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        • 1 The medical index of the four King Kong, who is the most cattle?
          Last time I wrote "The US stock market bullish foundation, the Nasdaq 100 who is the strongest? After the article, there are small partners who recommend a strong article in the medical index. I got a free weekend, and the old secretary came to talk about this topic today. The pharmaceutical sector has made your friends love and hate this year. What is love is that in the first half of this year, the pharmaceutical sector was really perfect. The Shanghai Composite Index fell 13.9% in the first half of the year, but the pharmaceutical bio-sectors outperformed the company, with a cumulative increase of 3.72%. The strong performance of the leading stocks in the sector helped the pharmaceutical theme funds shine: 79 medical theme funds average returns in the first half of the year 8.81%, while the average return of all equity funds is only -6.05%. Old Siji saw that the semi-annual beef base list was almost covered by medical funds.
        • 2 Cherish the bear market, cherish the moment
          Last week we mentioned that the valuation of A-shares is already in the lowest area of ​​history, and the stay time in this area is generally not long. In mid-June, according to the characteristics of the industry's ups and downs in the historical bottom area, it is estimated that the bearish fall of the bear is usually completed within 1-2 months, and the large probability of decline is 10%-20%. The time is expected to end in mid-August. Focus on medicine, liquor and computers. The screenshots are as follows: For details, see "Characteristics of the ups and downs of the industry before and after the bear market." Looking at it now, the time is already in place. The maximum withdrawal of the “Kings” period is 20.67%, slightly exceeding the forecast range. The main reason is that the pharmaceuticals have successively thundered, and the pharmaceutical enhancement fund has fallen more than the index. Last week, the computer industry soared 5.7%, leading the industry. Whether the above-mentioned "mass estimation" will become "God estimate"
        • 3 Existing life cycle fund = pension fund?
          This is the 129th fund article of this article. The total number of readings on the whole network is 15 million. The codeword is not easy. It is obviously wrong to welcome the title. Because the bottom assets of the life cycle fund are still buying stocks and bonds, and the pension target fund is FOF. The bottom layer is the fund that is bought. However, because both have a fixed target date, risk assets and equity positions will decrease with time, and there is a certain similarity. As far as I know, there are currently three life cycle funds in China, namely HSBC Jinxin 2016 (540001), HSBC Jinxin 2026 (540004) and Dacheng Wealth Management 2020 Life Cycle (090006). As of August 10, 2018, the annualized yields of the three funds since their establishment were 9.0.
        • 4 Thinking about the recent investment direction
          For the majority of investors, 2018 is destined to become a difficult year to make money. In addition to the medical fire in the first half of the year, it has been implicated in the vaccination incident and has been rushed into the cold palace practice. It seems that it is hard to find any trend hotspots. Some people say that the market will not rise above 3,000 points before the end of the year. Although it is slightly pessimistic, there is no full confidence that can be used to refute. Because after all, the spring market that we are looking forward to has not been able to appear in the summer market. It is inevitable that there will be opportunities in autumn and winter. So before this, Lanlan also recommended some solid funds for everyone to build a good investment defensive system, but Lan Lan also knows that defense alone can not achieve everyone's earnings expectations, after all, there is no offensive defense only passive Beaten up. How to be in a difficult situation in the world
        • 5 The knower is not confused, the benevolent is not worried, the brave is not afraid
          Once a Confucius disciple, Sima Niu, asked how to be a gentleman. Zi Yan: The knower is not confused, the benevolent is not worried, the brave is not afraid. That is to say: smart people will not be confused, people with virtue will not be worried, brave people will not be afraid. In the face of the current market downturn, many people are quite confused and ask me what to do. I want to give these twelve words to everyone. In the face of the current market, you need a smart mind, a kind mind, and a brave heart to be a wise man, a benevolent, and a brave. If you still have cash on hand, now is a very good buying opportunity, which is the typical reverse layout. Of course, the current market is greatly affected by emotions, and we must grasp the rhythm of buying. Fixed investment
        • 6 Yi Fangda Zhang Kun answered the investor: I am making a vote
          Zhang Kun is currently the fund manager of E Fund's small and medium-sized, E Fund Asia Select. The E Fund's managed small and medium-sized funds have achieved positive returns for five consecutive years, winning the “Golden Bull Fund” award for the second consecutive year, and receiving five-star ratings from many fund evaluation agencies such as Galaxy Securities and Morningstar (China). The E Fund Blue Chip Select Hybrid Fund (005827), which was funded by Mr. Zhang Kun, has been released since August 6. Recently, Mr. Zhang Kun shared with investors about his investment philosophy. Investment Philosophy——Preventing stock downturn as the primary starting point Mr. Zhang Kun formed his own investment philosophy in the process of managing E Fund's small and medium-sized and E-Asian Asia selection: to prevent the stock from acting as the primary starting point and to achieve the growth of outstanding enterprises.
