After 2 years of listing, I put on the ST hat. The stock price fell for the fifth consecutive day, and the break rate exceeded 55%. The 30,000 shareholders were miserable!

May 14th,*ST Tiansheng(002872) Continued to fall below the word board, the stock price reported 6.43 yuan, and hit a new low since listing.

On the evening of May 13, *ST Tiansheng replied to the annual report inquiry letter. Simply put, except for the former chairman Liu Qun, who was arrested for the purpose of occupying a crime of occupation, and the former senior executives were detained, not yet To determine whether the matter has an impact on the 2018 financial report, as of now, the company's production and operation are all normal.

According to the 2018 financial report, the company achieved revenue of 2.17 billion yuan, down 3.98% year-on-year, and net profit attributable to 111 million yuan, down 55.22% year-on-year.

As the second year of listing, there has been a change in performance, and it has become strange in the A-share market! In this regard, the company explained that the main sales gross profit decreased by 600.35 million yuan, the period expenses increased by 11.64514 million yuan, and asset impairment losses.

However, this is not the point. The key point is that the 2018 financial report was issued by the accounting firm with an audit report that could not express opinions. It was put on the ST hat in the second year of listing, but it is rare in A-shares!

Why is it issued a "non-standard"? According to the audit report, the reason for the failure to express opinions was mainly due to the fact that Liu Qun, the former chairman of the company, was arrested for the purpose of occupying the crime of occupation. The former general manager Li Hong was retained by the relevant department. The former deputy general manager Li Zhong and the former Deputy General Manager Wang Yonghong was sentenced to death for alleged crimes.

As a result, the accountant cannot determine the object of the above-mentioned job encroachment, the time of occurrence, the mode of encroachment, and the amount of encroachment. The accountant believes that the above-mentioned original management of the company has the possibility of being above the internal control; in short, it is unable to obtain sufficient and appropriate audit evidence for the 2018 financial report.

According to public information, Tiansheng Pharmaceutical landed in the A-share market in May 2017. In October of the same year, Du Chunhui, director of the company and secretary of the board of directors, resigned. In December, director Zhang Xuejun, supervisor Yuan Zheng and deputy general manager Sun Jin left the company.

Maybe it’s a slap in the face!

However, in early April 2018, the company announced that after verification, the company was informed by its relatives on April 1 that the chairman was requested to assist the investigation by the relevant agency for personal reasons, and that he was unable to fully perform the duties of the chairman and entrusted Li Hong, the company's director and general manager, performs his duties on his behalf.

Subsequently, it was revealed that Ms. Li Hong, the chairman of the agency, could not fully perform the duties of the chairman of the board, and Mr. Liu Wei, the director, performed the duties of the chairman. Immediately afterwards, the former general manager Li Hong was again retained by the relevant departments. Deputy General Manager Li Zhong and deputy general manager Wang Yonghong successively applied for resignation from the company due to their detention.

Until December 2018, Liu Shuang, the son of the former chairman of Liu Qun, served as the chairman of the company, and the management of the company stopped changing. In one year, the company’s top management can be said to have changed it...

It is worth noting that Tiansheng Pharmaceutical has a price of 22.37 yuan/share. After the initial price of 52.77 yuan, it started to fall all the way. The stock price has already fallen below the issue price. As of now, it is 6.43 yuan (after the re-enforcement of 9.88 yuan). Its break has exceeded 55%.