Yesterday's article wrote about Xiaomi's share price, revealing a less good message to readers, that is:

It is difficult to achieve financial freedom after 90 years.

In Xiaomi, for example, the high-profile IPO shouted a $150 billion valuation, and the IPO received a $70 billion valuation. When the ban was lifted a few days ago, it fell more than $30 billion in market value.

The last round of the option before the listing of Xiaomi is roughly equivalent to 2 yuan to subscribe for 1 share. Suppose a regular technical employee can get 250,000 shares (according to Xiaomi's financial report) and spend 500,000 yuan to buy these stocks.

According to the valuation of 150 billion US dollars, 500,000 times and 20 times, it has become 10 million yuan. You can buy a house in Beijing.

According to the valuation of 70 billion US dollars, 500,000 has been 10 times and has become 5 million yuan. You can buy a house in Hangzhou.

According to the market value of 30 billion US dollars, 500,000 has quadrupled four times and became 2 million yuan. You can buy a house in Wuhan.

Of course, 2 million is also quite a lot. Most people in China can't make this money for a lifetime, but the Xiaomi employees in Beijing are just making a down payment on the train.

Financial freedom, that is a ghost.


This was not the case in the past. The stories of the three brothers who had written in the back room of my university had been clean and neat. Interested can see the following link:

Roommates with reversal

Simply sum up the ordinary code farmers after the 80s how to achieve financial freedom, the kind of entrepreneurship as a boss will not analyze.

1. Join Huawei, high wages and dividends, buy 2 sets of Shenzhen houses, free.

2, join Ali, take a bunch of stocks, buy 2 sets of Hangzhou houses, free.

3, join IBM, Intel, Microsoft and other foreign companies, buy 3 sets of Beijing, Shanghai houses, free.

4, join Tencent, high wages, buy 2 sets of Shenzhen houses, free.

5, join other high-paying companies, such as China Mobile, buy 2 sets of North Shang Guang Hang Hang house, free.

Yes, I, my classmates, my friends, my buddies, although most of them are 70 tails, but not far from the 80s, they are barely a substitute for 80.

So, in short, our financial freedom after the 80s is so simple and rude.


Of course, as a former farmer, I am not so clear about other industries. The brain is supplemented with YY. After 80, there are other common paths for ordinary people to lead to financial freedom.

1 , 08 years ago when the farmers entrepreneurs, to get a small factory to receive foreign trade orders, just pick up any orders, and then buy two houses.

2, opened a Taobao shop before 09, just sell something, and then buy two houses.

3, enter the bank to get a high salary, and then buy two houses.

4, into the brokerage, 14 and 15 years in the big bull market to get a 40-month year-end award, and then buy two houses.

5, in 2008, what foreign companies are going, take a high salary, and then buy two houses.

6. Ordinary college students, returning to their hometown to work for a local boss, become a cron, inexplicably found that as an executive, the company is still listed, and then buy two houses.

7, ordinary college students, into a slightly technical content of the enterprise, become a middle and high-level management staff, inexplicably found the company listed, and then buy two houses.

In short, the above are the road to financial freedom after our 80s. In summary, it is actually two:

The first is the wind that has developed China's economy at a high speed, and the second is the wind that has soared in house prices. So became a happy financial free pig.

Envy, the readers of the 90s.


However, there is no need to be sad after 90, and there will be an advantage after 90.

After the 80s, the 爹 is 50, basically poor. After 90, the 是 that was 60 after and 70 before, completed part of the original accumulation.So you are not alone, and many of them have been directly rich for the second generation.

2, 80 after the eternal entanglement is not to buy a house, 90 after the tangled.Obviously, the economy has gone from inflation to deflation, and it is not too late to buy a house at any time.The house is used to live.

After 3, 90 is about 50 million less than 80, so there are fewer competitors on the road. It is very likely that one day later, after your 70s and 80s, your boss will cry with your thigh and say:I beg you to take up this important position. It is really no one to do it. Now I will give you a 100% salary increase.

After 4, 90, I received the best education in history. All the knowledge learned after 90 will eventually become wealth.

After 5, 90, the nutrition is good and the body is good. It is estimated that the predecessors of the previous generation will be busy.

6, it is not good, after 90 can still marry the 80 has been free, lying to win, divided into half.


The above are all teasing you.

I wrote so much today, mainly to answer the question of what was called financial freedom last night.

Financial freedom, different people's standards are definitely different, but there is a bottom line, that is:

From then on, you don't have to do things that you don't like for money.

Note that this dislike is really not like it. Like things like going to bed early, getting up early, exercising every day, eating on time, we just feel uncomfortable, but knowing that it is good, so just pretend not to like it.

In China, economically applicable financial freedom is probably a satisfactory house in your city, plus 5 million in cash or assets.

If you are in a strong second-tier city like Hangzhou, you need to add 10 million.

It is about 15 million in the north.

On the other hand, if you rely solely on wages, your total assets (including houses) in the first-line/strong second-line/second-line/third-four lines will reach 25 million/20 million/10 million/7 million.

Suppose a person is 25 years old to work, 45 years old financial freedom, a total of 20 years of work.

Then his average annual income should reach 1.25 million / 1 million / 500,000 / 350,000.

If he happens to be the same half as you can make money, his average annual income will reach 675,000 / 500,000 / 250,000 / 175,000.

Oh after tax, and suppose you don’t spend the other penny....

Financial freedom after 90, it’s too hard for Mrs....


There is also good news that there may be two factors in the future that will offset this difficulty.

The first is the fall in house prices.The essence of rising house prices is leveraged inflation. If the price of society rises by one time, house prices will increase by a factor of N. However, inflation will basically become deflation in the future, and the average return of housing prices is a high probability.

The second is the increase in wage income.At present, the income of Chinese people is generally low. If it is normal, there will be a certain degree of growth in the future. It is probably unrealistic to go up a lot, but it is probably possible to increase by 50-100% in comparable situations. This will greatly reduce the difficulty.

Of course, another factor is investment income.If you can do more than 10% of your value per year, Trust me, the financial freedom is at least half the difficulty.

However, it is not easy to achieve 10% appreciation on average every year, especially in the context of future deflation. So this assumption may be basically equal to white.


But in the end, I still have to say,Pessimists are always right, but optimists will succeed.

One question is, is it a happy financial freedom or a process of pursuing financial freedom?

Of course, you must choose the latter, because this is a life full of hope.