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        • 1 "Best Bear" new shares: the listing fell below the issue price in a month. What is the market value of 40 billion?
          As the most expensive new stock since 2018, it fell to the limit on the second day of listing. It fell below the issue price in just 19 trading days. Now it is questioned whether it can support the market value of 40 billion yuan by relying on the advertisement “pull” performance? The data shows that since 2018, the A-share market has added a total of 87 new shares. Up to now, there are still 5 new stocks whose share price is lower than the issue price, namely, Gesu Fashion, Huabao, Jinchuang Group, Yangyuan Drink, Huaxi Securities. Among them, Jinchuang Group has the largest break rate. Up to now, its share price is lower than the issue price of 28.38%, followed by Huabao, with a break rate of 10.98%. The smallest break is Yangyuan Beverage, which is only 2.1%. It is worth noting that among the 87 new shares listed in 2018, Yangyuan Drink (603156)
        • 2 Chip first faucet 86 plunged to 3 yuan, annual report profit soared 8790%, copying Guizhou Maotai
          What is the stock market? The stock market is that you drive in a BMW and become a QQ car. What is the stock market? The stock market is that you wear a suit and go into a three-point style. What is the stock market? The stock market is that Yao Ming went in and became Pan Changjiang. Therefore, from the above paragraphs, you can feel the stock market, how much a person’s life, a person’s study, a person’s family, a person’s life, and a person’s future, how far and far-reaching . [October forecast] The market on the last trading day before the festival went out of the "closed door" as scheduled. The closing of the Shanghai stock market rose by 1%, although this increase is not large, but its significance is more important. First of all, from a technical point of view, the closing price of 2821 hit a new high in the past two months, and the stock index stood on the 6th for 60 consecutive days.
        • 3 The new house began to cut prices or even sold off, and the second-hand house was sold out?
          [Original] New homes began to cut prices or even sold out, second-hand housing is still sold to go? ●(Not specifically marked, the article is original by Tan Haojun) Recently, Vanke’s autumn meeting in Shenzhen was on fire. It’s not that the fire is re-emerging again. It’s not a new initiative. It’s on the walls and the main screen of the venue. This old-fashioned company, the real estate industry leader, has even played a “live”. "The slogan." In combination with the housing price data released by relevant parties in recent years, although the housing prices are still in the upward channel, even the data in August is the first, second and third tier cities. However, the price of new homes did not rise simultaneously, but the price of second-hand housing rose. Well, since the price of new homes has not been fired before, it has even fallen.
        • 4 Industry research|Investors must look at: Opportunities and challenges of China's chip industry, what are the leading companies in the chip?
          The evolution of artificial intelligence from dark blue to Alpha Go, from a technological revolution to the fall of the industry, is even a bit overheated today. Practical artificial intelligence technologies such as fingerprint recognition, face recognition, and beauty slimming have become the technology that people use every day. According to the "2018-2023 Global Artificial Intelligence Chip Industry Market Prospect and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report" published by the Prospective Industry Research Institute, the global artificial intelligence chip market reached US$3.6 billion in 2016 and is expected to reach 11.1 billion by 2021. The US dollar has a compound annual growth rate of 25%, with rapid growth and huge room for development. No loss at the global starting line 7 Chinese companies shortlisted for market research and consulting firm Compass Intellig
        • 5 Dong Mingzhu panicked 300 billion reorganization, is the US leader looking to be the first leader to be dangerous or not?
          A-shares finally ushered in a good thing! It is also a happy event in the home appliance industry. The home appliance giant Midea Group is currently planning the restructuring of its subsidiary, Little Swan! Moreover, up to now, the market value of Midea Group is about 270 billion, Little Swan has a market value of less than 30 billion, and it adds up to nearly 300 billion assets, but the most important thing is that this is a big earthquake in the home appliance industry! For the current home appliance leader Gree, it is undoubtedly a heavy blow, and as the major shareholder of Gree Electric, Dong Mingzhu, this matter is even more of a headache. According to statistics from Dong Mingzhu and Gree, in the semi-annual report of 2018, Gree Electric, Midea Group and Qingdao Haier increased their revenues by 31.5%, 14.6% and 14.19%, respectively.
        • 6 The two shareholders want to clear the position to withdraw, Gree Electric Appliances into the Haili shares? After the holiday, the Haili shares will skyrocket?
          The major shareholder further increased its holdings, the two shareholders wanted to clear the position, and the shareholding competition of Highly shares rose again. The next move of the three shareholders Gree received much attention. Recently, the company's main air-conditioning compressor, Haili shares issued several announcements, said the controlling shareholder Shanghai Electric (Group) Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Electric") further increased its shareholding, the shareholding ratio rose to 25.22%. It is noteworthy that in August 2017, Highly shares announced that it had received a notice from Shanghai Electric that it intends to transfer all the shares of the 175 million Haili shares held by the company by way of public collection of the transferee. At the end of the month, Shanghai Electric held an investor briefing on the termination of the transfer. "Coincident" is that from 2017, Zhuhai Gree Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Gree") twice
        • 7 Countdown to the “Fairy Shares” delisting: The stock price fell to 9 cents.
