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Sideways oscillating(2018-10-31 05:57:28)
US stocks rebounded sharply last night (the Dow was 1.77% and the Nasdaq was 1.58%). The Dow returned to the top of the 5-day line, while the Nasdaq was near the 5-day line and should be in a rebounding nature and did not change the downtrend. There is at least a high tonight, and it is hard to say whether it will continue to rebound. On the news front, there are a lot of good words, and there is still no substantial benefit. Today, the stock index may open higher in the morning (around the 10th line), after a slight high, it will fall back to fill the gap, after the shock should be...
Oversold rebound(2018-10-30 15:47:10)
 In early trading, the stock index rebounded after the opening, and then began to bottom out. The Shanghai index fell to 2521 points, and the index finger reached 1222 points to stabilize. Afterwards, many parties began to counterattack. The main force still operated the brokerage sector with the market, even though the Guizhou Maotai still The plunge and the Chinese security also opened sharply lower in the morning. The stock index once stood on the 10-day line in the afternoon, but fell back near the 5-day line, and closed back below the 10-day line, the volume has been enlarged. ...
Double bottoming(2018-10-30 05:14:06)
Last night, European stock markets rebounded sharply, while US stocks opened higher and higher, continued to adjust and then hit new lows (Domain -0.99%, Nasdaq -1.63%). If it was not pulled late, US stocks continued to fall last night. Big. At present, the US stock market is still adjusting for the C wave on the daily line. There is no sign of stopping the decline. It may be mixed in the lower shadow line last night, and the possibility of continued decline is not ruled out (the US dollar index is still rising, currently +0.27) %...
 Although the stock index opened slightly lower in the morning, the opening of the Moutai in Guizhou has broken the liquor sector and damaged the blue-chip stocks. There are also a large number of large-cap stocks such as insurance, banking and real estate. Therefore, it is logical that the stock index will open lower and lower. It is. After the signing of the index in early trading, the main force pulled technology stocks (same flush, etc.), the finger hit a 5-day line in the intraday, but in the context of the bad board, the index is difficult to be independent, and the adjustment in the afternoon is also down. ...
Last Saturday’s blog post, Who will come to the next Monday? " should be changed to "Who will be smashed next Monday?" "More accurate. In early trading today, Kweichow Moutai fell to a lower limit, and the seal of the dead, the liquor sector followed the trend, followed by insurance and banking, real estate and other large-cap stocks. The Shanghai Composite Index opened lower and went low in the morning, and broke the 10-day line without any suspense. Although the bulls have pulled up (such as the straight flush, etc.) software technology stocks are actively active, there is no cooperation in volume,...
Wind and crane(2018-10-29 06:18:30)
US stocks fell sharply last Friday, and the probability of a big shock tonight is low, and the possibility of continuing to bottom out is not ruled out. On weekends, the news has long and short preferences, and there is no big substantive benefit. Today's stock index is mainly opened at a low level. The subsequent trend depends on the performance of the big financial sector. If the main force has a support action and the second-tier blue chip stocks (electric power, etc.) perform, the stock index is expected to open lower. However, if the small-cap stocks headed by sub-new stocks are still weak, there are...
"Xianju"(2018-10-28 07:20:43)
"Xianju" is located at the edge of the small bridge in the far hills, and the crane is chasing the wild deer. The river is fishing on the Xiaozhou Gallery, and the chalet hides and hides.
"Not satisfied"(2018-10-27 08:18:50)
"Not satisfied" cages like crab farmers, Tianshui Le Xirong. Crab eyes outside the pond, this is the victory over you. People who have the character of "death is not allowed to lose" are not suitable for stock trading. Send you a river and river motto: a good man (single bachelor) does not eat before the loss. To survive in the stock market for a long time, you must understand the truth.
On Friday, US stocks opened lower and then fell lower, and the innovation rebounded. After that, they still fell sharply (the Dow -1.19%, Nasdaq -2.07%) closed. The daily line showed a downward trend of resistance, which still belongs to the C wave adjustment. Next Monday, the probability of US stocks is oscillating at a low level, and the possibility of continuing to bottom out is not ruled out (depending on the impact of various aspects). In the news, the IPO has accelerated from last week (a 500 million) (two 1.4 billion), and there is still no substantive...
Grinding trend will continue(2018-10-26 15:52:23)
Today, the broader market opened higher and lower, and the large financial sector and other large-cap stocks began to adjust, although the real estate, steel and non-ferrous sectors have performed. The technology stocks that are expected in the early days have not performed much. Instead, some of them have taken the opportunity to ship, such as 300059, 300747, etc., so it is reasonable to break the index. Fortunately, after 14:30, the main support, otherwise the possibility of breaking the 10-day line today is not without. This week's market is in a continuous political...
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