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  • Futures trading is full of unknown processes, and often encounters many traps, even a trap will encounter many times. So which factors will often interfere with your judgment? Trading style, analysis method, time dimension and market difference, these factors may be interference with your trading results, and the number of traps is actually related to the traders themselves. The following is a description of the relevant futures basic knowledge. Most of the pitfalls include the following aspects: 1. The tendency to have impulsive transactions; 2. The inability to accept floating loss changes within a certain percentage; 3. The missing key points have been missed. But still follow the single intervention; 4. The transaction does not pay attention to adjustment, does not pay attention to rest, and has a very serious tendency to love war. These flaws are traps that traders often fall into.
    2019-02-18 11:46
    (2061) reading
  • Today, the author wants to introduce this book to you, "Forbes" as "20 most influential business books", "Fortune" as "75 business must read", and Pulitzer News Award winning works. Many people have read the book and made the financial industry their first choice in their lives, or they have resolutely given up any financial investment and stayed away from the financial circle. The case described in this book directly prompted the introduction of the new US securities law, which indirectly triggered the 1987 US stock market crash and the 1989 Japanese stock market crash. . "Lair of Thieves - US financial history of the largest network of rampant insider trading and destruction" Author: James Stewart · B Description: 1980s, Wall Street financial crime rampant insider trading and market manipulation to let a few people quickly
    2019-02-15 11:08
    (3209) reading
  • “Seven Wonet Actual Combat List” Excellent Account——“Haihai Surf 333” Operator: Mr. He is 29 years old, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, has 5 years of futures trading, and has done stocks, commodities electronic trading and foreign exchange. Based on technical analysis, subjective manual trading plus quantitative risk control, the main band and short-term, currently has two systems, a set of moving average trend trading system and a set of short-term shock system. In the actual ranking of the seven-he network, Mr. He managed the account [sea sea surfing 333] won the fourth quarter of the 2018 seven-he network real-world rankings. As of January 31, 2019, the accumulated net value of the account was 6.047, and the cumulative rate of return was 504.77%. Dedicated to the industry that I love, it is a good choice. Mr. He is not a financial professional, so he went on
    2019-02-14 11:09
    (1925) reading
  • Li Beixin: Currently serves as Chairman and General Manager of Zhejiang Nanhua Capital Management Co., Ltd. In 1993, he entered the futures industry and served as the mid-term general manager of Shenyang, the mid-term general manager of Henan, the general manager of the mid-term Jiahe, the vice chairman of the general manager of Xinhu Futures and the chairman of the Xinhu Futures Risk Management Subsidiary, and the director of the professional committee of Shanghai Futures Risk Management Company. And director of the Risk Management Committee of the Shanghai Futures Association. His "second price + copy option" order new agricultural model won the second prize of 2014 Shanghai Financial Innovation; "Futures + Insurance" explored a new model of agricultural product risk management and won the second prize of 2015 Shanghai Financial Innovation. Hello, Mr. Qihe and Mr. Li, thank you for your in-depth dialogue with Qihe. Over-the-counter options are attracting more and more companies in recent years.
    2019-02-13 13:46
    (1577) reading
  • Today I share with you a classic investment book, Securities Analysis, which is known as the investor's Bible. Since its publication in 1934, it has been selling well for more than 80 years. Douban Rating: 9.1 Many people know that the works of three Jews have changed the world: Einstein's Theory of Relativity has changed the physical world; Freud's "Analysis of Dreams" has changed the psychological world; Marx's "Capital" has changed The human world. But many people don't know that there is also a Jewish Graham's "Securities Analysis" that changed the world of investment. It took him seven years to complete the book. Graham is known as the "father of modern securities analysis" "Wall Street Godfather", the founder of value investment theory. As a generation of masters, the investment philosophy is "the god of stock" Buffett, "the originator of the price-earnings ratio"
    2019-02-13 13:45
    (4822) reading
  • How many times does a person have to go through the bull and bear market to be called a "Wall Street Prodigy"? How many market fluctuations does one have to look at in order to accurately predict the stock market? What kind of wisdom does a person have to be able to teach people to fish? For the above questions, Stan Weinstein is absolutely qualified to answer. As the chief trading master of Wall Street, Stan Weinstein has been in the stock market for many years and is well versed in its operation. Stan Weinstein often writes financial reviews in famous financial newspapers or journals in the United States, such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Belon Financial Weekly, and condenses his valuable experience on Wall Street for decades. In his book "Stan Weinstein's arrogance of the secret of the bull market", the theory of market technical analysis is transformed into concise operational rules.
    2019-02-12 11:14
    (3422) reading
  • Iron ore daily limit cited the market hot discussion iron ore's daily limit has undoubtedly started the first shot of this year's commodity futures market. "There is mine in the hand, the heart is not panic" is the psychological portrayal of many futures people today. Investor Xiao Wang said that he can even put a day off, because the mine in his hand has no fluctuations at all. Due to the continuous fermentation of the mines in the Vale, Singapore iron ore futures rose nearly 8% during the Spring Festival, and rose to US$94 per ton on February 8th, the highest since August 2014. Today's opening of the mine is not too unexpected. However, in the end, a large number of short positions have been opened, and the daily limit is still closed. The iron ore's “every move” has become a hot topic in the current market. topic. Netizen: Empty as a calf knife User: Old strange Chinese blog users: period Haibo
    2019-02-12 11:12
    (3990) reading
  • A few days ago, the author saw on the Internet that some investors summed up the "seven sins" of futures trading. The conclusion is very reasonable, but when it comes to "seven sins," it still has to start from the source of the West. For those who have Western faith or have studied at a church school, the concept of seven sins is not too strange. The seven sins belong to the classification of human evils - arrogance, jealousy, anger, laziness, greed, gluttony, and lust. In the world of investment, acts similar to the seven sins also exist, and these acts are an important cause of investment failure. Investors must understand how to avoid similar situations. 01 "Furious" - anger can not solve any problem. Investors generally believe that the transaction or investment should be smooth, so in the actual transaction, once faced with losses or errors, they are not willing to go.
    2019-02-11 14:03
    (2956) reading
  • If you are only a teenager, reading this book will give you an enlightenment in economics from fairytale fables; if you are in your twenties, reading this book will allow you to refresh your university economics class again. Let your confused economic theory, but this time you will never be confused; if you are in your 30s and 50s, this book can correct the deviated economy in your mind. Common sense, economists have solidified your brain, now it’s time to be awake; if you’re already retired, it’s okay, this book will allow you to measure whether your previous economic life is perfect or not. In front of the grandchildren, there is a good reading for their smart life. This book is "Why Does the Economy Crash: Fish, Dollars, and Economics."
    2019-02-11 14:02
    (2213) reading
  • On the eve of the Spring Festival in previous years, regardless of the spot market or the futures market, all funds were detained according to A, and the transaction was sluggish. And the futures market before the holiday this year is a wave after wave, tempting the funds that I want to be safe. Today is the penultimate trading day of the Hundred Years of the Lunar New Year. Seven has compiled a “New Year’s Position Notice” for investors who want to hold positions for the New Year, to do risk prevention and control, and to celebrate the Spring Festival. (Note: The three major futures exchanges adjusted the price limit and margin for the Spring Festival period.) The recent market hotspot of iron ore is undoubtedly a flying iron ore. From the low of November 27 last year, iron ore futures rose more than 30% in two months. It fell back after hitting the daily limit on Monday, and rose slightly on Tuesday, accelerating on Wednesday, the main force 19
    2019-02-01 11:30
    (10794) reading
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