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  • In order to actively respond to the policy guidance of the national government and regulatory authorities, stabilize the capital market and promote the maximization of shareholder value. On the evening of October 29, Ping An announced the 100 billion repurchase plan, which was the strongest in the history of A-shares and sensationalized the entire financial circle. It is planned to repurchase shares of no more than 10%. China Ping An announced on the 29th that the company will, according to the fluctuations and changes in the capital market and the company's stock price, intend to repurchase the publicly issued domestic and overseas shares as appropriate and in a timely manner. The total amount of repurchase does not exceed the total share capital. 10%. At present, the total capital stock of Ping An is 18.28 billion shares, including 10.833 billion shares of A shares, 7.448 billion shares of H shares, and a total market value of 1.15 trillion yuan. According to this calculation, if China Ping An uses the 10% share repurchase quota of the total share capital of the plan,
    15 hours ago
    (61574) reading (5) Comments
  • After a lapse of 5 years, Maotai reproduces the down limit. Don't ask me why I shed tears. Don't ask who else I have. If you buy Maotai, you should have no regrets. I will be willing to back again. I love Moutai, love. If the tide will push me to Maotai, follow closely. The above is the lyrics based on "Love as the tide", the author thinks that most investors are still "love like tide" for Maotai. After all, since the listing of Maotai, the stock price has steadily increased, hitting new highs, and is known as "A". The model of stock market value investment "" bear market safe harbor" "consumer stock myth" "white wine stock benchmark" "blue chip stock leader" and so on. In mid-June this year, Maotai created a new high of 803.50. At that time, many investors and institutions pointed to 1000. They all thought that Maotai’s break of thousands of yuan was not a dream. However tried
    2018-10-31 11:25
    (55102) reading (10) Comment
  • Meng Qingxin Henan, now living in Zhengzhou, entered the futures market for five years. In the transaction, he mainly used short-term direction and long-term orders. Technical analysis plus quantitative trading system tools to assist transactions, subjective and quantitative combination, currently has three sets of market-tested quantitative trading system, has been put into the market commercialization. Wonderful point of view: As long as it accumulates over time, programmatication is not so profitable, but it is also a tool to make money stably. A good trading system is not always making money. The market has no direction. If the unchanging program makes money in any market, it may be problematic. Now the technical indicators are lagging. If they are completely quantified, the effect may not be good. Sometimes (we) also carry out warehousing when the risk is high. Because in our system test
    2018-10-31 11:21
    (18848) reading
  • Today, the A-share liquor sector fell sharply, and Guizhou Maotai fell to the limit today. When the people were comforting the stockholders, they found that the methanol futures in their hands suddenly began to fall all the way. Netizens do not understand: You can sell Maotai, why 砸 methanol? After all, even the methanol content in fake wine is very low! Duan Zigui, the methanol futures still have to say for themselves, the limit and the Maotai no half-money relationship. Methanol has undergone a circular adjustment this year, and it began to exert its strength in early August. It hit a high of 3501 yuan/ton on August 22, setting a record high. However, after two months of consolidation at the high level, the recent methanol trend has turned sharply, and Sanlian Yin has fallen more than 9%. Today, it went straight to the down limit, and dragged down the energy sector. As of today's close, the main contract of methanol 1901 contract closed at 3072 yuan /
    2018-10-30 11:02
    (3213) reading
  • The share repurchase system ushered in the "upgraded version" The sixth session of the 13th National People's Congress Standing Committee voted on the 26th to approve the decision to amend the company law. The draft has revised and improved the provisions of the article from three aspects: one is to supplement and improve the situation of allowing share repurchase; the other is to appropriately simplify the decision-making procedure for share repurchase, increase the maximum amount of shares held by the company, and extend the company's holdings. There are some time limits for repurchasing shares; the third is to supplement the standard requirements for share repurchase of listed companies. The China Securities Regulatory Commission said that the revision of the company law will help improve the quality of listed companies, help to improve the financial capital management system, deepen financial reforms, help safeguard the interests of small and medium-sized investors, and promote the sustained, stable and healthy development of the capital market. After the public notice of the amendment to the "Company Law", the Shanghai Stock Exchange has been in the Securities and Futures Commission.
