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Before the market, the weekly breakthrough was made. After that, it was mainly to wait for the time to resolve the 20 dead forks of the monthly line. Once it broke through the previous high, it will officially open the market. It is currently using the GEM to boost the popularity, but the actual In terms of form, the pressure on the GEM is weaker than that of the main board. It is already in the 2700 line. At present, the pressure on the GEM at the end of digestion is at 1500, and it has not touched the two...
Big cycle change opportunity(2018-11-09 15:06:57)
Since the market adjustment time of 6124, next year is the thirteenth year, the eighth half since 5178, the fifth quarter since 3587, the third month since 3335, the low point of 2449, the second week since 2627, the fifth day since 2676 is the next week In the fifth week since the rise of 2449, the current position intensive time window meets. At present, the index is at a low level of lumbosacral nature and breaks through the 2675 double head,...
The current market is a weekly wave of two waves, and then it will be a real New Year's market. The purpose of this callback is to wait for the lifeline. Although the 20 antennas originally stood up, he is still down. Today, it is turning to the upside. This is an important signal. Of course, since the twenty antennas are about equal to the five-week moving average of the weekly line, it is finally confirmed that we need to wait for the next week but the daily line will first hit the low point. After the consolidation, we can really welcome. ..
The market this week, Zhouyin line should be a high probability, this will be the second week of the weekly wave adjustment this week is the fourth week since 2449, next week is the fifth week this week adjustment, next week's time window is a low point, behind You can change the disk upwards and turn on the main rise.
More exciting after stepping back(2018-11-06 15:06:17)
After the market 2449 bottomed out, there was a series of positive changes and continuous heavy volume. Standing on the five-week line, breaking through the double-necked neckline, the weekly MACD re-golden forks directly regained the weekly line from the bears, and the bulls took control. Take the initiative, it can also be regarded as the sweeping of large funds. This week, there was a step back, and the soldiers dropped the pressure line on the weekly line, while waiting for the five-week moving average to turn head. The nature is the shock storage after the sweeping,...
Last week's market broke through the neckline 2675.41, which is a watershed. Before the breakthrough, it is the left side opportunity. After the breakthrough, the right side opportunity is currently on the right side of the step back. According to the measurement target after the breakthrough, the minimum is 2747.99, and the maximum is 2901.62. After the current breakthrough, it will be pumped back. The upgrade is divided into three waves, so that you can go to 2831.18.
Recently I saw an article called Maotai's ups and downs, and the test of the value of investment concept. I will hehe. I remember that Maotai was listed on the market for a long time. At that time, there was only one forest garden in the whole market, and almost everyone, including the fund manager, laughed at him as a fool. However, after the price exceeded 300, these people suddenly became so-called value investors, and they went to give fools. Lift the sedan chair and put the price of Maotai...
This week's close, the market volume stood firm five weeks, Zhou MACD re-golden fork, this turned the previous death fork into a golden pit. The daily line is an upward breakthrough, breaking through the first wave of high points, which also indicates the shock In the future, the main advantage of the United States will be that it has left two gaps, and the first gap is still flawed. This is a hidden danger. In the future, the second round of the bottom will be corrected by the individual three stocks in Hunan...
Today, it was originally a legal smashing day. It was a good callback, but it was good in the morning, so it was high, but it was still unavoidable. Of course, the positive factors are still there. After all, after the high opening, the high point of 2626.12 was over, and after that. Then attack and expand the space. Today's gap should be replenished. After tomorrow's replenishment, you can officially enter the inter-annual market starting next week.
Today's close, ending October trading 3682.57, is the last rebound high of 5178.19 and this month is the 34th month since this high point. KDJ is in the low-selling low-end area. The daily line is the price double gold fork. This is expected to start to change upwards from next month. Of course, due to the short-term increase of two days, tomorrow is also the official legal date of Thursday, it is more important to have to do the November shadow...
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