Today's broader market, the Shanghai index opened higher and then saw 3042 points all the way down, and then shocked the attack to close at 3091 points, the stage of the big V-shaped reversal, thus receiving a T-shaped line. Who is going crazy in the big V reversal? Please let this blog solve your problems.


First, a brief review of the market trend today

Looking back today, the Shanghai stock market was stimulated by the central bank's unexpected RRR cut. The median opened 26 points higher and opened at 3192 points. After the opening, the market went down all the way down, and then the new low was 3042 points. It closed at 3055 points in the morning;gemThe rapid recovery, the market gradually picked up and turned red, the highest see 3095 points, closed at 3091 points, received a heavy volume T-shaped line, the intraday big V reversal, up 25 points or 0.8%, the Shanghai stock index reached 202.2 billion yuan; The GEM rose 39 points or 2.2%.

Second, the daily analysis of the K-line technical indicators

Today, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3091 points. At present, the 5-day line of the 10-day line of the dead line is at 3122 points. The 10-day line is at 3141 points, the 20-day line is at 3166 points, and the 30-day line is at 3208 points. Swing open, the 5-day line is located near 3104, the 10-day line is near 3136, the 20-day line is near 3155, and the 30-day line is near 3204.

analysisOn the daily chart, the MACD green column continues to stretch. The KDJ three-line has a divergence of the dead fork, and the J-line has a small upward head at +8. From the average line system, all the moving averages are scattered, which is not conducive to the attack. Comprehensive judgment: Although the short positions are arranged, they are not broken.

Third, the market trend qualitative

Who is going crazy in the big V reversal? The author believes that today's Hong Kong stocks flow into the 7.3 billion yuan, since March 26, more than 30 billion yuan of foreign investment into the market, it will really bottom out!

Looking forward to tomorrow, excluding the impact of sudden major news, the main operating range of the market is 3090-3140 points, the maximum operating range is 3075-3155 points, and the maximum operating range is 80 points. If there is no accident, the market will be mature and the 3100-point mark will be revived tomorrow.(This blog post is original. If there is a reprint, please indicate the source. The plagiarism cannot be long. Don't be a "literary thief" that everyone despise.)



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