    2018-10-30 11:01
    (2328) reading
  • Qihe Net Note: The guest's answer only represents his own point of view, does not represent the views and recommendations of Financial investment risks are clustered, and the users of are willing to be cautious. In 2009, he began to focus on programmatic model research, and then went through the development of stock multi-factor models and commodity futures time series models. In 2016, he joined the Expert Committee of the China Quantitative Investment Society. Subsequently, as the founding team of Regent Investment Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd., a number of Sunshine Private Equity Fund products were issued with stable performance. The book “Quantitative Investment Technology Analysis and Combat” written in 2018 has been recommended by many industry insiders to become a bestseller, helping many quantitative investment traders to embark on the road. Wonderful views Traders in the futures market are prone to over-trading under T+0 induction.
    2018-10-30 10:59
    (15900) reading
  • Qihe Research evaluates the value of SSE 50 and related blue chip stocks: Remarks: Changes in the top ten tradable shareholders China Life 1. China Life Insurance (Group) Company 2.HKSCC Nominees Limited 3. China Securities Finance Co., Ltd. 4. Central Huijin Assets Management Co., Ltd. 5. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Co., Ltd. - Southern Consumer Energy Flexible Configuration Hybrid Initiative Securities Investment Fund 6. Hong Kong Securities Clearing Co., Ltd. 7. China International Television Corporation 8. Huitianfu Fund - Industrial and Commercial Bank - Meeting Tianfu-Tianfuiu 53 Asset Management Plan 9. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China - SSE 50 Trading Open Index Securities Investment Fund 10. China Nuclear Industry Corporation becomes 1. China Life Insurance (Group)
    2018-10-29 10:58
    (34698) reading
  • It is a word that everyone is familiar with. Eating, nowadays, is not only to fill the stomach, but also a food culture that runs through our daily lives. Today, the listed company to be introduced to you is a company that focuses on “eat”. It is the Singapore Koufu Group. In the various commercial markets in Singapore, you can almost see the "mouth" logo of Chinese calligraphy. The shape of the word is like a big bowl, and it is like an entrance that leads people into the gourmet world. This logo is the gourmet logo of the Koufu Group. From “Coffee Shop King” to the creation of “Koufu” era, Pang Lin, the founder of Koufu Group, has more than 40 years of experience, from the original coffee shop business to the creation of the famous catering company in Singapore now.
    2018-10-29 10:57
    (2699) reading
  • On October 26, the Securities and Futures Commission spokesman Chang Depeng said on the 26th that the Shanghai Stock Exchange was approved to carry out pulp trading. The contract was officially listed on November 26. After five years of preparation, China's pulp industry's first futures contract product will be listed. The contract is the bleached sulphate softwood pulp. This product is almost all imported in China, and its dependence on foreign countries is close to 100%. China is the most important growth market in the global paper industry. In 2017, China's paper and paperboard production and consumption both ranked first in the world, accounting for about a quarter of the global total. As an important raw material in the paper industry, pulp has a high degree of marketization, diverse market players, frequent price fluctuations, and strong demand for safe haven. At this time, the introduction of pulp futures is not only an objective need for the development of China's pulp and paper industry, but also
    2018-10-29 10:55
    (3192) reading
  • Many people have heard that Simmons, the king of over-investment trading, today introduces a legendary figure in the quantitative world. He is the teacher of the American bond king Bill Gross, and is known as the "origin of the mountain" of quantitative investment. "Kuanke Godfather", he is Edward Thorpe. Ed Thorp is a genius mathematician, the first person to beat a casino, the first to create an option arbitrage, and the first to promote a market-neutral strategy. He is also the founder of Citadel. Griffin's angel investor. The first person to beat the casino was born in Chicago, USA on August 14, 1932. He loved gambling since childhood. When I was 10 years old, when I went to the gas station to help the gang to see the gambling machine, I could quickly find the knack.
    2018-10-29 10:53
    (2117) reading
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