Author: Wang Yan

Source: China Securities Network

The black technology concept has always been an active part of the A-share market. Many investors have ridiculed themselves, and now there is no way to trade stocks without the background of science and engineering. In fact, many scientific and technological concepts have gone a long way before the popular capital market, and they have been buried in advance in various public information.

Quantum communication is such a "black technology" concept.

The official website of the Shanghai Stock Exchange disclosed on April 11 that the Enterprise Science and Technology National Shield Quantum Technology Co., Ltd., which has been accepted for application for the listing of the company, was inquired by the Shanghai Stock Exchange, which is an example of the application of quantum communication industrialization.

Quantum communication is a new type of communication method that uses quantum entanglement effect to transmit information. The main components are teleportation (QT) and quantum key distribution (QKD). After more than 30 years of development, QKD has matured from theoretical agreement to device system, and has entered the initial stage of industrial application.

According to public information, Pan Jianwei, the most well-known scientist in the field of quantum communication in China, is one of the founders of Guodun Quantum. The main products of Guodun Quan are all centered on the secret communication products of quantum communication, which are mainly divided into three categories: hardware, software and services.

Among them, hardware products include QKD products, optical quantum switch products, quantum security routers and VPN products, etc. The software mainly includes Guodun quantum network management software. QKD products contribute the most to revenue. The backbone network QKD products have been applied to backbone networks such as Quantum Secure Communication “Beijing-Shanghai Main Line” and “Wuhe Main Line”. Metropolitan Area Network QKD products have been used in Hefei, Jinan, Wuhan, Beijing, Shanghai, Guiyang and other metropolitan area networks.

Quantum is considered to be the most basic unit of matter. For the general public, the most intuitive understanding is that quantum communication is safer than existing fiber-optic communications and will not be eavesdropped.

China continues to support quantum in recent yearsinformation TechnologyResearch and exploration in the field.

In August 2016, China successfully launched the world's first space quantum science experimental satellite "Mozi", and in August 2017 achieved all the established scientific goals, obtained thousands of kilometers of satellite quantum key distribution, quantum teleportation And many internationally leading scientific achievements such as entanglement and distribution.

Since 2016, China has further established a special key project of “Numerical Control and Quantum Information”, which is a national key R&D plan, and supports research in key technical fields of quantum information. In 2018, we will further study the establishment of state-level laboratories and demonstrate the establishment of new science and technology projects, and continue to strengthen the support and top-level layout planning in the field of quantum information.

The "Quantum Information Technology Development and Application Research Report (2018)" published by China Information and Communication Research Institute shows that China facesinformation securityThe situation is complicated. In the fields of government affairs, finance and key infrastructure, the demand for improving information security assurance capability is urgent. The pilot application of quantum security communication is characterized by demand traction, policy-driven and rapid development.

At present, China's quantum security communication pilot application projects and network construction scale have been leading the world.

In the past two days, Xiao Bian also paid attention to a science news related to the concept of quantum communication.

According to the European Space Agency website, the European Commission and the European Space Agency reached an agreement on April 9 to jointly build a highly secure pan-European quantum communications infrastructure. The development of pan-European quantum communication infrastructure ground components will be handled by the European Commission's Directorate General for Communication Networks, Content and Technology (DG Connect). The ground component consists of a series of quantum communication networks that connect institutional users and their critical infrastructure to sensitive European communications and data sites.

Guojin SecuritiesAccording to the report, the layout of the quantum communication industry chain involves three main lines, including quantum communication equipment, quantum communication network construction, and quantum communication network operation and application services.

Related companies includeZhejiang Oriental,China Information,San Lux,Kehua HengshengWait. Among them, Zhejiang Oriental indirectly invested in Guodun Quantum and Shenzhou Quantum; Sanlux was responsible for the construction of Shanxi Quantum Secure Communication Network; Kehua Hengsheng and Guodun Quan were engaged in the industrialization of quantum communication technology in the field of secure data centers.