I believe that many of my friends have been screened by a domestic hard sci-fi movie called the Wandering Earth. Since the film was launched on the first day of the New Year, the box office scores have been on the rise, and almost all of them have supported the 2019 whole Lunar New Year and at home and abroad. The harvest was well received, and the current ranking ranked second in the box office of China's film history. Behind its outstanding achievements, in addition to the special effects of Hollywood, the grand world view and the imagination of Tianma Star are even more amazing.

The background of the story is about the rapid aging of the sun in the near future. The earth will be swallowed up by the sun. In order to avoid the destruction of civilization, human beings have done all the construction of 10,000 planetary engines on the earth, pushing the earth away from the solar system to the neighboring stars. The small ethnic group born in the solar system embarked on a 2,500-year wandering trip.

The planetary engine in the movie can generate 150 trillion tons of huge thrust, and the high-temperature plasma jet can reach 50,000 kilometers. Where does this powerful engine energy come from? The explanation given in the original author Liu Cixin's book is "heavy atom fusion technology." So what is heavy atom fusion technology? Simply put, the heavy elements in the stone are used for nuclear fusion, and finally the huge energy released by the nuclear fusion reaction is used by the planetary engine.

Speaking of nuclear fusion, everyone should not be too strange. Our sun is undergoing nuclear fusion every minute, and the warm sunshine that is sprinkled on the earth is actually the radiation of light released by nuclear fusion. It is estimated that the sun has burned for 5 billion years, and in the future it can continue to be fusion for another 5 billion years. It can be seen that the energy generated by nuclear fusion is very amazing. Scientists around the world have been constantly exploring and trying to put this great technology in their hands. After the unremitting efforts of several generations of scientists, humans have finally achieved that the so-called hydrogen bombs use nuclear fusion to convert a small amount of material into huge energy, and instantly release a terrorist force that can destroy the world. Although humans have achieved nuclear fusion reactions, but they are far from perfect control, this energy is so unstable that even the United States, which is dominated by the Earth, cannot safely preserve hydrogen bombs and hydrogen bombs stored in nuclear arsenals. The number is also rare, and only in wartime will mass production to deter the enemy.

Therefore, the development of controllable nuclear fusion technology has become a cutting-edge technology that all countries in the world are vying for. There are only two ways to create nuclear fusion. The first is the need for gravitational force like a star, which is almost impossible to achieve on Earth. The second type requires ultra-high temperature to accelerate the movement speed of the atom, so that the nucleus and other atoms must collide with each other and always produce a fusion reaction. However, in order to achieve this, it is necessary to heat the atomic temperature to hundreds of millions of degrees Celsius, and the temperature even exceeds the temperature of the core of the sun. It is conceivable how difficult it is to continuously and stably produce nuclear fusion.

Planetary engine is no longer science fiction

What is worthy of our Chinese pride is that this technology, which is enough to push all mankind to the new civilization era, has made a huge breakthrough in China!

Recently, the central government officially announced that China’s nuclear fusion “artificial sun” project has achieved a major breakthrough. In human history, the first completed heating power exceeded 10 MW, and plasma energy storage increased to 300 kJ. Under the combined heating with low clutter, the plasma center electron temperature reaches 100 million degrees for the first time. And created a world record of 101.2 seconds of high-constraint mode plasma operation.

Ok, let's talk. China's artificial sun plan is simply to use a superconducting material to create a reaction chamber that heats the strontium and strontium elements extracted from seawater to an ultra-high temperature to accelerate the atomic velocity enough to overcome the repulsion between the nucleus. A fusion reaction is generated and confined to the reaction furnace using a strong magnetic field to achieve an effect of stabilizing the output energy.

Although before the United States, the United States, Russia and other countries in the laboratory to achieve nuclear fusion reaction, but unfortunately the stability is very poor, under high constraints can only maintain a few seconds of operation, because the ultra-high temperature plasma temperature in fusion More than 50 million degrees, no material in the world can withstand such a high temperature, and the magnetic field used to confine the plasma is difficult to achieve the ideal state. China has clearly broken through the technical bottleneck of the current human nuclear fusion reaction. For the first time, it has achieved a proud performance of 101.2 seconds with a core temperature of 100 million degrees. This is to promote the full entry of human beings into the era of controlled nuclear fusion energy. A great contribution has been made.

A new round of energy revolution is already in sight

Controlled nuclear fusion has long been hailed as the ultimate energy source. The strontium and strontium elements used for fuel can be extracted directly from seawater, which is almost inexhaustible and the conditions required for the reaction are very demanding. In the event of an accident, reactor fusion will stop immediately, so there is no risk of nuclear leakage.

Looking back at history, the steam revolution sent the United Kingdom to the era of the sun, and the diesel revolution made the United States crowned the world hegemon. Controllable nuclear fusion China has already reached the forefront of the world. A new round of energy revolution is close to the eye. The baton that has changed the destiny of mankind is now in the hands of China. The next era will surely belong to China!

(Author: Yuan Hao)