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  • The SZSE Fundamental Index Series includes the SSE Fundamentals 60 Index, 120 Index and 200 Index. The index series uses Shenzhou A shares as sample space, and selects 60, 120 and 200 listed companies with the highest fundamental value as samples. The weight allocation of sample stocks is determined by the fundamental value, which breaks the sample market value to some extent. The correlation with its weight avoids the excessive allocation of overvalued stocks in traditional market capitalization indices. We may wish to draw a focus. 1. This series of indices is based on deep sample space. 2. The sample weight is different from the traditional market value and weight, and the weight is determined from the fundamental value. 3. Fundamental value, specifically how to screen it? For example, it will refer to the annual report data of listed companies in the past 5 years, including operating income, and current
    3 hours ago
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  • Text | Fried Eggs I am very reluctant to recommend funds to others, because it seems that I am poisonous, a buy or a recommendation, the fund will fall. Many fund investors may have a similar feeling. If they buy a fund, they will fall. According to their own logic, sometimes they are not as good as others. In the year of 2018, not only for me, I believe that it is a very touching year for many people. Experienced a decline in the ongoing equity market. Compared to the increase in the fund in 2017, it is simply a subterranean. Many people who bought a base from 2018 also turned autistic. I feel that many fund managers are very powerful, but it is quite helpless to buy at the high point of the market. After a period of bear market,
    2019-02-18 18:13
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  • After the holiday, A-shares opened up the market, only 6 trading days in the past, it seems to have rushed to 2800 points. The GEM came to the fore, and it rose 4.11% today. Is it smelling the bull market? We found the fund with the best gains in the past week, and the nearly 10% increase is indeed quite attractive. With the increase of new energy sectors such as 5G, we can see that the forefront of the increase is the electronic information industry. We look at the Tianhong CSI Electronics Index. The CSI Electronics Index uses the CSI All-Share Index as a sample space to select listed companies involved in semiconductor product and equipment production, computer storage and peripheral equipment production, computer and electronic product retail, electronic equipment manufacturing, electronic manufacturing services and consumer electronics production. Stocks as constituent stocks (100 constituent stocks) to reflect electronic
    2019-02-18 16:24
    (2572) reading
  • Today, the two cities fluctuated and adjusted, ending six consecutive years, a slight drop of 0.05%. Since 2019, with the hot new energy sector and the rebound of the big consumer industry, some of the fund's "up-and-coming talents" have appeared one after another. The world is out of my generation, and the “Oriental Red”, which has been screaming for a while, has recently begun to make a comeback. We found a few well-funded Oriental Red Funds, with 5 funds, which have risen more than 14% this year. The fund managers are Han Dong, Gang Dengfeng and Lin Peng. Still the original formula, or the original taste. In the above picture, except for the last one, which is a closed fund, there are other purchases ranging from 10,000 to 100,000. The daily quota of 10,000 is also to shut out many institutions. There is also a 1.5% purchase fee.
