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  • Movie: [The village is getting better and better] "If you don't organize the folks to watch the movie, you won't get up! No! Get up! Come on!" Some people say that the Spring Festival Evening is getting worse and worse, you can throw away the online vomit and blame. In addition, those times that have given us joy and reunion will still make people stop to live in Huai Mong. Spring Festival Overture China Symphony Orchestra - Golden China Year 30 is getting closer and closer. For many people, it is a habit to unload a year of exhaustion and watch the Spring Festival Evening with their families. In 2019, it is no exception. Even though the Spring Festival Evening has become the object of Tucao, young people are keen to grab red envelopes, fight landlords, and brush friends circle...but if you can cross the time and put aside the previous Spring Festival Evening, many people will still stop.
    2019-02-02 12:52
    (4068) reading (1) Comment
  • Do you have a throne in your family to inherit? No, no, but tomorrow, Xiao Ou really wants to prepare for "boarding" and fly to the New Year! Hahahahaha, make you happy~ Today, like Little Europe, do you still go to work? Sure enough, they are all dedicated socialist successors! This 3000 yuan labor allowance is for you! The mode of participation is very simple. 1. Pay attention to the “China-European Money Rolling” service number (note that this number is not the service number). 2. Reply to the “successor” to participate in the lucky draw! Stick to it again and have a holiday soon! Set as a star, no longer afraid to find a small Europe! It is said that good-looking people will point.
    2019-02-02 01:58
    (2576) reading
  • A few days ago, Xiao Bian just watched an investigation. The lower the income, the more he likes to watch TV. The higher the income, the more he loves to read. The 2018 National Time Use Survey Bulletin released by the National Bureau of Statistics on the 25th shows that the lower the income of the residents, the more TV watching time, the low-income group watching TV every day for 1 hour and 50 minutes; the higher the income of the residents reading the newspapers and periodicals The more time, the high-income group reads for 20 minutes. 21% of high-income groups have reading behavior, while only 6.6% of low-income groups have reading behavior. The book has its own gold house. Building a capacity circle is a cost-effective activity. Reading is a bit like a blind person. Every book can't help us understand the whole world. But a good book can let us know a part of the world. Maybe this
    2019-02-02 01:57
    (2474) reading (1) Comment
  • Let the office workers look forward to the Spring Festival holiday is coming. In addition to visiting relatives and friends, going abroad and overseas vacations has become the only choice for many people to relax. It is worth noting that since the beginning of this year, under the influence of the strength of the US dollar index, the RMB exchange rate has continued to fall. So, how to choose an affordable tourist destination from the perspective of purchasing power outside the renminbi? This is the question that this article will answer in detail. It is necessary to discuss the changes in the purchasing power of the renminbi abroad. It is necessary to discuss the overall development trend of outbound tourism in 2018 and which areas are the favorites of overseas travel. According to the "2018 Tourism Economic Operation Inventory Series Report" released by the China Tourism Research Institute on January 8, 2019, the Chinese outbound tour in 2018
    2019-02-02 01:57
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  • Little friends, there are still 4 days to celebrate the New Year! The last issue of the 2019 Spring Festival is to ask questions! Come and see the dry goods Q&A in this issue. I have already decided to invest in China-Europe pension 2035C. Can I change to A? How to change? No. On the China-Europe money roll platform, at present, it only supports the modification of the fixed investment plan, the fixed investment amount, the payment method, and the fixed investment cycle. It is impossible to modify the fund and category of the fixed investment. If you want to vote for "Central European Pension 2035A", you can terminate the previous fixed investment plan, and then set up a new investment plan! How to calculate the conversion price of convertible bonds? The price at which convertible bonds are converted into stocks is agreed in advance. The holders may, according to the agreement in the relevant contract, be able to pay a certain percentage or price within a certain period of time.
