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  • Red magazine financial Wang Jianhong Maotai stock price from the "transaction day" on October 23, 2018, the price of 690 yuan, the lowest callback to 509 yuan price, and then the main force from October 30 to November 1 during the crazy bottom of the fund. Judging from the future of Maotai, standing on the fundamentals and the height of the chips, the deep correction of Maotai's share price is basically the use of Maotai's so-called "fundamental bad" in the third quarter of this year, and successfully robbed a few investors of "blood-selling chips". ". Recently, the deep correction of Maotai's stock price has become the most eye-catching event of A-shares. The stock price of Kweichow Moutai began to change on October 23, 2018. On that day, the stock price of Moutai fell more than twice as much, and the intraday price fell more than 8%, the highest in three years.
    1 hour ago
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  • Red Magazine Finance Mr. Li Baofang, Chairman of Dongbaozhen Maotai, said many times in the past two years that the Chinese liquor industry is about to enter a new round of rising cycle. Now, the judgment of Mr. Li Baofang is correct. A problem has also arisen after the liquor entered the new cycle. The problem is that the new cycle of high-end liquor has gone too fast! Many economic indicators have reached the limit that industry and social economy can withstand at this stage. The price factor indicates that the new cycle will reach the top. The last round of high-end liquor is the decade before 2012. Because of the plasticizer storm and anti-corruption in 2012, the high-end liquor ten-year bull market ended and entered the adjustment period. The round of adjustment was very tragic. It was a collapse adjustment, which was a hard landing in economic terms. End of 2012 to 2013
    2 hours ago
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  • Red News Finance Zhang Junming did not release IPO approvals as usual in the Shanghai Securities Regulatory Commission last weekend, sparking heated debates and delusions in the market. Many comments regard this as an IPO suspension and consider it to be a major positive market. The author believes that IPO approvals and IPO suspensions cannot be simply equated, and this is considered as a multi-signal. In the current "unbeaten new shares" is still continuing, the rate of new shares is very low, like the lottery ticket, there is no new shares can not be sent out, companies that want to go public will not take the initiative to stop, there is no reason for the regulatory layer to suspend the IPO To fuel the new stock speculation. Under the current IPO mechanism, the suspension of IPO will not bring much incremental funds to the market. It is better to reduce the impact of IPO on market stock funds.
    2 hours ago
    (21799) reading (3) Comments
  • Red Magazine Finance Lin Weiping's GEM has a good chance to usher in a decent counterattack, which may become a breakthrough in the new round of bull market. The expected difference in the GEM will bring good investment opportunities. The future GEM index will be two or three times, and it is expected to rise to three or four thousand. Recently, I will intensively go to relevant listed companies for research, because now our thinking needs to change from bear market thinking to bull market thinking. As of October 30, the GEM had a cumulative increase of 6.33% in 7 working days, and the rebound rate led the Shanghai Composite Index and Shenzhen Stock Exchange. If the huge losses are eliminated, the overall profit of the GEM's third quarter report will increase. Wu Guoping, chairman of the Guangdong Poyuan Fund and president of Niu San University, said in an interview with the "Red Weekly" that "the GEM is about to enter the bull market cycle." The current GEM has
    2 hours ago
    (10591) reading (1) Comment
  • Red Magazine Finance Qi Yongchao's A-share market in October can be described by “sounding and shocking”. After the National Day holiday, it was dragged down by a series of factors such as the US trade plus code and RMB exchange rate fluctuations. The market has repeatedly broken down. The Shanghai Composite Index hit a new low of 2449.2 points since November 2014. With the launch of a number of “bailouts” initiatives, A-shares have shown a rebound. According to statistics, in October, 197 listed companies were increased by major shareholders, and 224 listed companies were reduced by major shareholders. In terms of the number of households, the number of major shareholder reductions is still more than that of the majority shareholder. However, combined with the increase and decrease of the number of holdings and the increase and decrease of the reference amount, the average shareholder’s average holding amount is much larger than the average. The amount of each reduction. According to statistics, October
    2 hours ago
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  • Red magazine Finance Liu Zenglu's A-share market in October was “very hurt”. The continuous adjustment of the broader market and the sharp decline in individual stocks dragged down the trading enthusiasm of the block trading platform. The overall transaction volume shrank by more than 30%. Monthly transaction volume plummeted Since February, the A-share market has been in a continuous adjustment pattern. As of the end of October, the cumulative reversal rate of the Shanghai Composite Index was 21.3%. In addition to January, May, July, and September, it was able to barely receive infrared, and the rest of the year ended in decline. Compared with the decline in other months, the adjustment in October was only weaker than 8.01% in June, with a drop of 7.75%. The continued gloom of the market directly led to a significant decline in the enthusiasm for the A-share block trading platform in October. Statistics show that during the month 3
    3 hours ago
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  • Red Magazine Finance Huang Xiangyuan Macellia commented that the fraud incident caused an uproar, regardless of whether the parties involved expected it, the event is extremely meaningful for people to further understand the importance of complying with information disclosure norms. Transparent integrity is the golden rule of information disclosure. Whether it is suspected of fraud or not, the two statements are completely different. The skeptics pointed out that 18 million of the 21 million "real reviews" of the Macello platform were copied from competitors such as Ctrip and Meituan through robots. Even if the plagiarism is defined very strictly, the relevant comments on the wording of the word will also account for 85% of the total number of comments on the official website. In this regard, Ma Honeycomb did not deny it, but according to its statement, it was questioned that the relevant commentary content of the suspected fraud was in Ma Maike overall.
    3 hours ago
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  • Red magazine Finance Liu Zenglu · Editor's note · The third quarterly report was completed, while the revenue growth, while the overall net profit has dropped significantly. Benefiting from the impact of the infrastructure subsidy policy, the cyclical company's performance growth is significantly better than non-cyclical stocks, such as the steel and cement industry's performance growth is significantly better than other industries. In institutional positions, domestic funds are relatively cautious and the level of positions has declined. In the direction of positions, the national team positions that are concerned by investors remain at a high level. While paying attention to the fundamentals of the company's performance, they have also increased the allocation of small and medium-sized companies in the near future; public funds are optimistic about large financial stocks and lighten up consumption; insurance companies love In the financial and real estate stocks; in addition to the long-term heavyweights of non-banking finance, pharmaceutical biotech and electronics companies are also their key preferences. relatively
    2018-11-04 12:41
    (13343) reading (1) Comment
  • Red Magazine Finance Zhongyang A shares four historical outs to the bottom data show that the overall market decline in the market at the end of the policy and the emergence of the market (later behind the policy bottom) ranged from 0.42% to 16.53%. Combined with factors such as credit expansion transmission time, corporate profit growth inflection point, and Fed contraction process, the author believes that the market may ushered in a new round of structural bull market after the third quarter of 2019. The investment is a bet on the uncertainty of the future. The author finds that the bottom-end data of the four-share A-shares after 2000 shows that each market bottom is brought under the combination of macro liquidity easing and micro-enterprise profit improvement. But the turning point of the current macroeconomic improvement has not yet arrived. For the market, the author still insists on the judgment at the beginning of the year: there is no "trend
    2018-11-04 12:13
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