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  • Adding or subtracting your true age according to different standards is the part of your body age~ Come and test it! 1. Muscle test ▼ Stand on one leg, the other leg bends back from the knee to the buttocks, hands on the hips, and record the time to balance. The calculation method can maintain balance for more than 1 minute: minus 4 years old can maintain balance for 30 seconds to 1 minute: minus 2 years old can maintain balance for 30 seconds or less: plus 3 years old 2. Skin test ▼ put your hands on the table and rub your hands back For 1 minute, observe the time when the red marks on the skin faded. The calculation method fades in less than 1 second: minus 3 years old fade time 1 to 2 seconds: no plus or minus fade time 3 to 4 seconds: plus 1 year fade time 5 to 10 seconds: plus 2 years old fade time 11 seconds or more: Plus 3
    2018-07-27 12:19
    (2518) reading
  • “Ancient” and “orphan” are popular in Japan and refer to the top clothing brands that are found in the second-hand market. They are unique among young people. This picture is very popular among young people (pictures come from the Internet and come from private stores, not from For any clothing brand. The pictures are only examples. These clothes are cheaper. The foreign trade sample clothes are especially popular for some girls who love fashion. They can be fashionable and can be worn differently with others. "Foreign goods" (pictures from the Internet, and from private stores, not from any clothing brand. The picture shows only examples) Where do you know where these clothes come from? Look at the following reports. Some unidentified clothes don't really buy them casually. Maybe it's a big deal! On the afternoon of July 25, Zhejiang Yongjia police report
    2018-07-27 12:18
    (2495) reading
  • Unfortunate people may be different, but good luck people have the same ambition and execution. If you can't cope with your current work and life, don't just complain, reflect on your daily habits and improve them. 8 habits will make you a better self! First, everything 10 minutes ahead of time 10 minutes in advance, will give you plenty of time to deal with possible emergencies, more calm. Try to get up the alarm clock 10 minutes in advance, you will find that you don't have to rush in the morning, breakfast can be enjoyed slowly, and the state of the whole day is more energetic. Second, before work, combing, before finishing work, put a day to do a four-quadrant according to important and urgent, first complete important and urgent matters, each time you complete a tick, to ensure today's business today . Come back after work
    2018-07-27 12:18
    (2152) reading
  • When China's four major insurances (Ping An, Life Insurance, Xinhua, Pacific) still guarded their market share, thinking that when they were sitting on a fishing boat, Liu Qiangdong suddenly announced that Jingdong Insurance officially debuted! On the afternoon of July 25th, the Chinese department of the global insurance giant Allianz Group has been approved to double the registered capital and introduce Jingdong as a new round of financing. This means that after BAT, also obtained insurance licenses! Liu Qiangdong officially entered the insurance industry! On the evening of July 24, a notice issued by the China Banking Regulatory Commission revealed that Jingdong had been allowed to invest 485 million yuan to buy 30% of Allianz China. After entering the Allianz Property Insurance, will become its second largest shareholder and obtain an insurance license. After the investment is completed, Jingdong will become the second in Allianz China.
