One,Yijing OptoelectronicsSuffer303Claim2761.7Ten thousand yuan


Yijing Optoelectronics11month8Daily announcement on the progress of the proceedings, since the previous10month27After the disclosure of the lawsuit in Japan11month6On the day of the company, the company has successively received the “Notice of Responding to the Court”, which involves 94The total amount of the investor’s claim against the company on the grounds of the securities misrepresentation liability dispute 94Civil litigation case materials, the total amount of litigation is RMB 6,314,193.64yuan.


As of now, the company has received a total of303A case of liability misrepresentation in securities, the amount of litigation accumulated in RMB27,617,008.15yuan. among them53It has been transferred to the Nanjing Intermediate People's Court for ruling by the Ningbo Intermediate People's Court. except2The case has been2018year6month29On the day of the trial at the Nanjing Intermediate People’s Court, the rest301The case has not yet been heard.


Public information display,2018year4month28On the day, the company received the “Administrative Punishment Decision” from the Ningbo Securities Regulatory Bureau of the China Securities Regulatory Commission. The Ningbo Securities Regulatory Bureau recognized the company, the company’s then legal person, chairman and general manager, Jianhua Jian, and other relevant parties in the information disclosure of major arbitration matters and equity transfer matters. In fact, there are violations of laws and regulations, and it is decided to correct the corrections and give warnings to60a fine of 10,000 yuan; for Qi Jianhua, etc.3a responsible person gives a warning and is divided30Ten thousand yuan,20Ten thousand yuan,10A fine of 10,000 yuan.


[Yi Jing Optoelectronics (600537Claim condition


Condition 1,2017year1month12Day to2017year5month25Buy between day and in5month25At the close of the day, it holds the damaged investors of Yijing Optoelectronics;2017year2month3Day to2017year4month14Buy between day and in4month14At the close of the day, it held the damaged investors of EJ Optoelectronics.


Investors who meet any of the above conditions can log inCaiyuan Online official website online registration or call registrationInitiating a claim lawsuit may not require the payment of a lawyer's fee before receiving the compensation.


two,456nameXiangyuan CultureInvestor sues claims5767Ten thousand yuan


2018year10month27Day, Xiangyuan Culture (formerly known as "Wanjia Culture") released2018The third quarterly report disclosed that the company received a total of the deadline456Cases of securities misrepresentation disputes, the total amount of litigation is RMB57,665,971.16yuan.


2018year4month16On the day of the Wanjia Culture Announcement, the CSRC received the “Administrative Punishment Decision”. The CSRC believes that during the transfer of Wanjia Culture and Longwei Media’s controlling interest, Longwei Media passed the Wanjia Culture.2017year1month12day, 2017year2month16The information disclosed in the Japanese announcement has false records, misleading statements and major omissions. Relevant behaviors have caused the stock price of Wanjia Culture to fluctuate greatly, causing high attention from the market and the media, seriously affecting the market order and damaging the confidence of small and medium investors. The market is fair, just and open. The CSRC decided to correct the Wanjia Culture and Longwei Media, give warnings, and punish them separately.60a fine of 10,000 yuan; warned Kong Deyong, Huang Youlong, Zhao Wei, Zhao Zheng, and respectively30A fine of 10,000 yuan. At the same time, take Huang Youlong, Zhao Wei and Kong Deyong respectively5The securities market is banned.


2018year8month3On the day, Xiangyuan Culture received the “Administrative Punishment Decision” from the CSRC. For2015In the case of Wanjia Culture's acquisition of Shanghai Fast Screen Incident, the company and Wanjia Group, Kong Deyong and other information disclosure violations and false records, the CSRC decided to warn Wanjia Culture and Wanjia Group and separately60a fine of 10,000 yuan; a warning to Kong Deyong, the person in charge directly responsible for the time, and the three blame120A fine of 10,000 yuan was imposed on Kong Deyong for a lifelong securities market ban.


2018year3At the beginning of the month, Hangzhou Intermediate People's Court officially accepted the investor's complaint against Xiangyuan Culture and Zhao Wei Securities' false statement liability dispute. In a considerable number of cases, Longwei Media and Zhao Wei were co-defendants, and the company's original real controller Kong Deyong also appeared in some cases. in;2018year9month19On the day, Xiangyuan Culture and other securities misrepresentation disputes were reopened in the Hangzhou Intermediate People's Court. Zhao Wei appeared as the defendant for the first time in the series of trials. Since the defendant disagreed with the mediation, the court will issue a verdict.


At present, investors v. Wanjia Culture (now known as Xiangyuan Culture) and other securities false claims civil claims, entrusted the financial source online lawyer team to claim hundreds of investors, of which dozens of investors have been accepted by the Hangzhou Intermediate People's Court Subsequent filing of additional filing materials and new claims litigation are being opened for collection.


