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Double the number is the self-media platform of the Black Horse under the Eastern Fortune Network. Through in-depth research, it creates unique value, and maintains an independent original spirit in the fierce competition, and the knowledge realizes the model of wealth. Wealth number will look double!
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Call for a bailout. Fbhm(2018-10-11 15:43:53)
  The market has been ups and downs, and stocks have settled into a relative bottom stage. At this time, the time below 2700 is very short. Below 2800 points, more than 2700 points of volatility will form a long-term strength to grow slowly. More money is being formed. Of course, if you get a serious illness, it will be difficult to return. There is still a process to go well. Only the formation of a trend of form will lead to an opportunity for an outbreak. This opportunity is...
Patience is a practice of fbhm(2018-08-02 11:11:09)
  In the broader market, the company broke below the important moving average system and rebounded on the 72nd line. Beginning on May 22, we waited and watched, and did not dare to shoot at will. This is not a fear of the market, it is difficult to have unexpected gains and profitable effects when the market changes are uncertain. I believe that patience is the most important thing. What is lacking in China's stock market is confidence. Today's stock market is affected by the collapse of P2P. There are more than 80 in three months...
 Hot inventory: The market is in a turbulent sideways, giving everyone a rare and stable situation. As long as there is no big fluctuation in the market, it is the best time for individual stocks. We should pay attention to the situation of this disk during the process of stock selection. We see technology stocks, intelligence, electronics, components, and mobile-related industries. The logistics sector has a constant stream of monsters. Hot warfare: As long as the market maintains the number of daily limit of 30 to 50 stocks, I...
We all want to actively face the stock market, the market is born in despair, and grows in doubt. Consolidating in the Trump gap, the probability of sideways is relatively large. Back stepping will also be in the process of bottoming. In this case of relatively small volume, there is not much room for the market, whether it is rising or falling. It is in such a depressed market that individual stocks are still relatively active. Continuous daily limit cumulative stocks with more than 40% to 60% increase...
June stocks are hot! Hot spots are constantly! First of all, thank you for your attention to double the content of the dark horse, thank you for your support here. Every time innovation will bring new opportunities for growth, not completely dead, will not stimulate their full potential. The limits of people can be continuously broken, as long as you believe. We insist on studying the current hot spots and sectors, the characteristics of individual stocks in the market, these are very useful things. ...
The opportunity in June is here! Drawings (doubling the dark horse) Many years ago, I wanted to help some people become investors who would look to make money. However, I found myself tired for a whole day and can only help a few people. If I go on for a lifetime, I can't help a lot of people, so I am very depressed. One day, feeling tired, just sit down under a tree and then think about how to spread it more effectively. Meditating for 1 day, of course...
I caught a daily limit board today and shared with you the joy! Fans who like to double black horses can contact me. This time only fans in Guangdong. Friends in need can send it directly. Only 100 friends! The bloggers in Guangdong can also experience this cheat together.
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