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Jufeng Investment believes that the market is evolving from the oversold rebound market to the intermediate rebound market. Finance and technology are the two main lines of market rebound. After the huge earthquake, the market slowed down the pace of the attack and built a shock box. After the chips were fully exchanged, the market could be interpreted in depth. We reminded us on Tuesday afternoongemSince the bottom has risen by more than 40%, investors must have psychological preparations for strong earthquakes; the sharp decline of the GEM on Wednesday confirmed our judgment. The market amplitude has increased. It is recommended that investors pay attention to the bottom of the top-performing stocks on dips, and do not blindly chase the rise and fall.

international market

On Wednesday, the US and European stock markets closed up across the board, and the Dow rose more than a hundred points.S&P 500At the 2800-point mark on the index station, the Chinese stocks fell more than 17%. according toXinhua NetAccording to reports, the British House of Commons voted against the United Kingdom on the 13th to "no agreement to leave the EU" in any case. The pound rose 2.04% against the US dollar overnight, hitting a nine-month high. International gold prices closed up nearly 1% and recovered the $1,300 mark. US EIA crude oil inventories fell sharply, OPEC is also stepping up implementation of the production cut plan, US oil closed up 2.44%, oil oil rose 1.32%. According to Xinhuanet, the United States temporarily suspended the Boeing 737 MAX model aircraft.

News Express

1. The State Food and Drug Administration held a “4+7” collection and procurement supervision project, and deployed supervision to strengthen the supervision of the varieties.

2. The first batch of science and technology listed companies were unveiled, and a special feature appeared in the disclosed documents, that is, the counseling period was extremely short.

3. The Shanghai Securities Regulatory Bureau initiated the implementation of a double random random inspection of the on-site inspection of Shanghai listed companies in 2019. The inspection of Group 1 to Group 12 will be carried out separately.Haixin shares12 companies including Tuozhong shares were inspected.

4, March 12, Yi FangdaGEM ETF's single-day turnover exceeded 3.8 billion yuan, a record high since June 2015.

5. Recently, the Zhejiang Securities Regulatory Bureau held a symposium to emphasize the compliance management of securities brokerage business and strictly prohibit participation in illegal over-the-counter fund-raising activities.

6, the first batch of about 30 science and technology board enterprises are expected to declare in March, CICC,CITIC Securities,CITIC Construction InvestmentAnd Huatai United project became the main force.

7. The conditions for the issuance of bonds by local financing platforms are relaxed: for the debts within six months of the debts due, they are issued for the purpose of borrowing new ones.Corporate debt, let go of the upper limit of 50% of government revenue.

Announcement list

1,Liyuan Information(300184): It is planned to spend 29 million to 30 million yuan to repurchase shares.

2,Tongkun(601233): 2018 year-on-year net profit increased by 20%Convertible bond.

3,Jingfeng Pharmaceutical(000908): Obtained the ownership of the listing of Baixiao'an injection.

4,Taiwan base(300046): Planning for a fixed investment in the semiconductor industry project.

5,Plum flower(600873): Net profit in 2018 decreased by 14.66% year-on-year.

6,Wanma Technology(300698): It is planned to hold the new three-board company Anhua Intelligent.

7,China Life Insurance(601628): The premium income for the first two months was 189.2 billion yuan.

8,Const(300445): The proposed MEMS sensor vertical industry intelligent manufacturing project.

9,Da Li Technology(002214): Signed a contract for the supply of military products of 128 million yuan.

10.Hai Purui(002399): The holding subsidiary obtained the Italian GMP certificate.

Hot nugget

Cochlear implants are preparing to land on the board of science. Related companies are concerned.

Li Chu, general manager of Zhejiang Norcong Neuroelectronics Co., Ltd. said recently that at the end of last year, the company planned to go to Hong Kong IPO. As a familybiomedicineEnterprise, patent technology is an advantage of the company. After the introduction of the new policy of the science and technology board, it is considered that the board is more suitable under the comprehensive trade-off. The relevant person in charge of the Hangzhou Financial Office said that the "Interim Measures for the Identification of Hangzhou's Key Listed Companies" issued last year adopted the new recognition standard of "the well-known investment institutions' shareholding + enterprise investment market valuation" as the core, and accurately integrated the science and technology in advance. Board selection criteria.