          Original works Unauthorized Do not reprint a farce, the stock price returned to below 1 yuan, 5.5 billion debts hanging high, but also involved in financial fraud, entering the delisting countdown. Before the 11th National Day, Zhonghong shares (000979) shares closed at 0.92 yuan. Since its share price stood at 1 yuan on September 5, it has now closed at 1 yuan for 11 consecutive trading days. According to the delisting system of listed companies, the daily closing price of each of the 20 consecutive trading days is lower than the par value per share, and its shares should be terminated. This also means that if the stock price of Zhonghong shares is less than 1 yuan after 9 consecutive days after the 11th National Day holiday, the company's stock will be terminated. Which refers to "continuous", which means that as long as one day's closing price is higher than 1 yuan, even if there is less than 1 yuan later
        • 8 Jia Yueting performed again, is it good for LeTV? From the 2 million super run down to 300,000 people's electric cars, Jia Yueting, who has paid the money, is more awake.
          Jia Yueting’s story of a dream catcher can be played as a large-scale youthful inspirational idol drama. From building a car to going abroad, “going to the wind” to the first pre-production car FF91 off-line, it can be said that “do not hit the south wall and not look back”, and In the middle, Jia Yueting also met Xu Jiayin who helped and supported him to realize his dreams. Although Xu Jiayin also “saves” a lot of benefits from it, he was directly promoted to the new richest man in China, and he was able to return to Jia Yueting himself. He can be said that he It is the one who truly takes his dream into reality. Does he talk about dreams? talk! Talking about the sky, you can even talk about you no longer doubt life, remember the 2015 LeTV annual meeting, Jia Yueting sang a song called "Nozi": you will become a giant, just step on the strength, step on the dream. He opened his arms and clenched his fists. That painting
        • 9 The China Securities Regulatory Commission issued the IPO approval letter of China Life Insurance. After 7 years, the A shares will be listed on the insurance company!
          With the approval of the China Insurance IPO approval by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, after the National Day, PICC will become the fifth “A+H” listed insurance company in China. As a long-established republic, the "eldest son" Chinese people return to A, what does it mean for the A-share insurance sector, and what kind of expectations will China's PICC, the No. 1 property insurance in Asia, bring to the market? On the evening of September 28, PICC announced on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that it had officially obtained written notice from the China Securities Regulatory Commission. The company has been approved to issue A shares, and the number of shares issued does not exceed 2.3 billion shares. The validity period is 12 from the date of approval. Within the month. Image source: China People's Insurance Hong Kong stocks announcement This means that PICC will soon become the fifth A+H share listed after the Ping An, China Life Insurance, China Pacific Insurance and Xinhua Insurance. Actually
        • 10 Perspective Keda Xunfei "Synonymous False": The technology gap has not crossed
          Recently, the leading enterprise in the field of artificial intelligence and voice, Keda Xunfei, was exposed to “simultaneous transmission of fakes”. The official response of the University of Science and Technology was due to misunderstanding caused by insufficient communication with the interpreters. It is reported that the incident was triggered at the 2018 International Conference on Innovation and Emerging Industry Development. The conference used “machine translation” as a propaganda. The official website of the University of Science and Technology recently explained that this method is “human-machine coupling” and recognizes machine translation. Still difficult to replace labor. Yang Jianyong, a senior expert in the Internet of Things, told the reporter of China Business News that under the human-machine coupling, the intelligence (machine) translation technology is more difficult than the speech recognition technology. In recent years, with the increasing popularity of AI, machine translation has also emerged. However, according to this reporter, the actual status of the industry is
        • 1 A big harvest begins! Fed rate hike stirs global stock market property market
          As a recent risk event, the Fed has no suspense to raise interest rates, and a global harvest begins. The Fed raises interest rates by 25 basis points. On the morning of September 27, Beijing time, the Fed announced another rate hike, raising the federal funds target rate range by 25 basis points to 2.00%-2.25%. This is the third time the US rate hike this year, and it is also the Fed’s Since the start of the interest rate hike cycle in December 2015, the 8th rate hike. The move means that the US dollar will continue to remain strong, and the US will once again start the harvesting model, and the global currency will inevitably fall into a state of horror. In addition, as far as the Fed’s latest point map is concerned, unless the economic situation unexpectedly deteriorates, the interest rate hike in December is almost no suspense, because the number of FOMC officials who have another interest rate hike at the end of the year is expected to increase to 12.
        • 2 Fixed voting strategy, don't be greedy for investment funds: 2-3 can be used
          Opening an article to share an investor's fixed investment story. This investor was originally keen on sunbathing in the circle of friends, beautiful food, and happy days. But in the last month, she suddenly disappeared from her circle of friends. Is it a change in life? After some inquiries, I finally got the truth: she decided to invest in a lot of funds. Although she has accumulated a certain amount of wealth every month, she will have a tighter time. The story leads to a fixed investment problem. It is a good thing to achieve the goal of wealth accumulation through fixed investment. However, some people pay attention to decentralized allocation, and at the same time set more than ten funds, is this appropriate? We figured this out in four steps. 1. The fund's fixed investment itself is an investment method that spreads risks. In fact, these people's ideas are very simple. They all say that "the eggs cannot be placed in the same basket" and the asset allocation is obtained.
