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Supreme Week K, C3-2(2018-12-04 21:15:37)
Directly on the map, SSE Zhou K, the big C wave overall feeling, after the C2, the Shanghai Pulsation pulse is gradually exhausted 1) C1-1 total length of 12 weeks, there are stock disasters 1.0 and 2.0, the short feast 2) 10 weeks in the left box K The line is the end of C1-1 and the first stage of C1-2; the 11th week K line in the right box is the end of C3-1 and the beginning of C3-2, like? At first, two Yang lines were lured, and two weeks of Juyin plunged,...
The dollar has been raising interest rates since 2015, is it strong? In the short term, it is somewhat strong but it is put on the big cycle. The US dollar is not a strong US dollar index. It is in the big bear market that lasts for more than 30 years. The US dollar index DINIW, month K, intercepts the trend of the last 26 years. 1) On the US dollar index A big rebound, from September 1992 to February 2002, lasted 107 months, from 78.19 to 1...
GEM KLCI, day K 1) Day K saw the small band top rebounded since October 19th on November 16th, adjusted to this week, a total of 7 trading days 2) Today rebounded back to 21 days and 55 The average daily line, the short-term profit-taking, the main fund further absorption, the indicator repair in place prediction: starting from tomorrow, the GEM KLCI is expected to usher in a rapid soaring market, across the 89, 144-day moving average, to the platform in July.. .
First put the map on, the GEM KLCI, the day K, the market since the August 28th, the GEM is at the top of the stage, often the dusk star is the most important dusk star is June 3, 2015, the big 5 waves The top 4449 of the twilight star (two days earlier than the 4037 of the index finger), followed by more than three years of the ABC three waves big bear market, after more than three years, I don’t know how to completely end the second important twilight star is November 2016 16...
Securities, patience, etc.(2018-11-25 22:44:07)
Seeing that the securities rebounded from mid-October (reverse pumping), I was not tempted and deliberately missed. Why? As mentioned before, the A-share securities sector has no investment value as a whole, but the speculative value is extremely prominent. The surge and soaring of the securities sector is a coincidence with the outbreak of the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Is the SSE likely to break out now? Fund face to support the outbreak of securities, month K 1) good buying point of securities, not 1 buy, 2 buy, 3 buy...
Small and medium-sized KLCI refers to the small and medium-sized board KLCI 399101, and the GEM KLCI 399102 is not a finger 399005 and 399006. There are some subtle differences between them. Because of the large number of human interventions due to changes in index samples and weights, some distortions Generally, it is not necessary to carry out the general trend analysis of this market. It seems that only one person thinks that the small and medium-sized innovations in the mid-October period are not reversed, regardless of the index...
1812 has a good show(2018-11-18 21:42:54)
During this period of attention, the attention was on the stocks. I didn’t pay much attention to the delivery status of the futures index after the closing of the futures. The position of the 1812 contract really scared me to jump 51,516 hands in IF1812, which was restored to the first half of 2015. In the second half of 2015, the index futures were castrated several times. When the CSI 300 futures contract was promoted to the main contract, the maximum position was only about 36,000 hands this weekend...
Let's take a look at the state of CNY USDCNH. The trend of the month K indicates that CNY does not seem to be afraid of the USD raising interest rate in December. The danger has subsided. You can relax your breath and the A-share financial stocks will not have big problems. Love slowly slowed down and slowly fell. Crude oil futures 1812, Japan K This decline, for the mainland countries with extremely high dependence on crude oil, laughed, the pressure of imported inflation did not have Sam's poison, no. ..
El Condor Pasa is a Peruvian folk song, translated as the song of the mountain eagle, also translated as a flying eagle song melodious and sad, the original lyrics meaning: Condor, the king of the Andes brought me back to my dear land my hometown Andes I want to live with the Inca brothers I miss, waiting at the Cusco Square, let me fly together on the Machu Picchu and Werner Picchu, SSE 50 (SSE50), used to be...
The changes of Mindray and Ningde are not only the new ones, the unicorns, the GEM, but also the visible Dongdong. Both of them will be included in MSCI's recent GEM ETF.
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