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Time-sharing fifth wave(2018-11-12 15:08:20)
First send a picture (old figure) Shenzhen's several indexes just 60 minutes just gold fork, the rise has a basis, the SSE 50 and the Shanghai index also have this trend. But they are all of the fifth wave nature, that is, they may be topping. The picture above is the Shanghai index. How does it rise? There will be no overturning of the wall (breaking the purple line above). ------------------ My countermeasures are: 1. Do not open new positions; 2. Hold positions for over-selling; 3. Fail to...
The index of large equity is a time-sharing rebound; the index of small equity is a time-sharing; no matter which index, the next 60-minute MACD cross-cut, the daily band is down; the structure of many stocks is also the same. So, look for opportunities to stand out and wait for the next opportunity.
Pull some chat(2018-11-11 23:49:38)
Anyone who has studied chemistry knows that H/AL is a strong reducing agent. The teacher will tell the students that a reducing agent cannot react with another reducing agent. The teacher usually teaches a reducing agent and an oxidizing agent. In response, the reducing agent loses electrons to be oxidized, and the oxidant gets electrons to be reduced. But Aster tells you that H and AL can react and the product is ALH3. H outer layer of an electron, get an electron to reach the first electron...
My technical tips(2018-11-11 11:07:06)
My technical tip is: a shock bin under the rising structure of the week; if the strength is strong: the K-line directly does the right leg; if the strength is weak: first hit the high again, then the daily-level shock bin will appear; --- ------------ There are a lot of bad weekends. . . But everything is subject to the disk; even if there is a big drop, the moonline is also a bottom-up rhythm.
Some time in the future(2018-11-10 10:11:53)
1) Pretty 50 may break the platform, but it will symbolically resist before breaking; 2) Other indexes will take advantage of the opportunity to rush, but this upswing will create a falling structure; 3) Many stocks in eight stocks It is the waist and the waist, and the possibility of being able to follow the beautiful 50 steps is not high; so judge: In the future, the SSE 50 will start to look at the eight stocks, and the eight stocks will rise with the Shanghai Stock Exchange 50 and do the bottom shock. 11-1...
The disk is heavy(2018-11-09 15:19:23)
The Shanghai stock index fell on the 20-day moving average, almost no upswing action, the disk is very heavy; the two cities have a daily limit of 77, a limit of 7, it seems that there are money to earn, but all of the junk stocks have almost no support action throughout the day, which is In the past, it was completely different. There was a change in the things behind it. This should be highly noticed. ----------------------- In the short term, it is impossible to expect a rise, 60 minutes is an island reversal. Counter pumping is not bad; ...
Is it in place?(2018-11-09 09:39:02)
If you look at the shock bin, it is basically in place now, 60 minutes to reach the lower limit of BOLL, the daily line reaches between 10 and 20 days; no longer pull, the popularity is basically scattered.
Go up again and sell(2018-11-08 15:15:45)
Start with a picture to illustrate: The pink line above is difficult to pass recently. ----------------------1) The 20-day moving average starts to rise, indicating that there is hope for a band; 2) the pressure of the pink line above is not small; 3) The time-sharing chart is not the top, but the falling shock position, but after the rise, it is easy to appear the top structure, 4) the leadership does not expect a big rise, nor expect a big drop...
a little bit of view(2018-11-07 23:37:50)
In the early period, the eight stocks fell sharply. One supporter could not come out, and the White Horse stock group had failed. Now it’s hard to lose more than eight stocks, and the index has also made a look. The situation that comes out of a long time will not easily return it to its original shape. In this case, the disk is the small ninety-nine of each play, the index is stable, and the eight shares are looking for opportunities to pull back some; eight shares are up, one has a chance to come up, ups and downs, down Zhang, and three backs. ..
Normal shock(2018-11-07 15:14:37)
Don't let the bear market thinking trap the imagination. This position is a shock in the technical environment of the over-the-counter/20-day moving average. The 10-day moving average is down, and the BOLL is down on 60 minutes. Waiting for the 20-day moving average to turn heads up and then rise again; taking advantage of everyone's bear market thinking, the main force is good shock warehouse; first look at it, it is not too late. -----------------What are the friends worth watching...
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