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This guy is lazy, leaving nothing left
3300 point battle was fierce, ice and snow double-day trend to investors completely lost the direction of the rise, but 400, but fell, but reached 3000, the Shanghai stock 50 rose 2%, the GEM plummeted 2 %, 28 points were interpreted most vividly. Banks, insurance companies, brokerage firms and heavyweights brought out the best way to nurture their health while new materials, rare earths, software, scarce resources, and even homes could not be found. Shanghai ...
Why rebound is so weak(2017-12-05 08:59:56)
US tax reform boots landing, A shares two eyes continue to blur. Long and controversial people did not find the necessary cause and effect, so shouting empty shouting and feel more confident, it touches on the concept of high delivery, but because of a statement of regulators is completely dry to get down. Shanghai Composite Index around 3300 points intensified competition, while the Shenzhen Component Index and the GEM also finished lower after the rise. Change close to the two cities close to 1: 3, the volume is basically the same as the previous day ...
The first trading day in December is also the last trading day of the week, and the market has finally seen a long-lasting touch of redness. It is worth mentioning that the GEM headed by the eight shares, swept away the haze of consecutive decline, began to fight back. Medical, telecommunications, software, security, cultural media, landscape engineering, a large number of pre-huge drop led the two cities, sub-new shares, sending high is full momentum, the GEM as a whole rose more than 2 ...
Where is the last chance in 2017?(2017-11-30 18:06:41)
November market, it came to an end, I believe, experienced a comprehensive decline since mid-November, the investors at this time, the mood should be extremely depressed. If you remember, I analyzed this month's market on the last day of October, and you, at this time, should be calm and happy. May wish to review the article on October 31 "From the large structure, the current market is still in the big B wave (starting point is 2016 ...
Fighting around the 3300-point fiercer, the broader market experienced a rise down and up again, with a V-shaped trend in the disk announced the beginning of the rally. Even in the "magic" of the upcoming annual strategic report of China Merchants Securities, the broader market is still able to hold strong, indicating a continuous drop of 150 points after itself there is a huge rebound kinetic energy. If you remember the tips from yesterday in the article, you will understand that all this ...
From 3450 points down, but two weeks time, has dropped 150 points, looking forward to "slow cow" investors began to be "bear" driven crazy, 3300 touch, while the Avenue Hai line, and once again the magical extension Aid, rebound followed. Cyclical stocks, or take the lead, steel, coal, nonferrous metals, with the communications, cement, chemical fiber and electronic components led the two cities, finally see a long absence of the eight stocks rebounded, while banks, insurance ...
Will there be a rebound?(2017-11-28 08:32:05)
From white horse to mud horse, but a few days time. If Kweichow Moutai fell 100 yuan is not terrible, it fell to 20% BOE called sad reminder. Looking around, ZTE, BYD, Hanrui Cobalt, NavInfo, China Unicom and so on, a large number of "White Fortune" are so, then, I heard someone shouting "mud horse" and finally believe that there can be What forever "white rich", above the altar, forever ...
No pretty 50 this fig leaf, the ugly broader market will be more ugly, almost all across the board. SSE 50 plunged more than 2%, small and medium hit collective frustration, the sector have Gone Green, high white stocks U-turn down, the recent staged a bearish stop wave, the two cities fell more than 2,800 stocks only. The Shanghai Composite Index fell more than 2%, setting the largest one-day drop during the year, trading volume shrunk to nearly 270 billion yuan, the GEM mean plunged 3%. The first two days of Shanghai ...
Today's A-share market can no longer be simply used to judge the bull and bear, you see the index is the cow, you see the individual stocks, that is, the bear. The main stock index once forced to 3442 points, but the number of falling is still far more than the number of rising home. The most wonderful is that the Shanghai Composite 50 is still at a record high, while more than half of the stocks have fallen into a feather. The bear market said that before the index approached high, it was not possible for me to buckle a crap on my head, and the bull market said that the index rose a stock no ...
Shanghai 50 index hit a new high, the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index hit a new high, Shanghai Composite strong recovery of 3400 points, Shenzhen Component Index jumped nearly 1.5%, losing streak a week's market seems to be only two trading days full of blood revived. At first glance, the sound of the waves remains the same, but the other fact is even more brutal. The ratio between the number of rising and falling ones is still as high as 1: 2. Take a look at the disk, in addition to the heavyweights such as brokerage, insurance, brewing, real estate and banking. ..
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