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The changes of Mindray and Ningde are not only the new ones, the unicorns, the GEM, but also the visible Dongdong. Both of them will be included in MSCI's recent GEM ETF.
First review the historical trend of the small and medium-sized board KLCI, the monthly K, the panorama of the small and medium-sized board KLCI is a big bull market, is it good luck? No, no, it is not the case for the circulation of state-owned shares, legal person shares and the opening of small and medium-sized boards. From 2001 to 2005, the Shanghai Stock Exchange was from 2245 to 998. The game was very fierce and the main contradiction was resolved. 1) 1 wave of the journey of the bull market: the total length of 32 months K...
The amount of energy is reversed. Technology stocks are the main line.
Before the securities, look at a beautiful picture, the world's most beautiful volcano - the perfect volcanic cone of the Mayon volcano in the Philippines, the perfectly symmetrical curve on the left and the right to see this perfect volcanic cone, always reminds me of the speculative trend of A shares, especially Securities is the most typical stock stock, Guojin Securities, is the month K symmetrical? Is there quite a symmetry? Most securities stocks are like this. Why are these stocks going back and forth? 1)...
CNY is very passive(2018-10-25 23:59:13)
Looking at the picture saying USDCNY, month K, panorama before January 2014 (0 points in the picture), CNY continues to appreciate against USD, which is the trend of the golden doubles of CNY double surplus from January 2014, at first glance Can you make a division and mark on the wave shape? Why is the appreciation trend of CNY ending after 0? This problem is inconvenient to say, as long as you know that there are many capital exchanges since then...
In the last two weeks before the National Day, after the SSE hit a low of 2644, there has been a strong rebound. But after reading the status of the SSE 50 at the time, I snorted "Rely!", the time is not enough to see the picture, SSE 50, Zhou K SSE 50 The pattern including the Shanghai Stock Exchange's weekly K-line C wave is the same as the big A wave. The A1 is the stock market disaster 1.0+2.0A3 is the blown stock disaster 3.0C1 is the stock market disaster 4.0, relatively speaking, the falling speed is slower than A1 and A3...
SSE season K, panorama 1) 2, 4, A, C several level 1 adjustment waves, 2 waves is the shortest 13Q, A wave is the longest 23Q, 4 waves 17Q, C wave to now 15Q, not short 2 The longest season K in history is 4 consecutive yin (3 green boxes). Now it has been 4 yin, will there be 5 yin? I don't think 3) It seems that the yellow dragon has a strong magnetic attraction to the big C. Does it really go to the dragon? I...
GEM KL Week K, two ghosts struck(2018-10-17 23:14:44)
After the end of late November, the GEM KLB has embarked on a long-term big C wave. It’s the end of the wave of the first wave of the bear. Now it’s really unclear but the 2nd wave The structure can still be seen clearly on the GEM KL Week K, the big C wave is in the big C wave, there have been 4 very consistent consecutive 2 weeks K in the big yin, and then a very strong rebound, specifically Features: 1) Continuous week K yin...
In mid-November 2016, I have already foreseen that the small and medium-sized B-waves will be exhausted. I have to go through the big C wave. I was out of the long-term time. It is not convenient to write a blog post. After the New Year's Day ended in 2017, I wrote. Two blog posts "A shares, big C waves of the dragon and the veins" and "Shangzheng K, the secret of the big C wave" blog post "secret" at the end, posted a small and medium plate KL monthly K line forecast The screenshot below the figure is as follows (image...
Deep new stock index 399,678, month K pit people, nearly three and a half years, fell -72%, 2.8 percent month K end, 11 negative folder 1 Yang, too horrible but one to see the GEM new shares, there are The price-to-earnings ratio of many stocks has fallen to 10 times or even lower. 20~30 times PE is all small and medium-sized stocks. PEs are even lower. Some stocks have fallen to single digit PE. See you on May 23 After the top, June...
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