        • 3 Stand on the shoulders of giants to invest!
          If the investment is a "comprehensive game," then the National Social Security Fund is well versed in this. The use of large-scale asset allocation, the recruitment of professionals to entrust investment, moderately increase the allocation of equity at the low point of the market, and achieve the "magic of compound interest". Since 2001, the annual average rate of return of social security funds has reached 8.4%, the lowest in the year. The revenue is only -6.79%. First: the allocation of large-scale assets - the magic weapon to pursue stable income, do not put all the eggs in the same basket, this is everyone knows the risk of dispersion, but this investment attitude is not everyone can do. In addition to emphasizing “safety”, the National Social Security Fund uses the asset allocation concept in the investment process. Although it fails to achieve the highest return, it has achieved a solid return within the risk tolerance. Among them, the national community
        • 4 Healthy investment philosophy - [investment experience] volatility and risk
          In investment, the concept of volatility is often used academically to describe risk. Is volatility a suitable indicator of risk? How to look at the volatility? Let's talk about some of your own opinions. 1. First, the definition of volatility is the standard deviation of the rate of return over a period of time. The mathematical formula is as follows: volatility = (1/N*sum(( ri - mean( r ))^2))^0.5 where ri is the securities The yield of i days, N is the number of trading days during the measurement period, and mean(r ) is the average of the N-day yields r1...rN. Aside from the mathematical formula, we can simply understand that the volatility is the magnitude of the average return during the deviation of the securities income. It is worth noting that mathematically speaking, the volatility is 0, which does not mean that securities are not
        • 5 Bank's profit model and ups and downs
          Overview: 1. Banks using high-leverage operations will amplify the goodwill of the economy; 2. The banking industry performed better during the economic recovery and interest rate hike cycle; Banks with strong innovation capabilities and low cost of storage are more competitive; The fourth quarter is the quarter in which banks are most likely to rise. "La Traviata" famous saying: Money is a good servant, bad master. In life, the typical industry that uses money as a servant to "call" is the bank. Banks usually pay a little interest to hire money to work. After hiring, they are arranged to go to the personal and business services that most need to borrow money. Finally, earn from "money"
        • 6 There should be eight reasons for Niuji’s growth.
          Niu Ji is the investor’s own fight. In order to avoid making an index and not making money, investors have an advantage in choosing an index fund. Because equity funds are inseparable from the economic cycle. Under the bull market, it is very beneficial for the growth of stock funds. Therefore, investors allocate stock funds, make full use of the fund research and development strength, improve the accuracy of stock selection, and share the net value growth brought by the bull market is very beneficial. Therefore, investors adopt a conservative base-based approach and choose low-risk money funds and bond funds, and their returns will naturally be inferior. The cow base was born. The growth of Niuji was not only fund management and cultivation, but also born out. There is no soil where Niuji was born, that is, the growth environment of cattle-based growth, such as the bull market, the fund perfect product line, rich investment research experience and strict
        • 7 Fund trading process
          Many people are surprised to see this topic. Are you a Sheris, who will not buy or sell funds? This one. . . I don't want to explain more. After reading it, you will come to the conclusion that you are really clear about these rules or individual. In the same way as putting an elephant in the refrigerator, buying and selling funds is also a simple three-step process: the first step, buy; the second step, hold; the third step, sell. For your convenience, I will use the purchase process of Tiantian Fund as an example to illustrate. The first step: buy. In general, click on a fund's page (such as 160212), you can find a [purchase / fixed vote] button in the lower left corner of the page. For the 160120 old fund that has existed for several years, the purchase here should be called the fund subscription.
        • 8 "鸳鸯茶茶"-style investment law, ordinary people should know!
          Investment preferred "air-raid shelter", wallet essential cookies
        • 9 "The top ten stocks are all red, how is the fund's net value green?"
          Friends who buy funds, what kind of problems, can come to ask the old lady, for example - 1 fund change position, clearly all the shares are red, the fund is green? A: Under normal circumstances, the fund's net value update time is generally around 19:00-21:00 on the trading day. In other words, the stock red you see during the trading hours may be the same day, but the net value of the fund may be yesterday. In addition, the fund manager can adjust the investment strategy according to the market, but the fund's position has relative stability. Even if the adjustment is made, the adjustment is a small part, and the ten major positions will not be replaced. 2 trouble asked the economic downturn is
        • 10 Type of fund
          Last time I talked about the story of a three-nation fund. The story itself is not really a three-country. It just replaces some three-nation characters to describe things. Essentially, the fund, or rather the securities investment fund (the same below), is the process in which the investor (Investor) concentrates the money on the fund company (Fund Company) and the fund manager of the fund company (Fund Manager). By returning the money to securities to get the return, and then giving back to the investor. The so-called securities here are a kind of evidence used to prove that a holder can enjoy a certain right. For example, the most common company stocks, shareholders can enjoy the dividends of the company’s stock.
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