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The doubled number is a self-media platform of the Black Horse under the Eastern Fortune Network. It creates unique value through in-depth research, and maintains an independent original spirit in the fierce competition, and a model of wealth in knowledge. Wealth number will look double!
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Everyone has a new understanding of the market. I have been very familiar with the performance of the stocks in the past three days. I am very familiar with the expectation of a happy bull market. Individual stocks have risen in general, and insurance financial stocks have steadily increased. Auto stocks and non-ferrous metal stocks have steadily climbed. The theme stocks broke out in the three-segment board in the performance of the components sector. The core main line revolves around the technology stocks. My view of the market is challenging. The annual line is divided. The active and sustainable growth of the stocks is the key to popular people...
It will not be surprising to everyone because the stock market has experienced a deep decline. Hundreds of millions of investors have suffered a lot of losses, and coaching change is usually a change. Will the market show a glory and be bullish? Let us wait and see. The rumors have been passed for more than a year, and it is time to enter the correct track of the stock market bull market. The road to the bull market is officially set off. In the Year of the Pig, I wish everyone a pig cage into the water. Wealth is multiplied by ten times. Happy.
The road to a strong country: the time of the big market has entered 2019, everyone's feelings about the broader market have gradually changed. The outbreak of the big market is a huge chance to make a profit after we repair the market. We know that emotions affect the stock market. Important factor. The rate of fundraising of large funds began to accelerate, and the rise of the Chinese stock market, which shocked the world in 2019, would have a greater impact. Wealth...
Today's low-priced stocks between 2 yuan and 4 yuan have once again violent daily limit. The plate is dominated by coal and steel. Energy stocks broke out, and the stocks from more than 2 stocks rose at a rapid rate. The recent low-priced stocks + sector is the current hot spot.
  The core of the defeat is to find a stock that is strong enough to lurk. For the sector, I have emphasized the low price + oversold + hotspots all the way. I believe that in the process of this hot spot, we have to grasp the core point and the market is in the process of repeatedly laying a solid foundation. Our precise operation must be grasped. Staying in the hot plate, the rotation of the hot plate is very important. From the communication equipment stock to the 5G concept and then to the software service big consumer category...
The low-priced stock revolution finally kicked off! From 1 yuan to 2 yuan, a fierce sweeping market broke out. More magical powers around the 3 yuan. Blasting constantly. The daily limit is ignited in an instant. Hotspots + low-priced stocks This is the main line of today's market! I wish you all good luck in 2019! Hot spots in the market continue to emerge, and double stocks continue to increase. The stocks that can double the price of the stocks that can double the price of the daily limit, the low-priced stocks. Knot...
   Everyone is still very much looking forward to the market. Today entered a strong sideways, individual stocks maintained a certain degree of activity. The plates and tips analyzed yesterday were once again sought after by today's funds. Of course, the multi-conceptual resonance is one of the most explosive ways of short-term. In the lore of masters, a huge number of stocks have begun to increase. The stocks that continue to increase in volume have also begun to increase, and this is an active performance. Of course, all of a sudden overheating will also trigger...
Recently, non-ferrous metals and small metals have been actively funded. Individual stocks are most active with oversold and low-priced non-ferrous metal stocks. The daily limit plate is mainly composed of the first plate and the bottom plate. Sharp knife assaults are popular with non-ferrous metals. Zhongfu and the broadcasting and television sector media sector blitz. The popularity is once again inspiring, and it is like a broken bamboo to expand the space.
2019 conjecture (with stock) fbhm(2019-01-07 11:24:22)
2019's conjecture (attachment) First of all, starting in 2019, the market began to make good profits and have a certain boost to the market. The hotspots are particularly fierce in 5G and electrical equipment, as well as the defense military sector. The rapid doubling of Fengfan’s shares and the double performance of Oriental Communications have activated the main force. In 2018, the strong main force in the field was overwhelmed by the pressure. Many well-known in the industry, the daily limit is high...
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