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Chongqing Times Su Yu columnist, MBA, Chongqing Technology and Business University part-time professor Financial writer, upstream think tank expert Su Yu
  Recently, a television show named "White Night Chasing after Fierce" was so popular in Suzhou and Chongqing that it hit a new high rating of Internet TV brushes. One person from Pan Yueming decorated both positive and negative roles. Two of them alternate in the middle of the night with "supernumerary advisor" No one can identify the status of criminal investigation into the drama's biggest surprise. Unfortunately, there was no face recognition technology, if there are two positive and negative twins will immediately wear help. Why do you wear it?
Only one doubled one year(2017-11-03 08:16:05)
  Su Yu On November 25, I will give an invitation to Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management at the TED financial innovation workshop of Tsinghua University. The topic of my speech is "to make only one doubling of shares for one year." TED "is composed of the initials of three English words" Technology, "" Entertainment, "and" Design, "all of which together shape our innovative future. I mainly combine their own experience to ...
  Recently, a TV show named "White Night Chasing after Fierce" became a hit and a new high on the Internet TV brush. One person from Pan Yueming decorated both positive and negative roles. Twelve days later, he alternated with the role of "supervisor" Access to criminal investigation scene no one can be perceived as the drama's biggest surprise. Unfortunately, there was no face recognition technology at that time. If one of them, Pan Yue-ming, will play the roles of both positive and negative twins. Why do you wear to help ...
  Last week we talked about "Who is the next long-term investment Hikvision" in a comprehensive and systematic talk about the discovery of long-term investment targets Hikvision. And focuses on the analysis of another domestic smart security first unit + technology and Hikvision as very similar long-term investment target shares. The two stocks jumped against the market when the market plunged on Monday. On Tuesday, the two security companies both hit a new high. (Figure ...
  Su Yu a bit dark this Monday. On Monday, the three major indexes of the A-share market fell across the board. As the heavyweights and theme stocks fell in the session, the Shanghai Composite Index fell as much as 2% and the Shenzhen Composite Index fell more than 2%. The GEM fell more than 2.50% 3400 points, but the volume has also been enlarged, the price dropped by the increase of the state. Although the broader market closed at a pick-up of the big Yinxian, this yin is below the three short-term moving average before closing at 20 ...
  Su Yu Last Tuesday, I said in Teshila's article that Tesla's plant in China will create a low-cost bull stock, Tesla is about to fly and analyze Testers Why pull down in Shanghai Why. The news is now officially confirmed, the Ministry of Commerce spokesman peak on October 26 publicly responded that Tesla is in communication with the Shanghai municipal government departments. He said that for foreign investment ...
   This week, the market is in a bearish tone. As pessimism spread to the extreme, we clearly stated in the article "Do not worry, the chance to hit 3400 again in October" clearly states: Do not worry, stock trading needs Two hearts: first: patience; second: faith. Share price up a hundred times confidence, stock prices fell, confidence suddenly, pessimistic disappointment, this is practice not home; stock trading is not difficult to make money, but to make their own internal ...
   Suyu Yu Tang poet Liu Yuxi's poem "Wuyi Lane" there is a popular verse; "Old Wang Xie Tang Qian Yan, fly into the homes of ordinary people." Tesla only "old Wang Xie Tang before the Yan" is about to fly. This Monday there - the news detonated the market; "Tesla and Shanghai reached a plan to build a plant in China, is expected to be wholly-owned form in Shanghai Free Trade Zone to establish a branch." Tesla responded: Tesla is working with the Shanghai municipal government ...
  Suyu global stock market soaring, only bear-type bear-like A shares go unsatisfactory, so that Chinese investors indignant, very anxious. A shares out of the global stock market Bull "chorus" has a deep reason, not a day or two to solve, so, impatient also useless. Stock requires two hearts: first: patience; second: confidence. Share price up a hundred times confidence, stock prices fell, confidence suddenly, pessimistic disappointment, this is practicing less than home ...
    I first tell a story about Su Yu. There is a young painter in Germany who is very diligent and draws a picture on average every day. But a year later, a painting was not sold either. Then consult an old painter, saying that every day I work so hard, how a picture can not sell. The old painter said that you can turn 364 days a year to draw a picture, and then spend a day selling art, I believe you will be able to sell. This example is for me ...
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