Today's large cap index opened higher after the broader market opened all the way to see 3042 points, and then shock upside close at 3091 points, intraday large V-shaped reversal, which received a T-shaped line. Big V reverse who is crazy to grab? Please let Benbow explain it to you.


A brief review of the broader market today

Looking back at today's market, the Shanghai Composite Index's broad market opened at 26 points, opened at 3192 points, opened lower, and then hit a new low of 3042 points. It closed at 3055 points in the morning and was accompanied by the afternoon.gemRapid rise, the broader market gradually rose and turned red, the highest see 3095 points, to close at 3091 points, closing a heavy volume Yin T-shaped line, intraday V reversed, up 25 points or 0.8%, Shanghai Composite Index turnover to 202.2 billion yuan; The GEM rose by 39 points or 2.2%.

Second, the Japanese K line technical indicators briefly analysis

Today, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3091. Today's 5-day Sicha line on the 10th line is currently at 3122 points. The 10th line is at 3141 points. The 20th line is at 3166 points. The 30th line is at 3208 points. Pingkai is on the 5th, while the downside is near 3104. The 10th is lower near 3136. The 20th is lower near 3155. The 30th is lower near 3204.

analysis: On the daily chart, the MACD Green column continues to expand, the KDJ line has a Sicha Divergence, and the J line is slightly upward at +8; from the MA system, all MAs are empty and do not line up, which is not conducive to the upside. Comprehensive judgment: Although shorts are arranged, they are not broken.

Third, the market trend qualitative

Big V reverse who is crazy to grab? The author believes that today's Hong Kong stocks have flowed in to 7.3 billion yuan. Since March 26th, the foreign capital has exceeded 300 billion yuan to enter the market for rush to raise funds.

Looking ahead to tomorrow, to eliminate the impact of sudden major news, the market's main operating range is 3090-3140 points, the maximum operating range is 3075-3155 points, the maximum operating range of 80 points. If there are no accidents, the timing of the broader market volatility to recover the 3100 point will mature.(This post is original. If you have reprinted, please indicate the source. The plagiarism must not be long. Do not be a “man who contempt for everyone.”)



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