    2019-02-02 01:56
    (3135) reading
  • There are still 5 days to be New Year's Eve! The annual Spring Festival holiday is coming soon! However, when you are happy New Year, visiting friends and relatives, beware of the ubiquitous “send propositions”... whether you are at school or at work; whether you are married or unmarried, the seven aunts Our 360-degree fancy questions, there is always a problem for you! What do you do in the face of relatives' torture of the soul? Face back, go back? This year's Chinese New Year, no longer sitting still waiting! Faced with the "bombing" of the relatives, they turned to attack and attacked back! Since then, the roots have been clean and the peace of mind has been over the years. I laughed and ignored him? If you forget it, you are all relatives, and you can stay in the future and meet in the future. In the face of these "excessive care," you don't squint, your head is empty,
    2019-01-31 00:12
    (3030) reading
  • An important tip to get started! Fill in the money before 15:00 tomorrow (January 31), calculate the income during the long holiday of the Spring Festival! Dear friends, please give everyone an early date in advance! I wish you all the best in the Year of the Pig. Interpretation of the quarterly report of the small European and online, and before we talked about more partial stock funds, today focus on analysis and analysis of the bond fund's quarterly report to see if there is a difference? (In 2018, the debt base performed best in all kinds of funds, and the public's attention is also very high!) Common debt bases are divided into pure debt funds (medium long, medium short, short bonds, etc.), After the regulations are not involved in the fight, they are basically non-existent.) The second-level debt base (which can be understood literally, can participate in the secondary market stock trading), the convertible bond fund (which mainly invests in the debt base of convertible bonds) and so on. Secondary debt
    2019-01-31 00:11
    (4049) reading
  • The China-Europe Medical Innovation Fund is in the midst of a hot sale. During the recruitment period, Xiaoou collected a lot of questions from investors. Now let's focus on the answer! This dry goods is a bit long, Xiaoou first listed the catalogue in the opening, so that everyone can master the entire catalogue Q1: What kind of fund is China-Europe Medical Innovation? Q2: Where is the concept of innovation? Q3: What is the main investment scope of China-EU medical innovation? Q4: What is the difference between China-EU medical innovation and China-EU medical health? Q5: What are the risk characteristics of China-EU medical innovation? Q6: What is the investment strength of China-EU medical innovation? Q7: What is the benchmark for the performance of China-EU medical innovation? Q8: What is the rate of medical innovation in China and Europe? Q9: Central European Medical Innovation is divided into Class A (code: 006228) and Class C (code:
    2019-01-30 01:53
    (3854) reading
  • Last weekend, the global financial market ushered in two heavy news at the same time, the China Securities Regulatory Commission changed coaches and the US government agreed to temporarily close the government closed. At the same time, this Tuesday, the Fed will open the first meeting of interest rates in 2019. The suspension of interest rate hikes is certain, but is it shrinking? The CSRC changed its position and decided to appoint Yi Huiman as the secretary of the China Securities Regulatory Commission and removed the post of Comrade Liu Shiyu from the China Securities Regulatory Commission. The State Council decided to appoint Yi Huiman as the chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission and removed the post of Chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission of Comrade Liu Shiyu. The 54-year-old Yi Huiman, in his career for the past 30 years, has almost always been in the ICBC system, starting from the grassroots level and gradually becoming the helm of the "cosmic line". . From "old
    2019-01-30 01:53
    (8112) reading
  • Recently, there have been a lot of talks about "spring swaying". The people who eat melons are a bit embarrassed: What is "spring swaying"? The so-called "spring sway" is also a folk version of the monthly investment strategy, which means that the stock market generally has a large probability of a phased rise in January-March. Three questions to understand "spring turmoil" 1 "spring turmoil" really exist? In January, February, March, the annual increase and decrease compared to the whole year, the probability exceeds 50%. 2 What month is the “spring agitation” happening? Guoxin Securities's chart is very intuitive. In the past, the first three months of the first quarter were rising at least one month. The probability of rising in February was the highest, and the probability of rising was 77.8%. This is also true for the whole year. The probability of the Shanghai Composite Index rising in January was 55.6.
    2019-01-29 11:16
    (3809) reading

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