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  • Red News Finance Moderator Yin Xing's post-index index will have a directional choice. Moderator: I remember that at the end of December, the most questions asked by the students were that the bank that had been hand-picked had reached the value investment point and could intervene. Looking back now, it’s time to save money! Rafting: I dare to repeatedly say good value stocks, not a few. In addition, some leading companies in the consumer, home appliance and other mainstream industries, after the value investment class at the beginning of last year, those companies and specific areas that are suitable for the beginning of the layout, if you treat them as a combination, today, Still slightly profitable, although few have fallen into place. Moderator: Everyone should not underestimate the phrase "slightly profitable". At that time, the Shanghai index was near 3,160 points. Now?
    5 hours ago
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  • Red Magazine Finance Qi Yongchao In the last trading month of the Chinese New Year holiday, the market seemed to “ride” the festival “Joy”. In contrast to the previous "dull", there was a "hyper" rebound, and the Shanghai Composite Index rose by a maximum of 5% throughout the month. In terms of the increase and decrease of major shareholders, the number of listed companies that were reduced in January was still more than the number of households that were increased, but the quota was increased. According to statistics, in January 2019, the number of listed companies that were increased by the majority shareholder was 162, and the total number of shares increased by 1.189 billion shares, with an increase of 6.72 billion yuan. In terms of industry distribution, computers, communications, medicine, chemicals, and real estate account for a large proportion. The number of listed companies reduced by major shareholders reached 270, and the total number of shares reduced by 943 million shares was reduced.
    5 hours ago
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  • Red magazine Finance Liu Zenglu Although the first trading day of 2019, the A-share market staged “opening green”, but it is still worth noting that there were many trading opportunities in the market during the month. In January, not only did the market achieve a monthly increase of 3.64%. And there are nearly a thousand stocks that outperformed the broader market. In particular, companies like Quanchai Power, Xiongsheng, Wuhan Zhongshang, etc., even rose more than 60%. Or it is the shock of the market that has warmed up, which has led to an increase in the reluctance of shareholders of listed companies. The enthusiasm for the trading of large-scale trading platforms has dropped significantly, and the scale has shrunk by 41.5%. The transaction volume was shrinking from the previous month. According to statistics, in January, a total of 882 A-share companies in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges had 882 transactions, with a cumulative turnover of 29.96.
    5 hours ago
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  • Red Money Finance Interviewee Aigu Aigu: Today I talk about a few technical issues. Technical analysis is always the most dependable homework of traders, otherwise it is easy to die. Before I talked about the concept of “confirming the second start once”, I pointed out that the reliability of this structure is extremely high, and later I also said a case of Ma Steel. Regrettably, the trend behind Ma Steel does not seem to be successful. Moderator: I am afraid that your face is not good-looking. If you don't say this, I am embarrassed to remind you. Aigu: The clearer definition is: "After full adjustment, there is a clear and effective trend of the long-head structure, and then adjusted for a period of time in a consolidation manner, and then a clear and effective multi-head structure appears again.