        • 7 The subject refers to the base run does not win the broad base index, is it worth investing?
          When introducing a QDII index fund that covered the global TOP10 pharmaceutical companies last Friday, a careful little partner found that although the performance was good, the performance growth in the past three years still underperformed three well-known broad-based indexes (Dow Jones Industrial Index, NASDAQ Index, Hong Kong Hang Seng Index). Therefore, the little friend will leave a message: the theme index fund that does not win the broad base index is not worth investing! Is this really the case? To answer this question, you only need to understand two questions. 1, index style; 2, holding period. Regarding the index style, the commander has given two very detailed tables, including the market value/equalization/growth, mid-cap value/equalization/growth, small-cap value/equilibrium/growth, and a total of nine broad-based index styles. Combined with "cycle/non
        • 8 [Recommended position this week] 20180813 Market gradually stabilized Suggested long-term layout
          First, the market pre-judgment this week (1) The general trend of judgment: the long-term relatively optimistic, medium-term shocks and bottoming views remain unchanged. 1. Long-term disturbance of trade issues. Last week, the State Council Customs Tariff Commission made appropriate adjustments to the commodities of the US-Canada Customs List 2 in the Notice of the Customs Tariff Commission of the State Council on the Tariffs on Imports of US$50 Billion Imports from the United States, since August 23, 2018. At 12:01, a 25% tariff will be imposed. It can be seen that the A-share market is still likely to face the impact of trade problems at any time, but it should be relatively stable until September, because the US consultation period for the US$200 billion tariff on Chinese goods is until September 5, and it is expected Significant changes in the program, especially the addition of
        • 9 A-share bear crown global valuation fell back ten years ago! The think tank is a trick to save the city.
          The stock market fell sharply. V offered suggestions for the rescue. On August 8, Li Dazhao, chief economist of Yingda Securities, suggested on Weibo that netizens would give more suggestions to the current stock market. Soon after, the well-known market person Huarong forwarded and commented: Please call on CCTV to reduce the stamp duty and the stock market to lose money to personal income tax. The US stock market is like this, thank you!" Later, Li Dazhao said: "Receive the opinions of Huarong teacher and find a channel to reflect upwards." The director, Qingyou, said on his personal Weibo: "There is only one way to save the stock market now, that is, to immediately launch a package of stock market reforms, especially the timeline roadmap including the delisting system and the registration system." It’s just a coincidence that the A-shares strengthened on the second day after the big V’s suggestion. Why are these big Vs giving A at this time?
        • 10 The feeling of the disk: the market will once again face the test of life and death!
          Dear friends, good friends! I am a plate! As the saying goes, "One into the stock market, deep like the sea", stocks are definitely not just a four-hour day to stare at the disk, but a long process of practice; no matter whether it is ups and downs, it is not to be happy with things. I am very happy to talk about the stock discussion with everyone on the weekend. Please also send more comments and comments to increase the popularity of the dish! The China Securities Regulatory Commission issued an IPO approval on August 10, and the total amount of funds raised by the three companies did not exceed 4.2 billion yuan; an increase of 2.5 billion from last week; the stock market has both accelerated and accelerated the IPO. I want to say weakly: Can you let me? Also signed a share? In the past two years, thousands of new shares have been issued, and there has never been a single stock! The speed of IPO will only speed up the concentration of the people's funds to a few people, quickly killing the backbone of consumer power and accelerating the economic collapse. Question 2
        • 1 Before you buy a base, you may want to take a look at these three indicators.