Norcon is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to becoming the world's leading supplier of neuro-electronic products. Currently, it is mainly engaged in the research and development and production of multi-channel artificial electronic cochlear systems, and has undertaken the “12th Five-Year” National Science and Technology Support Program. The cochlear implant project developed by the company broke the monopoly of foreign countries in this high-end medical device field, making China the fourth country in the world to independently develop cochlear implants. With more than a dozen patents of international and domestic intellectual property rights, Noelcon has more than 150 high value-added patents, and has the world's largest number of Norcon CS-10A high-strength titanium implants and leading speech in technology. processor. It is predicted that the number of patients with severe deafness in China is currently over 9 million, and the potential of this market is more than 600 billion yuan. As the company prepares to land on the board, the relevant shareholding companies are concerned.

Related listed companies:

Haiyue Energy(600387) Through the Zhejiang Huarui Ruiyin Venture Capital to participate in Norcon.

Zhejiang Medicine(600216) Indirect participation through Hangzhou Jiukang Investment.

Successful development of graphene sandwich materials, greatly improving cycle life

Xi'an Jiaotong University School of Chemical Engineering has creatively designed a two-dimensional intercalation structure of g-C3N4/graphene sandwich with a two-dimensional structure of graphene protective layer, as in the construction of a multi-layer "proof" between the positive and negative electrodes of the battery. Shark net can not only block the transfer of polysulfide between the positive and negative electrodes through physical and chemical interactions, but also accelerate the diffusion of lithium ions, thus greatly improving the cycle life of the battery. The results were published in the internationally renowned journal "ChemSusChem" and were selected as cover articles.

Lithium-sulfur battery is a kind of lithium battery with sulfur element as the positive electrode of the battery and lithium metal as the negative electrode. As a high-energy battery, it has the characteristics of low price, abundant reserves and green environmental protection. It is known as the next generation of lithium ion battery. The development direction of the power battery system, its theoretical specific energy is as high as 2600Wh/kg, which is much higher than the current commercial lithium-ion battery.new energyOne of the car "mileage anxiety" alternatives.

Related listed companies:

Tibet City Investment(600773) The lithium-sulfur battery developed has an energy density of more than 300 watt-hours/kg.

Lions Technology(002684) In the semi-annual report, the high-performance lithium-sulfur battery project is guaranteed to achieve 300wh/kg energy density and high cycle life, and continue to improve the performance indicators of the 3Ah soft-pack battery, and then promote small-scale production. .

Individual stocks concern

Zhongdi Investment(000609)

The company's publicly disclosed information shows that the existing three project development cycles of Zhongdi Investment are from the second half of 2018 to the second half of 2020. Currently, the projects are all in the construction and development period. With the successive delivery of these projects, the company's performance will continue to improve.

Hanjia Design(300746)

Hanjia Design is mainly engaged in architectural design, decorative landscape municipal design and EPC general contracting. The company practices the “full-process”, “chain-oriented” and “informatization” development strategies. By expanding business areas, optimizing operational processes, and promoting brand influence, the company extends the company's industrial chain and absorbs high-end design talents and management talents. Enrich customer resources, promote the company's strategic layout across the country, and achieve growth in operating income.

Today's trading tips

New share subscription

Yongguan new material(732681), the issue price-earnings ratio is 22.98 times, the purchase code: 732681, the issue price: 10 yuan, and the single account purchase limit of 16,000 shares.

Zhenan Technology (300767), the issue price-earnings ratio of 13.95 times, the purchase code: 300767, the issue price: 19.19 yuan, the single account purchase limit of 20,000 shares.

Resumption of trading

Yunnan Tourism(000953),Blue dragonfly transmission(002765).


Wosch shares(002059).

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