    6 hours ago
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  • Red magazine financial book inherits "Red Weekly": In January 2019, the black swan became a disaster. In the last week before the festival, nearly 100 listed companies predicted a sharp decline in performance or even a serious loss. No loss of several billion yuan did not have the opportunity to enter this week. Top 10 in the loss list. According to the data that has been disclosed so far, at least 80 companies with a loss of 1 billion yuan or more in 2018 will have about 80% of the large amount of goodwill impairment provision due to restructuring. How does Xiao Xu think? Xiao Xu: Through high-performance promises to carry out high-value acquisitions, the three-year “shelf life” has become a standard for many listed companies to reorganize as soon as the performance has changed, and no one has been chased afterwards to make this deformed restructuring intensify. Zhou Yongan’s forestry loss of 900 million to 1.35 billion yuan is
    6 hours ago
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  • Author: Pig in the previous two sessions Hongbing closing curtain, A-share market's major index for two consecutive days to close red plate. Among them, the Shanghai Composite Index closed above the 120-day moving average for two consecutive days. The GEM has risen nearly 5% in two days and returned to above 1300 points. In terms of individual stocks, attracting reporters' attention is Yijing Optoelectronics (600537). The stock ended with a daily limit before the Spring Festival. After yesterday's daily limit, it successfully promoted Jixin Technology, Moen Electric, Hewang Electric and Jiji in the electrical equipment sector. Into the electronic and other stocks to achieve daily limit. Today, Yijing Optoelectronics opened the board after the board was closed in the morning, and failed to try to seal the board again in the afternoon, and finally missed the “cross-section” three-piece board. Although Yijing Optoelectronics failed to triple the board, the cumulative increase of nearly 30% in the past three trading days is not strong. After the stock
    9 hours ago
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  • Author: Wood first trading day after the holiday, the recent closely watched ST Kant new ending eight consecutive limit-down trend, and ultimately rise, even late once the impact of trading, turnover once again more than 1 billion yuan. The reason, in addition to the rising factors, may be related to a company announcement. The reporter learned from the announcement issued by the company on February 11 that ST Concord’s new reply to the bondholders’ meeting resolution stated that “17 Conde New MTN001” and “17 Conde New MTN002” will be paid on schedule according to the time specified in the prospectus. And interest. At the same time, the company said that it will pay the principal and interest of “18 Kangde New SCP001” and “18 Kangde New SCP002” before March 31. However, just in the morning of February 12, ST Kangde new again
    12 hours ago
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  • Red Magazine Finance Zhang Junming A week before the Spring Festival holiday, the board of directors' opinion draft was released, and the listing and trading rules were unprecedentedly innovative. At the time of the publication of the consultation draft, many investors have been busy buying and selling new products and returning home for the New Year. The management has “overtime and overtime” to launch the opinion draft. It is obvious that the board has been highly valued. The science and technology board has become a factor affecting the flow of A shares in 2019. It is an important factor in the ecological upheaval of A shares in the next few years, which deserves high attention from investors. The author believes that after the road to science and technology, the impact on A shares will be reflected in the following six aspects: First, the mergers and acquisitions around "high-tech, high research and development, high growth" will be booming. “Kechuang Board”, as its name implies, is aimed at a new sector with high-tech enterprises listed on the market.
    2019-02-11 19:17
    (27719) reading (3) Comments
  • Hong Jin Finance Song Jinlan held the China Charging Union 2019 Annual Work Conference held on January 18th. Dong Yang, chairman of the China Charging Union, said in his speech that the ministries have communicated their opinions and asked local governments not to make up the car. The charging infrastructure requires local governments to introduce detailed implementation measures. The news stimulated stocks such as Shenghong, Galaxy and Houpu to rise and stop on Monday. The stocks of Teijide, Heshun Electric, Yingkerui, Moso Power and Power Source rose more than 3%, and the rest were charged. The stocks in the piles have risen to varying degrees. The charging pile index (Wind, 884114) appeared after the distribution of the Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Development Guide (2015-2020), the guide
    2019-02-11 19:07
    (17707) reading
  • Red Magazine Finance He Yantian Lei is a buzzword in the securities market this week. One of the most dazzling "stars" is the case of depreciation of goodwill that has lost hundreds of millions of small targets and "directly lost market value." However, if you talk about "SUPER STAR", it is none other than ST. Who made it thick and eyebrows for many years, known as the value investment model! This "rebellion" can be described as thoroughly. Two times in the past three months, the Securities and Futures Commission was investigated by the China Securities Regulatory Commission on the evening of January 30, 2019. ST Kangde newly released the 2018 Annual Results Announcement Amendment Notice, which significantly revised down its performance forecast. It is expected that the net profit for 2018 will be 396 million to 594 million, a year-on-year decrease. 76%~84%. Previously, the company reported its full-year performance in 2018 in the third quarter of 2018.
    2019-02-11 19:01
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