As the company has been repeatedly penalized to bring multiple claims intervals, it is initially determined that at least one eligible investor can meet one of the following conditions.Log in to Caiyuan Online official website registration or telephone registration to initiate a claim lawsuit, and do not need to pay legal fees before getting compensation, the final claim conditions are subject to the court's determination.


[Xiangyuan Culture (600576Claim condition


Condition one:2017year1month12Day to2017year3month31Buying a million cultures between dates, and2017year3month31Damaged investors still holding on the day /Condition 2:2017year1month12Day to2017year2month27Buying 10,000 stocks between dates, and2017year2month27Damaged investors still holding on the day /Condition three:2015year10month30Day to2016year6month17Buying 10,000 stocks between dates, and2016year6month17Damaged investors still holding on the day


[Investor Prosecution Claims should provide the following information]

1Claim stock statement (requires the transaction time, transaction price, number of shares traded, reconciliation interval)

2Shanghai Stock Exchange/Shenzhen City Securities Account Card Copy or Shareholder Account Information Confirmation Form (Cover Broker Business Chapter)

3And a copy of the ID card (may indicate "only for litigation claims")

4Attach another name, contact number, email number or micro signal, mailing address


[claim process]

Query eligible conditions 》》》 Collect evidence and mail materials 》》》Lawyer free review materials 》》》Contracted claim document 》》》Lawyer's agent filed a lawsuit


[Request Material Mailing Address]

Lingshan Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai1000doLujiazuiFinancial streetArea2Building806room Caiyuan Online Legal Team Yang Biwen




     Tens of thousands of investors have been compensated10Billion 130A number of listed companies can sue for claims


[Sharers must know] According to the Securities Law of the People's Republic of China and the judicial interpretation of the Supreme Court's false statements, listed companies are subject to administrative penalties by the CSRC for false statements, and investors with damaged rights can sue for the difference in claims and the corresponding commission, stamp duty and interest losses.


Listed company false statement civil compensation lawsuit has been near in China20The history of the year.1999year7month1The relevant provisions of the Securities Law implemented by Japan stipulate that if the information disclosure materials have false records, misleading statements or major omissions, and the investors suffer losses in the securities transactions, the issuer and the listed company shall be liable for compensation.2003year2month1The "Regulations on the Trial of Civil Compensation Cases Caused by False Statements in the Securities Market" implemented by the Japanese is a judicial interpretation specially formulated by the Supreme People's Court to regulate the trial of cases. From the jurisdiction of the court, the filing of the case to the application of the law, etc. The trial carried out comprehensive and systematic regulations, so that the trial of the case was law-abiding.


2003Since the beginning of the year, the litigation mechanism for securities misrepresentation disputes has become increasingly mature, and the number of successful investor claims has increased year by year.Oriental ElectronicsCase paying damaged shareholders4.42100 million yuan, Yin Guangxia case payment4.2100 million yuan, Wanfushengke case payment1.79100 million yuan,Foshan LightingPay1.8100 million yuan,Great wisdomThe total amount of the claim is broken5Billion...incomplete statistics, has been around for more than a decade200The listed company was listed as the defendant of the investor's claim for rights protection, and the number of investors who filed a claim against the misrepresented listed company amounted to tens of thousands of people.20Billion. Of the dozens of closed cases, about80%The above plaintiffs have obtained cash or stock compensation through judgment or settlement, and the compensation ratio is mostly determined by the court.30%~100%Between, on average50%~70%, the total amount of compensation exceeded10100 million yuan.


Currently, there are130A number of companies involved in securities misrepresentation disputes, most of which have been administratively punished by the Securities and Futures Commission, and the injured investors have filed civil claims against these companies. In some cases, the company’s actual controllers, accounting firms,securities companyThe relevant responsible entities are also listed as co-defendants who are jointly liable for compensation. Some cases have won or settled the case; the rest are being accepted by the CSRC to investigate and await further administrative penalties, and are in the pre-collection registration stage. Investors who have purchased these stocks can log in to Caiyuan Online's official website.Or register by phoneFile a claim for damages in accordance with the law.


Risk agent  In order to alleviate the burden on the injured investors, such cases can generally adopt a risk agency system, and no fee of one penny will be charged before the compensation. All travel expenses are borne by the lawyer team. The legal fees charged by the court shall be refunded after the plaintiff wins the case.


"The law does not protect the right sleeper""Do not sue" is the practice of civil claims for domestic securities. The current civil compensation lawsuit has become a remedy to protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors. Qualified investors should not miss the statute of limitations in silence, wait and see, and inevitably lose the right to reduce losses according to law.