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In a bull market, when it comes to good times, it will rise sharply. Others will also rise sharply. When they encounter big profits, they will rise, and small profits will be ignored. Last night, the old girl rose sharply, and today's ups and downs test the "bull market". ------------- High and low, here short-term main force sprouted retreat; Xiaoyin Xiaoyang, everyone is watching, maybe there is hope.
Temporarily good(2019-04-23 13:20:02)
SSE 50MACD is a dead fork, and it is a falling structure; today's SSE 50 is also a decline relay nature; as the pull-up index of the SSE 50 is not good, other indexes that look good are naturally not good. ------- Even if you want to go up, you have to wait for technical graphics to fix, either oversold or rise structure; but it is not possible at the moment, so you can wait and let time fix it. ------- Two key points: 3153/3000;
Education class(2019-04-22 10:48:49)
In the recent period, after receiving two days of yin, it will rise, and the positive line is mostly generated after the Yinxian line is pulled up. This effect is to tell everyone that the market can not fall, the market is in a strong position. -------------------- The current dilemma lies in: 1) The rate of increase in front is extremely fast, and there is no time for thinking about the extracurrency funds. Buying at a relatively high level, and the off-exchange funds, if they are old investors, will come in directly? If it is a new one, the current market has begun to hesitate, will be bold and desperate? 2) The stock fund position is close to 90%, and must also stay...
The reason why the long-term market will fall is that the position loses patience. When there is financing, patience is more likely to be lost. At present, it has been out of the upward trend of the upward trend, and there are signs of a disk. In this case, it is necessary to guard against the loss of patience and selling of the financing disk. -------------- At present, the profitable market is rich, and it has been forced to go up. There is no "bull market" that does not exist even in the earthquake! ! ! . As far as possible, the main force shows that 80% or more is contrary to its purpose.
2 waves(2019-04-16 14:53:21)
The market is in a state of strong consolidation; 2 waves are carried out in a turbulent rising pattern. If this estimate is correct, there will be a new high behind; but at the end of the 2 waves, there is a process of actively digging the pit before the 3 waves. I am waiting for it. . .
a bit pit(2019-04-15 15:07:49)
The performance of Mo*gen and Fu* was higher than expected, which led to the rise of the old girl; the rise of the old girl led to the A-shares opening up sharply, and the high-opening and low-moving Shanghai stock index was 2%, which was a bit pit. ------------ Technically, the Shanghai index is off the MACD dead fork, which is worthy of caution. According to the technical type, it should be down to the BOLL. Then change according to the market conditions.
There is a friend of the basin saying that the top of the weekly line will end. If it is determined by the big bull market, and it is running, this statement is correct; but if this is a big rebound in the bear market, it only needs the top of the daily line to end; the deviation can be one or two times. -------------- The current position holders need to be most concerned about the changes in the expectations of the financing funders;
If the old girl falls(2019-04-10 11:10:55)
Rationally speaking, it is difficult for the old girl stock market to fall sharply. The repurchase is the main reason why the old stock market is difficult to fall. For example, Apple currently has 260 billion US dollars in cash on the books. If the stock price falls too much, it will buy back and write off, so that the stock price can be maintained. The shareholder of the old girl is based on the market value as the standard of value. The executives use the stock price as the reason for the dividend. Therefore, the stock price rise is good for everyone. As long as there is cash in the account, or even if there is no cash, the loan can be used. It is also the reason why Wall Street is afraid of shrinking the table. Unless it is at the bottom of the non-death, the old stock market has been bullish. Auntie is useless, we happen to be the opposite,...
Optimism and pessimism(2019-04-09 14:27:42)
Optimistic perspective: After the breakthrough, the recovery is confirmed, after the gap of 3093 is replenished, it continues to rise, and the daily line is 3 waves. The pessimistic perspective: the top of the daily line, the rising stage peaks;----- ----- I still continue to look at the bulls to make money.
gap(2019-04-08 09:39:42)
I didn’t understand that there were so many gaps in the outer disk. The internal use of the gap theory as an artifact, the implementation of more people, naturally effective. But now it seems that it is not right. It doesn't matter if there is a gap after the gap. The generation of the gap is a result of the violent coherence of funds; it can only be explained as the financing and financing of the securities. ----------- So, the situation after the A shares has changed. This time it was smashed out, which underestimated the role of financing.
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