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The 5th SAIC Group SAIC Design International Challenge ended

October 23, 2017
source: Shanghai hotline car channel
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October 20, the fifth SAIC Group "SAIC Design International Challenge" finals and awards ceremony held in SAIC Design Center. Site "show" out of 23 winning works - Roewe smart car and MG MG classic car model, filling the top schools at home and abroad design elite creativity and imagination, the interpretation of the Roewe brand forward-looking technology and extraordinary taste, and MG Famous brand of classic heritage.

  Smart is promisingFuture design elite build 2025Year new trip

The design competition to "smart Internet to create" as the theme, the tournament for SAIC Group's ROEWE Roewe and MG MG dual-brand release task book, the contestants are free to design for Roewe design a smart vehicle + smart technology product suite, or For the famous master reshaping the history of classic models to their own understanding of the future trend and judgment, design is the younger generation of consumers of the future car, the definition of 2025 new travel experience.

After the SAIC design review team and special international expert jury rigorous assessment of the winning entries, live display

Since the official launch since April 8, the design competition received a total of nearly 100 colleges and universities from home and abroad more than 400 entries. After SAIC design review team and special international expert jury of the layers of selection, shortlisted the world's top 23. Finally, by virtue of the Roewe and MG MG brand positioning and Roewe "rhythm design" language and the future of the Internet car concept of accurate grasp, profound interpretation of the award heavy baked. From the Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts won the first prize of the first prize, the second prize by the United States from the Art Center of Art Institute in the Shi Jie, Southeast University inclusive, third prize for the Central Academy of Fine Arts Li Jianing, China Academy of Fine Arts Zhou Si Chao, Wuhan University of Technology Boba received. The European Division first prize by the British Coventry University Alexey Andreev access, second prize by the Coventry University Yang Yuxuan access.

First prize works, reflecting the Pan 95 after the young consumers of the new aesthetic orientation, an excellent grasp of the MG MG long brand background, cut in the contest MG MG's theme task

Second Prize Southeast University

Second prize works, the design firmly grasp the shared travel outlet, in line with the future development trend of car design, creating a small city to share travel EV, modeling and Roewe brand value emphasized by the "taste of science and technology, know you know the line coincide The

Second Prize American Art

Second prize winning works, Mpv modeling has a strong black science and technology color, design and contest the theme and highly consistent, designed a single intelligent travel package.

These futuristic full of winning entries, not only full of originality and international, more intelligent interconnection and car design perfect fusion. "This design competition not only gave us a platform to show, but also let us continue to learn from the nutrients, step by step to improve the model." It is reported that the winners in addition to winning a rich scholarship, the first class, the first prize The winners will also receive a "European Design Cultural Exchange Tour" funded by SAIC, and all finalists will have the opportunity to obtain SAIC's priority employment rights.

  Rhythm design, "sensibility" design much market recognitionInternet cars continue to sell

Not only is the design competition reflected in the design trend, SAIC is now available concept car, production car, the same walk in the forefront of international design. Following the Roewe 360, Roewe RX5 won the German "red dot" China Good Design Award, Roewe RX5 and its new energy version Roewe eRX5 won the German "IFDESIGN AWARD 2017" design award, Roewe i6 and recently won the Japanese G-Mark design award , The world's four top design award Roewe has gathered three. Roewe's rhythm design language one after another on the top world design stage, on behalf of the Chinese auto brand won the world-class top design awards to meet the consumer demand for high-value car. With the "rhythm design" to bring the ultra-high value, the world's leading Internet systems, and SAIC world-class "blue core" efficient power and other significant advantages, Roewe RX5 into "net red" after the explosion, the strength to send Internet SUV Roewe RX3 will also be available in the near future.

SAIC design team to redefine the MG MG "sensibility" design language, to have nearly a hundred years of history, the international brand MG MG brought a new design experience, MG E-moiton concept car, and MG ZS Internet SUV, the new MG 3, the new MG 6 and other models, but also to the automotive design industry to bring new visual shocks. Which MG ZS won the 2017 China's successful design award, the new MG 6 is debut that "MG" detonated industry concerns, as "popular governor." With the efforts of products continue to increase, MG MG brand will usher in a more brilliant page.

In addition, before the design finals, this year's China Automotive Design Education sector's top academic forum - "the second SAIC design of China Design University Dean Summit Forum" is also held, which will promote SAIC to speed up the exploration of innovative design And the application of Chinese university design talent training will also have far-reaching impact. As a leader in the Chinese automotive industry, SAIC has provided a platform for young car designers to show and develop. The design competition around "Smart Connected Creation" will help SAIC better integrate smart technology into automobile manufacturing, grasp the aesthetic trend of contemporary young people, and bring more new value and new experience to consumers.

Appendix:The fifth SAIC Group "SAIC Design International Challenge" list of winners(twenty threepeople)

First prizeQin LiTsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts
second prizeYu ShijieArt Center
IncludeSoutheast University
Third prizeLi JianingCentral Academy of Fine Arts
Zhou SichaoChina Art College
AbaloneWuhan University of Technology
Excellence AwardJiang HaoShanghai Jiaotong University
Yin ChaoChina Art College
Yan RuiqiJiangsu University
Wang Li ZhouMilan Industrial Design Institute, Italy
Liu XinyiTongji University
Hu RuienTongji University
FinalistZuo YuanyuanSichuan Academy of Fine Arts
Bohai RuJilin University
Zhao xiaoyuBeijing industry university
Song FanghuiTongji University
Li YiShandong Institute of Arts and Crafts
Wang HuiboShenyang Aerospace University
Hou XinyuJiangnan University
Wu TongGuangzhou Art College
Yang PeiminLu Xun Academy of Fine Arts
European Division first prizeAlexey AndreeyUniversity of Coventry
European Division second prizeYang YuxuanUniversity of Coventry

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