On the face of the disk: 1, the Shanghai index opened higher on Wednesday morning, slightly rebounded before midday; closed at 3055.43 points in the afternoon, down 0.37%, turnover of 114.2 billion yuan; afternoon market fell to fall red, slightly higher; Shanghai index closed at 3091.4 points , up 0.8%; daily turnover of 202.2 billion yuan, enlarged than yesterday. 2. Individual stocks rose more and more; the daily stocks of the two cities increased to 13 in early trading, 8 of the stocks fell to 6 and the stocks of more than 5% fell to 45; 132, 3 minutes and 30 minutes MACD index Elongation, KDJ indicator up; 60 minutes MACD indicator green column shortened, KDJ indicator up. 4. The daily MACD indicator is elongated and the KDJ indicator is down.

gemOn the other hand, the sector index opened higher on the bottom of 1757.39 points on Wednesday and then rebounded and returned to the annual line. The daily line closed at the Zhongyang line; the daily increase was 2.16%; the trading volume was enlarged compared with yesterday. Chips, domestic software, electronic payment, polysilicon, satellite navigation and other gains were among the top; 112 of the 141 concept stocks were red; Hainan's free trade, luxury goods, gold, ecological agriculture, horse racing and other declines were among the top. According to yesterday’s review, “the short-term can’t be quickly reversed, thenGEMThe number has expectations for stepping into the weekly level adjustment. Focus on Wednesday: pay attention to the support around 1768 points; pay attention to the gains and losses of the annual line; the key is in the volume of trading, the concept of chips, domestic software and other retaliatory rises, the second stocks rebounded, yesterday promptedDigital political communication,Yinjiang sharesThe performance was strong; the GEM's daily line was wearing a double line, and with the increase in trading volume, the daily technical indicators were expected to rise again. The previous day's suggestion "can't stand above 1850, can't be blindly optimistic"; for the market on Thursday, 1850 points become the key point of view, and the volume on the line will see a new high. In addition to chip replacement, other domestic alternative concepts also need to be diligent attention; the pain of the short board may be favored.

Industry sector, computer equipment, semiconductors, software services, aviation,the InternetThe growth rate is among the top; 46 of the 56 industry sectors are red; securities, coal, and banking stocks are slightly red, and the index is strong; real estate, insurance, and non-ferrous stocks are slightly red, and the trend is weaker than the broader market; wine, household appliances, and automobiles Ships and transportation services were among the top losers. According to yesterday’s review, “the weight of the stocks is seriously oversold and the indicators are diverging from the bottom. The oversold rebound will not be absent, but the intensity and sustainability are uncertain. At the same time, the industries that have been adjusted for several months and some stagflation have bottomed out. Rotational rebound expectations; for example, such as chemical fiber, hotel catering, textile apparel, media and entertainment, automotive, semiconductor, industrial machinery, etc., today's heavyweights collectively turn red, continuous adjustment of semiconductors, shocking the bottom of the Internet, general machinery Industrial machinery and other industries have stepped out of the rebound. As long as the heavyweights can rotate the support and do not sell, many industries that are stagflation or short-tuned are expected to continue to rebound; for example, building materials, brewing, commercial chains, transportation equipment, electricity, household appliances, environmental protection, chemical fiber, Hotel catering, textile apparel, media entertainment, automotive and more. The Hainan plate has fallen sharply for two consecutive days. When it stabilizes, it can be slightly concerned, with a rebound.

In the broader market, the Shanghai Composite Index opened higher and lower on Wednesday morning, and the intraday bottom of the market reached 3041.63 points to stop falling and red; the amount can be enlarged compared with yesterday. According to the review on Tuesday, "the Shanghai stock index is expected to have little downside on Wednesday, and there should be strong support around 3050 points. There are two to three types of weighted resonance rebound, which is expected to stimulate the Shanghai stock index to rebound and rise; but 3100 points is the pressure zone, and 3140 points are strong. At the same time, small and medium-sized technology stocks are still the main line of making money in the market. The Shanghai stock index rebounded as scheduled, and the volume can be enlarged. The daily line receives the false negative cross star line, and the 50-point lower lead indicates that the low position has strong buying intervention. Push up the index; if the price continues to rise above 3140 points tomorrow, the single-needle bottoming signal will be more clear. After all, when the A-shares broke down, “the first quarter GDP grew by 6.8% year-on-year; the central bank lowered the standard to release 400 billion yuan of incremental funds.” Double positive stimulus, the broader market is expected to be stronger. However, in view of the high probability of the historical curse "419", for the Thursday market, the Shanghai index will step back to the 3062 point support; the upward pressure will be 3100-3140 points, and the strong pressure will jump 3155 points on Monday. The GEM will step on the support of the annual line; pay attention to the pressure of 1850 points; focus on the volume.

Risk warning: The following is my technical tracking verification, the content is for reference only, can not be used as a basis for buying and selling!

In terms of individual stocks, new technology tracking stocks were added on Wednesday:Jiu'an Medical,Huarui shares,Yida sharesMeet the requirements, if you don't teach, you will receive it. New Technology Tracking Unit on Thursday:First shares(603086),Jayne Design(300668),Weiye shares(300621). The technical requirements are still three points: First, the stocks that are rushed in time will not chase as much as possible, unless you are a master. Second, the time-sharing lows continue to rise, and the time-sharing average price line is flat and up-and-coming. It has a look when the stock price is close to the average price line. Third, once the short-term stocks are weaker, they should stop taking profits and stop losses.

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