          初入基金投资领域的小白,不仅要问:投资基金会亏钱吗?其实就是在问:基金投资有风险吗?我肯定会回答:有!其实,不同类型的基金,风险是不同的。一般的风险从高到底:股票基金>混合基金>债券基金>Monetary Fund. There are many types of funds, such as FOF, QDII and so on. The risk of FOF is roughly between the base and the debt base. Then the question is coming. Are there any quantitative indicators to measure the risk of the fund? Have! The most important measure to measure the risk of a fund is to say that in a fixed period of time, when a fund performs the worst, that is, the difference between the fund making the most money and the losing one at most. Therefore, the general situation
        • 2 The more you rise, the cheaper you are! ? The true side of the US stock bull market
          Article source: King of the base If you want to list the "biggest opportunity you have missed in these years", China's property market is one, and the other is definitely the US stock market! China's housing bubble has been said for so many years, prices have been rising steadily; the US stock market bulls have been fast for ten years, and the top is broken and broken, but it is still full of bulls! In the first three trading days of August, A shares fell nearly 5% in succession, inexplicably three hammers, the market confidence is heavy, making people difficult to say! The US stock market has hit the A-share market in a big way, but the tragic US stock market of A-shares has not bought it, and the new high is high and there is no fear. Although the fluctuations in the agitation have risen sharply this year, the three major US stock indexes have recorded positive returns this year. The Nasdaq index has risen as much as 11.65% in the first seven months of this year! The beauty of the long cow
        • 3 If you know that you will fall into the market tomorrow, is it stupid?
          The market is booming today! Yesterday's 4 trading days of the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index's daily rise and fall is like this ..... (Data source: Wind, 2018/8/6--2018/8/9) fell sharply on Monday, rose on Tuesday, fell sharply on Wednesday On Thursday, there was a big rise... There was a small partner backstage message saying: "There is nothing particularly happy about the big rise, there is an unpredictable foreboding that will fall sharply tomorrow..." If the market is warming up and opening up a bull market, everyone is happy. Xiaoou can also eat hot pots and sing songs to sell funds... But then the market still has the possibility of continuing to fluctuate and fall, and from the market trend this week, the prophecy of the crow’s mouth is not impossible. Come true...so "I know that I might fall, why not wait for it again?" Before the small European push similar content,
        • 4 Is medicine fully digesting the impact of the vaccine incident?
          In the past few days, the pharmaceutical sector has returned to the top five in the industry's growth list. Does this mean that the impact of the vaccine incident on the pharmaceutical sector is a short paragraph? This year, the most loved and hateful is the pharmaceutical industry. In the first half of the year, “the debut” became the “Xiangxiang” in the hands of public funds, and the “NO.1” of fund investors. Some even said that “the medical practitioners have the world”! The yield of CSI medicine reached a high of 19.53% around June, compared to the “slow down” CSI 300 Excess returns are significant. However, the phrase "the more people there is more dangerous", the "vaccine incident" triggered the "stepping on" funds, and the biological products began to retire and gradually spread to other medical sub-sections. The CSI Pharmaceutical Index was in June,
        • 5 Investment is a lonely practice
          Yesterday's rise, great people! During this time, retail investors have been depressed for too long. Everyone who posted a message here was dejected, and the fund bar sighed every day, and it really couldn’t help it. As far as I know, many people chose to leave the meat on Monday and Wednesday. In particular, the decline on Wednesday hit a lot of people and completely lost confidence. There are also many people who ask me, can you think that the market has bottomed out now? To be honest, I don't know, I don't have the ability to predict the market. What can be confirmed now is that the market valuation is relatively low. But when it can rise, this is difficult to judge. Yesterday's big rise does not necessarily mean that the market can reverse immediately. Everyone wants to be present in the bull market, and the bear market has nothing to do with him. So I kept waiting, and when I realized that the big bull market was coming, I was excited to put a lot of money.
        • 6 I don’t recommend you to “fire” the “medium short-term debt” fund that is overheated by my own family.
