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On January 27, the former expiration of the small and medium-sized enterprises suffered a goodwill depreciation at the end of the month. Many stocks fell hugely. In the hands of Zhongcang Zhongying, there was no worries, and the ChiNext’s KLCI rebounded sharply by 3% on February 1. Above, I know that after the holiday, I must have risen a lot, but I suddenly decided to submit it in advance. I suddenly recalled that the SSE had a big trend in the beginning of 2012, A, K, and Part 1). ...
DJI30 K's continuous dusk star(2019-02-14 23:19:18)
Don't blame me for selling the stock and sing it. I am operating according to my own method. Before I am responsible for the operation, I will send a blog post to clearly indicate or imply the operation plan. Only some blog posts are sent out and are harmonious. I didn't recruit this blog post to be locked by me on the blog, but there are still friends who have seen it. What is the "SSE50"? It is the English abbreviation of "SSE 50". DJI30 is the Dow Jones 30 index.
Short-term force is too strong(2019-02-13 18:34:06)
Pay attention to the short-term callback risk, the short-term stocks that have risen too much can be cashed in. Some long-term warehouses are left empty, and they want to change stocks. Waiting for the first time, chasing high is dangerous. Don’t worry about March~May, there will always be months. K Dayy back to step on, then buy it for those junk-hot junk stocks, don’t see the risk of forgetting it in these days, it’s best to lighten up in this crazy time.
In the first three blog posts, at the end of the big bear market (or near the end), what we have to do is to find some good companies (investment targets) for the future big bull market, and get bigger in the company's high-speed growth and bull market valuation. After the floating profit, of course, to cash in the floating profit, arbitrage to leave, then escape the next big bear market, search for the next big bull market investment target bear market, terrible? In fact, the bear market is not terrible, the bear market is a good A-share bear market...
First look at a picture of people's backs and cools. The monthly increase in China's total import and export volume. Actually, after the trade dispute in March last year, it has been expected that this curve will plummet, but the diving in November is still a surprise. December is expected. In the continued large diving, there are some statistics, such as PMI, CPI, PPI, consumption increase, etc., not listed, are very bad to see the performance index of the major European and American indices and A shares...
The outer disk is not good(2019-01-28 22:36:18)
No way, the rebound of the A shares is also annoyed 01-29 10:01 only the 50% index of the Shanghai Stock Exchange 01-29 10:01 only the 50% index of the Shanghai Stock Exchange
As mentioned above, whether it is a listed company or an investor (regardless of size or organization), it is very difficult to make money in the 20 years of the cycle of the bulls and bears. To win the big money, the winner is even more It is not easy, especially in 2015, the leveraged trading, but also the funds of many large and medium-sized households collapsed at the moment of falling. It is terrible to many investors, and it is a bit violent to expect the most profit from speculation.
The remaining ones refer to two main bodies, the company and the investor winners. The market is constantly changing. In the big bull market, maybe anyone can live well but the big bear market is coming. Maybe many companies, many investors will Was eliminated in June 2015, after the A-share peaked, it began to fall after a round of crashes, which made investors miserable. In the fourth quarter of last year, even the major shareholders and brokerages could not stand it. The pledge disk also exploded. Can survive...
Big bear market, long? After the Shanghai Composite Index, the SME Composite Index and the GEM Composite Index peaked in June 2015, they will go to the big bear market together. It will be long and painful. What should be done at the end of the big bear market? Of course, it is to prepare for the big bull market in the future. Select stocks with potential for growth and make a big profit safely. In 2005, when the Shanghai Stock Exchange fell to 998, I took out the time deposits in advance and bought the stocks. Of course you have to move...
First look at the monthly growth of several figures of the basics. According to the laws of previous years, there will be a sharp drop in exports during the Spring Festival, but in November 2018, the export growth will be a big dip. This shows that the external (foreign) demand is similar, the manufacturing power is similar. Germany's export growth rate has also dropped sharply in recent months. The demand of the whole world has dropped. The monthly increase in imports has slowed down. It has fallen faster than exports. The data for December has not yet come out. It is estimated that it will continue to grow...
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