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Opening a door may have(2019-01-02 06:35:17)
Today, A shares ushered in the first trading day of 2019. During the New Year's holiday, US stocks rose for three days, laying a good foundation for the opening of today's stock index. The most important news is: 1. China's official manufacturing PMI in December was 49.4% below the critical point (great profit); 2. Xiong'an New District took another step: the overall plan was approved by the State Council to start large-scale construction (related stocks) 3. The State Council: Strive to achieve a comprehensive mechanization rate of 75% of the national crop cultivation and harvesting in 2025 (the agricultural machinery sector is good); 4, 2018 Chinese audience aesthetic maturity: 60 billion total box office re-create...
"A shares 2018"(2018-12-29 06:44:55)
"A shares 2018" at the beginning of the year can be bullish, and in February, Xiong Mian did not return. All the way to kill the flowers and plants, Yu Xing simply to next year.
US stocks rebounded sharply last night (the Dow 1.46%, the Nasdaq 2.06%), affected by it, today's broader market is a foregone conclusion. The news is dull and has little impact. Yesterday, the stock index fluctuated slightly in the low position, and the trading volume shrank sharply. On the one hand, the short-selling forces were weakening, on the other hand, the buying was very cautious. From the daily chart of the chip, the last Friday's broken position fell sharply, the stock index has fallen to the bottom of the platform, short-selling pressure reduction...
This week, the market has been adjusted, and the range is not small. The hot spots (shell resources, venture capital, etc.) since the rebound have spurred the assembly number, although the main force will continue to be repeated in order to smoothly ship the market. Technically, this Monday's Shanghai stock index breakout (the original medium- and long-term decline channel) began to adjust after the lure, Friday's big Yinxian fell below the 5-week line in the short-term formation of a broken position, the next week will continue to shock the bottom of the trend Inevitably. The rising channel of this rebound...
"Xue Feng"(2018-11-24 06:13:30)
 "Xi Feng" shakes the maple red, leaving the geese a few lines away. The smile is full of frost, and the winter is cold. The person who walks in the stock should learn from the big geese and know how to follow the trend. When Maple Leaf "Song Song Dance", he quietly leaves. 11-24 06:35 A few days after the short position, a few positions were built late in the day, ready to use it to accompany the market to see the real bottom.
Sideways oscillating(2018-10-31 05:57:28)
US stocks rebounded sharply last night (the Dow was 1.77% and the Nasdaq was 1.58%). The Dow returned to the top of the 5-day line, while the Nasdaq was near the 5-day line and should be in a rebounding nature and did not change the downtrend. There is at least a high tonight, and it is hard to say whether it will continue to rebound. On the news front, there are a lot of good words, and there is still no substantial benefit. Today, the stock index may open higher in the morning (around the 10th line), after a slight high, it will fall back to fill the gap, after the shock should be...
Oversold rebound(2018-10-30 15:47:10)
 In early trading, the stock index rebounded after the low opening, and then began to bottom out. The Shanghai index fell to 2521 points, and the index finger reached 1222 points to stabilize. Afterwards, many parties began to counterattack. The main force still operated the brokerage sector with the market, even though the Guizhou Maotai still The plunge and China’s security also opened sharply in early trading. The stock index once stood on the 10-day line in the afternoon, but it fell back near the 5-day line, and closed back below the 10-day line, and the trading volume was enlarged. ...
Double bottoming(2018-10-30 05:14:06)
Last night, European stock markets rebounded sharply, while US stocks opened higher and higher, continued to adjust and then hit new lows (Domain -0.99%, Nasdaq -1.63%). If it was not pulled late, US stocks continued to fall last night. Big. At present, the US stock market is still adjusting the C wave of the daily line. There is no sign of stopping the decline. It may be mixed in the lower shadow line last night, and the possibility of continued decline is not ruled out. (The US dollar index is still rising, currently +0.27 %...
 Although the stock index opened slightly lower in the morning, the opening of the Moutai in Guizhou has broken the liquor sector and damaged the blue-chip stocks. There are also a large number of large-cap stocks such as insurance, banking and real estate. Therefore, it is logical that the stock index will open lower and lower. It is. After the signing of the index in early trading, the main force pulled technology stocks (same flush, etc.), the finger hit a 5-day line in the intraday, but in the context of the bad board, the index is difficult to get rid of it, and the adjustment in the afternoon ...
Last Saturday, Bowen, Who will come to the next Monday? " should be changed to "Who will be slammed next Monday?" "More accurate. In early trading today, Kweichow Moutai fell to a lower limit, and the seal of the dead, the liquor sector followed suit, followed by insurance and banking, real estate and other large-cap stocks. The Shanghai Composite Index opened lower and went low in the morning, and broke the 10-day line without any suspense. Although the bulls have pulled up (the same flush, etc.) software technology stocks are actively active, there is no cooperation in volume,...
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