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Chongqing Times Su Yu columnist, MBA, Chongqing Technology and Business University part-time professor Financial writer, upstream think tank expert Su Yu
    Although the nature of Su Yu is still in the winter, but the stock market has felt the breath of spring, forcing into 3500 points. The callback at the end of 2017 is due to the extreme "All alone." Some netizens ridicule "a flower Quotes Quotes": First, the stock price is not determined by the market, determined by a department. Second, a department finds valuable stocks can rise, no value of a stock rose to stop. Third, a department that only ...
   Su Yu saw 2018 in sight, breaking the fingers counted from the year end of the transaction there are seven trading days, 2017 A shares is the bottom of the world, the world crown, no matter how bragging, in fact, where placed. At present, the remaining few trading days, the market will continue the existing pattern of shocks, is expected to stock index in the vicinity of 3300 repeatedly bottomed. Let's talk about the six characteristics of the short-term bottom: 1, when the market ...
  The eight notices of the three disciplines of the Soviet Union and Chongqing are the fine traditions and norms of conduct of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. Under this guideline, our army has won numerous battles. And we shareholders should also bear in mind the three major disciplines in the stock market in the weak eight attention, as war wolf beat the market. "Three major disciplines," the first discipline: short-term trading discipline. In addition to long-term holdings of you, the speculation of short-term stocks if the judge is correct, the direction of right, should not ...
   Recently, we are looking for long-term bull stocks feature, wrote a series of articles looking for the future long-term bull stocks. Many investors private letter me, and now the stock market is still in the bear market cycle, buy the future long-term bull stocks also easily be caught. Investors buy stocks is nothing more than two time slots, one is the bull market phase, that is, the time when the price is relatively high valuation; First, the bear market phase is the time when the price is relatively low valuation. because...
    Su Yu Many years ago, the first pop song "My Chinese Heart" has been sung for a long time. There is a song that says: Although the dress is worn, my heart is still the heart of China. Here I changed a bit: Although wearing dress in the body, I "core" is still China's "core." The smart phone chip market is considered to be the third climax of the world's industrial technology revolution after computers and the Internet, creating a large market with a bright future. As ...
   Su Yu As the earliest long-term investment advocate, Hynix Vision, the long-term technology benchmark that we keep openly analyzing to investors this year, hit a new high of 42.88 yuan this Friday. He gave us a revelation, only long-term investment can make big money. So long-term investment, investment what? In contrast, the long-term investment in the U.S. stock market and the Chinese stock market is not a concept. Americans the most valuable property on hand is ...
  Before I was in Suyu I analyzed the dawn of the Zhongke Zhongke Branch in the article "Why the AI ​​board will make a big bull" and hit a new high on Tuesday. (Pictured) The reason is the dawn of the division as artificial intelligence leader and artificial intelligence chip unicorn enterprise "Cambrian Technology" November 6 in Beijing held the first conference since the founding of the company, released a series of intelligent processors product. As a strategic partner of Cambrian science and technology, Zhongke dawn ...
  Recently, a television show named "White Night Chasing after Fierce" was so popular in Suzhou and Chongqing that it hit a new high rating of Internet TV brushes. One person from Pan Yueming decorated both positive and negative roles. Two of them alternate in the middle of the night with "supernumerary advisor" No one can identify the status of criminal investigation into the drama's biggest surprise. Unfortunately, there was no face recognition technology, if there are two positive and negative twins will immediately wear help. Why do you wear it?
Only one doubled one year(2017-11-03 08:16:05)
  Su Yu On November 25, I will give an invitation to Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management at the TED financial innovation workshop of Tsinghua University. The topic of my speech is "to make only one doubling of shares for one year." TED "is composed of the initials of three English words" Technology, "" Entertainment, "and" Design, "all of which together shape our innovative future. I mainly combine their own experience to ...
  Recently, a TV show named "White Night Chasing after Fierce" became a hit and a new high on the Internet TV brush. One person from Pan Yueming decorated both positive and negative roles. Access to criminal investigation scene no one can be perceived as the drama's biggest surprise. Unfortunately, there was no face recognition technology at that time. If one of them, Pan Yue-ming, will play the roles of both positive and negative twins. Why do you wear to help ...
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