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There is a consolidation requirement after the breakthrough! According to MSCI's proposal to increase the factor of China's large-cap A-shares from 5% to 20% and A-shares into the FTSE Russell Index and "Huluntong". The stock index once again broke through the 2800 points on Wednesday. This also makes the bottom already obvious to investors. The stock index recently withstood the impact of tariffs and continued to rebound upwards, and the trading volume is slowly expanding. This shows that the bottom of the stock market is slowly...
Before the holiday, the market is mostly based on shrinking volume! After the stock index broke through the 60-day line, the stock index on Tuesday went out of the contraction. This is mainly due to the over-buying of technical short-term indicators on the daily line, and the day kdj showed signs of overbought after a continuous rebound. Second, the tariff escalation also affects the enthusiasm of many parties to a certain extent. Third, there are three trading days left before the festival, and the wait-and-see atmosphere will be strong. The author believes that after the 60-day line on the stock index station, it is also necessary to stabilize the results.
Where is the bottom of the spot?(2018-09-18 05:15:00)
Where is the bottom of the spot? On Monday, the stock index continued to move out of the adjustment trend, and the trading volume hit a new low in the year. The market trading was very light. Investors are very numb to the good news, but very sensitive to the negative, a favorable market, the sell-off is constantly emerging, the stock index is only one step away from the new low, the market will still be adjusted indefinitely. The author believes that the stock index has been adjusted since 3587 points. The Shanghai index has a rare four gaps that have not been replenished.
Whether the deviation of the land volume indicator can rebound! The Shanghai Composite Index hit a two-and-a-half-year low on Tuesday, and the trading volume broke through 100 billion yuan. The market trading was very light. However, several indexes in Shenzhen market rebounded on the resistance after hitting a new low of more than three years, but they were not constrained by the rebound in volume. The recent continuous decline is still mainly restricted by tariff issues. The stock index has fallen to the current expectations of tariffs. From the perspective of quantity, investors are waiting for this tariff...
The possibility of short-term innovation is low! Under the influence of no substantial positives on the weekend, the weak market continued to adjust. Several markets in Shenzhen hit a new low of more than three years. The Shanghai stock market is only one step away from the low of 2,653 points. The downturn, the long-term weakening of the tariffs, the normalization of new shares, and the short-term weakness of the moving average system are hard to change. In the absence of substantial benefits, the author believes that 26...
At the bottom of the short term, we will focus on the upward pressure! The stock index rebounded on the 20th line after the stock index rebounded on Monday after the bottoming out. The stock index has formed a short-term bottom, and the 20-day line will constitute support for the stock index. As mentioned above, the current 2653-2700 points have formed a larger bottom area. There are many good things accumulated here. There are institutions that have started to open positions. There has been a rare amount of land here, and there is already a valuation here...
The oversold rebound is controlled by the amount! After the four consecutive yin, due to the news on the weekend, the news of the normalization of new shares made investors lack confidence in the later trend, and the tariff dispute may be long-term. After the stock index opened lower on Monday, the volatility was lower, after breaking 2700 points. Due to the technical oversold, there has been an oversold rebound, which is even more pronounced on the GEM. Although there is a goodwill in the year of Shanghai Luntong, Yuanshui can't solve the market,...
Waiting for the 20-day moving average to go up! After the stock index rose on Monday, the stock index chose to fluctuate slightly for two consecutive days. The author also believes that the stock index may maintain this trend when the rebound is close to the 60-day line. First, the popularity has not fully recovered yet. Good support, but the wait-and-see atmosphere in the market is still strong. Second, the upper 60-day moving average is an important pressure. It is insurmountable that the stock index does not go through a fuller accumulation. ...
The amount can be restored by the year-on-year expansion of the moving average! On Monday, the stock index was larger than the previous few days and stood on the 20-day moving average. The news on the weekend was also positive. The central bank stabilized the exchange rate and restarted the counter-cyclic factor to ease the pressure of RMB depreciation. The CSRC actively promoted share repurchase and employee shareholding reform to promote the stable and healthy development of the capital market. In addition, the pension fund is also on the date when the position can be opened. Although the IPO is still issued two times a week...
Can the amount of frequent occurrences bottom out? The stock index rebounded in the past two days but the volume of the stock market could not be enlarged. On Wednesday, the stock index kept shrinking and volatility throughout the day. The trading volume in Shanghai was less than 100 billion. The volume of the two cities hit a new low in the year, and the market was in a weak shock. in. It can also be seen from the rebound of st-stocks that have fallen over on Wednesday. So, can the stock index complete the bottoming at the current position? The author believes that the possibility is still very large, first the long-term decline has made...
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