    2019-02-14 16:42
    (4092) reading
  • In the Year of the Pig, Lianyang, today's A-share volume rose 1.84%, standing on 2700 points. A positive line has changed three views, and now three have come. In the short term, there is a expectation of a retracement tomorrow. Since 2019, in fact, major major indices have begun to rise. From the above, we can see that the market rose by about 9%, and the large-cap stocks such as SSE 50 and CSI 300 have risen more than 12%. And the last two days of strength is still the GEM. From the point of view of the index increase, it is not surprising that the funds in your pocket are on the rise. Which funds can grasp the rising market? Let us first look at the best-selling stocks that have risen this year, mainly equity and hybrid funds. In the stock type top20 stock fund, it is divided
    2019-02-13 17:03
    (3479) reading
  • The National Film Bureau said that during the holiday on New Year's Eve to the beginning of the year, the national movie box office reached 5.84 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 1.2%, a record high in the same period. In particular, "Wandering Earth" was released for 9 days, and the latest box office has reached 2.6 billion. Affected by this, related concept stocks also rose. Is the hot film and television, the media sector breaking out? We use the CSI Media Index to look at the media sector. The CSI Media Index uses the CSI All-Share Index as a sample space to select stocks of listed companies involving broadcasting and limited television, publishing, advertising, film, entertainment, home entertainment software and other media businesses as constituent stocks (no more than 50 stocks). It reflects the overall performance of relevant listed companies in the media field and provides diversified investment targets for the market. Top ten
    2019-02-13 10:06
    (9087) reading
  • On the first day of the opening of the Year of the Pig, it was a good start! The three major stock indexes rose, and the GEM rose more than 3.5%. The potential value of China and Europe is mixed. “We look forward to the market outlook. We believe that the opportunities in the market have already appeared. The market has a strong investment value. Although the domestic PMI index and the total retail sales of social sales continue to decline, the downward pressure on the economy begins to appear, but Sino-US trade Negotiations have signs of improvement, domestic economic regulation has eased, and there is still room for improvement in China's urbanization rate in the long run. Various reforms will continue to deepen and economic development will be more balanced; macro leverage growth will slow down and the financial system will control internal control. Leverage has achieved phased results, and will gradually enter the stage of stable leverage in the future. In the long run, the economy will maintain a more healthy and stable development. At present, market confidence is seriously insufficient.
    2019-02-11 15:17
    (13172) reading (4) Comment
  • Originally thought that the end of the year, but the news of the investment market is continuous, mixed. Especially last night, one wave after another. Thunder and lightning have come. Many of the stocks have experienced a downswing. The reputation of the company has been degraded. The performance of the company has continued to ferment. From the performance report, there are already more than 160 estimated losses of over 100 million. Among them, Tianshen Entertainment is expected to lose nearly 8 billion yuan. It is necessary to know that the market value of this listed company is less than 4 billion. Once again, we must pay attention to the holdings of the relevant funds. If a fund has a large-scale thunder, it will never be abandoned. Excluding the mine stocks, this is the most basic skill of the fund manager. If the mine is repeatedly trampled, such a fund is obviously unqualified. The science and technology board is getting closer and closer to the Spring Festival, and the company is promoting the board. Find something
    2019-01-31 11:58
    (95992) reading (32) Comment
  • The fund is actually the combination of investment targets. The stock funds are mainly stock portfolios. The bond funds are mainly bond portfolios. The hybrid funds are the stock portfolio + bond portfolio, and the money fund is the product portfolio in the money market. One of the benefits of the fund is that it is managed by someone. Compared with ordinary people, fund managers have more professional and comprehensive research in a certain field or in certain fields, and their main energy and time are used in fund management. The second is the portfolio, which spreads the risk. If it is a pure stock, a thunderbolt, it may be a few down limits. The fund invests in a larger number of stocks, which can reduce the loss of thunder. Of course, if a fund always tramples, it is not a good base. Bond funds, mainly to lower the threshold of bond investment. General
    2019-01-28 18:22
    (3690) reading (1) Comment
  • By investing in the Hong Kong market through public funds, there are roughly three types of funds to choose from. Shanghai Hong Kong and Shenzhen Fund, Hong Kong stock QDII Fund and Hong Kong Mutual Recognition Fund. Looking forward to the whole year of 2018, Hong Kong stocks fell by 13.7%, the biggest drop in seven years; and if compared with A shares, this "retreat" is not big. In 2019, what kind of market will Hong Kong stocks have, and how should we invest? Let's take a look at the recent fund quarterly report. According to the latest regulations, the Shanghai-Hong Kong-Shenzhen Fund Shanghai-Hong Kong-Shenzhen Fund requires more than 80% of equity investments to invest in Hong Kong stocks. However, most of the Shanghai-Hong Kong deep quarterly reports only talked about stock selection and industry selection in general, and only a small part of Hong Kong stocks were mentioned. ICBC Credit Suisse Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Exchange's 4Q net growth rate of -10.79%, the performance benchmark comparison
    2019-01-28 16:56
    (12857) reading (4) Comment
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