    2018-07-27 12:18
    (4664) reading
  • Author: Shen thirty thousand gears up for reprint authorization (end text message, or add micro letter:) in the summer of 2018, one called "soul of the town," the network drama become explosive phenomenal event. In this era of financing, relying on data, relying on data, and relying on data on profit and revenue, the relevant data of "Soul of the Town" can be said to be quite capable! Old Shen casually listed a few data as of the ending of the series, feel: as of July 26, within a month, the amount of playback broke 2.8 billion; microblogging network reading 11.04 billion, the discussion volume of 16.744 million, super topic The community, online drama and real-time list are all ranked Top1; more than half of the 120 hot search words rushed into the top 30; even a minute or two of the tidbits were very amazing, with a total of 300,000 comments. 25 million playbacks
    2018-07-27 12:18
    (7870) reading
  • Author: threat of a. "If a miracle, the music network's delisting does not appear, is the countdown in" - and now comes the time window Introduction semi-annual disclosure of, A-share loss as king in 2017, music Watch is naturally of concern . In addition to the huge loss forecast of more than 1.1 billion yuan released recently, on the evening of July 20, 2018, suffered a change. Liu Hong, one of the co-founders of the company, applied for resignation as vice chairman for personal reasons. "Jia Yueting" has been discrete. In the announcement of the next A-share trading day, that is, this Monday, LeTV immediately gave investors a "cool heart". More [LeTV's loss] content... July 23, 2018 A-share opening data shows that LeTV opened at 2.97 yuan, a decrease of 9
    2018-07-27 12:18
    (13715) reading (3) Comments
  • Daily Golden Song: Mike Wit, Brenda Be - Hold Me Now Financial Concerns 1. Securities Times: Vice Minister of Finance Liu Wei said that he insisted on not engaging in the "big flood irrigation" style of strong stimulus, focusing on tax reduction and fee reduction to support small and medium Focus on enterprise development, promoting entrepreneurial innovation, and stabilizing employment. We are strictly controlling the hidden debts of local governments. We must require local governments not to violate the rules and arbitrarily raise debts. At the same time, we must open a "front door" for legal and compliance borrowing. We hope that local governments will use the funds to make good use of their bonds. 2, the financial headline App: more than a lot of officially listed on the Nasdaq exchange, the issue price of 19 US dollars per share, the market value of more than 24 billion US dollars. Bloomberg statistics show that the company has raised $1.6 billion, which is the fourth largest IPO in the US this year.
    2018-07-27 12:18
    (1798) reading
  • On the three days, the hottest devil time of the year has kicked off on the 17th. What is even more frightening is that this year's Sanfutian is still a long version. It will enter the volt on July 17, and it will be on the 25th of August, a full 40 days, 10 days more than in previous years. As the saying goes, "Winter raises three nine, summer raises three volts", the hottest three-day sunshine poison in the year is the most fierce, but it is also a good time to health and avoid diseases, for you to organize the ten key points of health, do a good job I have been sick for a whole year. If you don't pay attention, it will cause harm to your health, especially the first one. If you don't make up this gram, you are very likely to die. Sweating does not forget that potassium is the same as high temperature and sweat. The heat wave is rolling. The host of CCTV is not calm. When broadcasting the weather news, it is said: "Hot is not just today, tomorrow and tomorrow. Big day after tomorrow
    2018-07-26 12:16
    (3495) reading
  • As the saying goes: "People can't be seen", is this really the case? In fact, many times, people can look good. The "appearance" here is not just a simple "appearance" but a "heart". In the Buddhist scriptures, "the heart is born, the heart is made by the heart." A person's heart can often be reflected in his appearance and speech. In the manners. The eyelids reflect the sincerity and hypocrisy, the self-cultivation in the manners, the body reveals the lifestyle, the wearer sees the personality taste, the words and demeanor reveals the talent pattern, and the eyebrows hide the vicissitudes of life. People can be proficient. Character is written on the face of Zeng Guofan, who is proficient in the technique of man and man. He wrote a special book, "Ice Jian", summing up his experience of cultivating people and employing people for many years. Among them, eight sentences are the crystallization of Zeng Guofan's wisdom: evil is looking at the eyes and nose. Look at the lips. Look at the name,
    2018-07-26 12:16
    (2541) reading
  • Reporter: Zhou Wei Beijing Report Source: 21st Century Business Herald Recently, Ms. Song, who works in a foreign company in Beijing, submitted two opinions on the draft amendment to the tax law, respectively, for the threshold and tax rate. "The threshold of 5,000 yuan is slightly lower, it should be improved, and should be raised regularly with CPI in the future; now the seven-speed excess progressive tax rate, each tax rate can be reduced, the highest marginal tax rate can be reduced to 30%. Although I personally Less than the highest marginal tax rate, it is recommended to lower the tax rate, hoping to solve the problem of high tax burden for middle-income groups." Ms. Song said bluntly. As of July 24, the draft amendment to the Individual Income Tax Law, which is seeking comments, has brought together more than 120,000 comments. There are still four days to go before the end of the consultation (July 28). We learned that Super 12
    2018-07-26 12:16
    (2141) reading
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