recalling the events of two years ago, at the 3GPP conference in November 2016, Lenovo made a voting for the abstention of the 5G standard Polar short code program. It was also the choice to abstain and became the guide for the whole thing. FireWire, the Internet began to appear in the team is Qualcomm Lenovo, and did not support the Chinese company Huawei, resulting in today's Huawei lags behind the other accusations of Lenovo's remarks. against
        • 9 In April, the economic report card was released and institutional reviews are here!
          Source: Wind Information Many economic data released today, there is sadness and joy, leading to A-share intraday diving. Specifically, the industrial added value above designated size increased by 7% year-on-year in April, which was higher than expected and was 1% faster than in March. From January to April, the investment in fixed assets increased by 7.0% year-on-year, which was the lowest since 1999 and the retail sales of consumer goods in April The increase of 9.4% is the lowest in January-April period in the sales growth of commercial housing for the three-year period in which the parties concerned interpreted: Statistics Bureau: The economic indicators in April were stable, and the trade friction between China and the United States was not fully reflected on the recent Sino-US trade Friction, on May 15, Liu Aihua, spokesperson of the National Bureau of Statistics, said at the press conference of the State New Office that, in terms of the statistics department, we are paying more attention to the Sino-US trade talks.
        • 10 In fact, Liu Bei is the most bullish investment manager in history.
          In the history of each emperor's rule of the country, the word "investment" could not be skipped. Since investment has succeeded and some people have failed, there are three types of powerful investment masters: 01. The right time to invest in the right thing, the classic representative of Qin Shi Huang, Emperor Kangxi. Such emperors' investment preference for enterprising type, Ping Sansei, regaining Taiwan, and leveling the Guerrilla... A lifetime of hardships, the world's rich and demanding. 02 The construction quality of the Emperor of the Ming Dynasty as a whole was not as high as that of other dynasties. However, one emperor was worth mentioning. It was Zhu Xi. Zhu Xi changed his cabinet system, moved capital to Beijing, built the Imperial Palace, and Zheng He went to the western sun to shine. It can be seen that Zhu Xi is a full-fledged person who is adept at grasping opportunities and investing in the construction of the empire is mostly stable in output.