          This year, under the influence of the new liquidity rules and the new rules of the major capital management, the money fund continued to decline; and the bank's wealth management no longer guaranteed the guaranteed income, the P2P was thundering, and the short-term debt fund selected for cash investment was in full swing. For a year or so, the scale has increased by 30 billion. Among them, the size of the small-educated Jinying Tianrui short-term debt (fund code: 005010/005011) has grown rapidly, from 1.5 billion in the first quarter to the second quarter. 6.3 billion, an increase of more than four times, is still growing. Recently, Xiao Bian paid attention to the friends in the fund bar, often discussing the real-time price changes of this fund, some laugh and cry, dear, this is a short debt base! She is a “Buddha” fund, and her position is to upgrade the free money income. The primary goal is to stabilize
        • 7 It turned out that August 8, 2008, it is already 10 years ago!
          Source: China Fund Report 2018-08-08, the day is like a shuttle, the years are like August 8, 2008, the opening of the Beijing Olympic Games in the blink of an eye, the summer of 2008 has passed ten years and the world-famous Olympic event seems to have happened yesterday. The stock seems to be the same as the global financial crisis that began in the United States on August 8th a decade ago. The global capital market is still violently impacting the global capital market. The Shanghai Composite Index fell 4.47% on the day, closing at 2,605.72 points, just as the market was bleak at the end of 2007. Today, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 2744.07 points. The US has provoked a big impact on A-shares. This year, the A-share market has fallen by 17%. It is also an external shock brought by the United States. It seems that it has not gone far. For ten years, on
        • 8 Selection of bases | pension fund full Raiders, how to choose 14 pension funds?
          After the pension funds of 14 public fund companies such as ICBC Credit Suisse and Huaxia were officially approved by the CSRC, the pension fund was received by the general public for a time! Here, under the shiji_hui emphasis, the broad base of the people should not over-exaggerate the function of the pension fund, such as the stimulant of trillions of long-term funds entering the market, the current market capital does not enter the market, not to send a class of products to get of. Treating the pension fund needs to be treated with the right attitude. If you feel that it is right for you, you will buy it. If you feel that it is not suitable for you, you can also learn. The industry insiders commented on the knowledge base, this pension target fund is a typical policy position, new product types, strict operational supervision, and large management responsibility. This is a big background. Product sex
        • 9 Listen to bond fund managers to talk about this hot bond market this year
          Dear investors: Hello, everyone, I am Chen Siyang of the Quantitative Investment Department of Wells Fargo Fund. Currently, I mainly manage the three fund products of Fuguo Fengli Enhanced Bond, Fuguo Baoli Enhanced Bond and Fuguo 10-Year Treasury ETF. For the first time, we would like to write to you, we mainly talk about the situation of the bond market this year. This year is actually a year of change. ● At the beginning of the year, when the global economy recovered at the same time, the economic data of Europe and the United States continued to hit new highs. The major overseas central banks all had the expectation of withdrawing from easing. The domestic economic fundamentals were also relatively tough, plus the stock market last year. Strong market, in fact, the market is more optimistic about the stock market, bearish bonds. ● However, over the past six months, we have seen the Shanghai Composite Index fall by nearly 20%. Meanwhile, the 10-year government bond yield has fallen from the high of 4.0%.
        • 10 Do home appliances have to be consumed? Who is mainly spending?
          From a mathematical point of view, investment needs to grasp two points: steady profit (probability) and earning profit (yield). Similarly, when a teacher selects a student to participate in a knowledge contest, it must be that the performance of the weekday test is stable (probability is high), and at the same time, the top students (high rate of return) are often tested. When I was in the middle school, I was disturbed by the teacher for a certain period of time. The identity was adjusted from the competition team to the alternate team member... The "bear finger" built by Ji Shao, using the three industry indexes of liquor, medicine and home appliances The annual dynamic balance, the historical retrospective compound annualized rate of return is more than 20%. The combination is to grasp the core of the investment, and to build a small special team (investment portfolio) with three indexes that can be earned and earned, and pursue the goal of making a stable and profitable income and making money by lying down. Recent friends
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