Returning to the Spring Festival, the team leader returned to the northwestern side of the 18th lineGobi Steel City.

There are many stories in small towns, iron mines and coal mines, and iron ore self-sufficiency ranks in the forefront of the country. The economy mainly relies on state-owned steel companies. The volume is not small, and it has a variety ofMine boss and contractor.

These people have had the ability to make a name for themselves in the local area. They have accumulated huge amounts of wealth relying on the supply chain or sales network of large state-owned enterprises. Some low-key big coffee wealth can also rank in the core first-tier cities, and more are small entrepreneurs with good family. But in these years, the situation is not good, they have tightened their belts to live.

Just as soon as the holiday was over, a serious dam breach occurred in a mine in the Vale, the world’s largest iron ore producer. Hundreds of casualties were followed, and the rectification was shut down.Affected about 40 million tons of capacity. The small partners who engage in goods are excitedly slamming their hands. Isn’t the product a speculation of natural disasters and man-made disasters? What is special about the supply side reform, do it!

The iron ore before the festival began.SkyrocketQuotes.

In this small city, whoever is not stranger to anyone, from the 1990s, several generations of mine bosses have risen and fallen. After several rounds of cycle, many second generations have taken over, and several of them have played basketball together when they were young. Little partner.

The team leader estimated that these miners had a good holiday and they chatted with them. It was the Spring Festival homework that the group sent to everyone.


A Jun only entered after 2000Iron ore field. After taking over the mine hole of the Wenzhou boss who had a broken capital chain, the luck was excellent, and soon a high-grade mine was produced. After that, it was cool and not necessary. The small car in the small town is basically the first to buy, the first Raventon, Bentley, G55 are in his garage.

07 is the highest year for all Chinese mine owners. A younger brother is no exception, buying a house around. In the second year, Pan Shiyi's Jianwai SOHO opened, followed by Pan Shiyi, and tens of millions of merchants who bought a few hundred flats. At that time, his family had a lot of spare cash, and the bank governor was kneeling at his door to ask for a loan.

B Jun is the coal brother of Inner Mongolia and concentrates on the Hexi Corridor.coalBusiness. In 2008, there was a wave of state-owned acquisitions, which gave the state-owned enterprises a homeopathic approach. The whole family engaged in immigration and went to the United States to enjoy the blessing. When you go, the net assets are also very good, and the second-tier rich have no problem.

One of the things that B Jun has blown for ten years is that in the early winter of 2008, the property market in Beijing was in a cold winter. Many real estate developers were in great trouble and the house price collapsed. Four trillion yuan has not shaken the market. Xuanwumen’s building has just opened, and no one cares. He has bought several layers decisively, and the price is more than 1w.

C's parents are the main businessEarth-based infrastructure and transportation fleet. The earthwork business was once hot, and the cash flow of the transportation business was solid. Although it is not obvious that the mountains are not exposed to water, the moving bricks are moved every year, and the money earned can be pulled by the car.

When he was in junior high school, he went to an international school, and the preparatory course on the one was down. The United States and Canada swayed back and forth, always seeing the world outside, making friends and looking for opportunities. After returning home, I slowly took over the class at home.


On the day of the party, the team leader followed them to experience the mine owner.Classic day.

Early in the morning, I went to eat beef noodles with flesh and eggs, and then strolled to the bathing center, bathing, muddy, and beating. At noon, I went out to eat a hot pot, went straight to the mahjong hall, played an afternoon card, bragging the cows to drink tea and eating fruit, and waited until 9 o'clock in the evening to kill the rotisserie to eat barbecue.

I haven't seen it for many years, and chat has no purpose. These mine owners are more typical of enjoying the economic development dividend and have accumulated a lot of money. But after years of economic changes, the team leader felt them.Helplessness and helplessness falling from the peak.

In fact, the main thing is to listen to them.

A Jun's parents chooseExit the ore industry, constantly investing in assets. Some assets can't be sold and sold. When one thinks about withdrawing funds, they won't encounter good prices. Bank presidents have long since disappeared, but they began to visit credit managers very frequently. A Jun is now most keen on stocks. He feels that he has earned money by knocking on the keyboard and it is too hard to engage in industry.

B Jun did not have any good results in the first-level market in the past ten years, and the secondary market did not catch up. Piled up in the USreal estateBut found that they did not make money, they all sold, and gained a lot of experience. Now concentrate on doingUS Real Estate Investment AgencyI made a set of the American version of the chain, and I rushed the high-end watches and second-hand transactions of luxury cars.

Living abroad is quite cool, but it is loneliness. Playing mahjong can't make people. Money has already earned enough, and now things are boring, and I want to find something interesting. But these years are not fortunate, the projects invested are consuming their own capital, and the harvest is rare.

C Jun was the most stable, but now the mostUncomfortable. The large customers of the earth-based infrastructure construction were very problematic, and their construction team urged him to give money before the year. Several hundred people in Wuyang Wuyang had no water in his three-story building. He said that he never thought that his father was so easy, and it was too difficult to manage people.

Another business transport fleet, several chicken nest mines that were originally served, have been assignedQilian MountainNatural environmental protection zone,Must be discontinued,immediately! The most stable business of the team was directly broken. Now I am looking for a living, I can do it when I have a job, and I can come to a single order.


The group admired the little friends who had earned money in the times and never concealed them.admiration. Luck is also the most important strength even for luck.

But since the stock market crash, I feel that one year is more difficult than one year. The friends around me are also in various transformations, seeking a way out, and now they feel more and moreAsset allocation and the rise and fall of the industryEspecially important to individuals. Think about it, if you can go back ten years ago, with the hands and resources of these mine bosses, how many big things can be done. As long as there is a little thought, how can it be done now? Is this another kind of profit and loss?

Ten years, heaven and earth,Never have a good thing forever and forever. People who have come, have a good time, and lost are more difficult than ordinary people. It is really not empty talk.

The Spring Festival sentiment was as above, so remember it.