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1. M&A restructuring:

A listed company directly or indirectly exerts a dominant influence on another enterprise by acquiring the assets, equity, management rights or control rights of another enterprise, so that the stagnant capital of the stock moves and realizes the value-added of capital, and the service company Development strategy, to achieve the purpose of structural adjustment of business, assets, finance, etc.; the ultimate purpose of mergers and acquisitions is to serve the listed company, to achieve structural optimization of the enterprise or to expand the operating income and net profit, so that the majority of shareholders benefit, so this Class events will receive investor attention.

2. Related party transactions:

The transactions directly related to the related parties of the enterprise can save a lot of transaction costs in business negotiation and so on, thus improving the transaction efficiency. Secondly, the associates who use the administrative power to match the transaction may have unfair situations, and may be unfair to shareholders or parts. The rights and interests of shareholders have caused violations. Disclosure of related party transactions is beneficial to investors in judging the value orientation of transactions and providing useful information for economic decision-making of report users.

3.Company investment:

Statistics on the details of foreign investment of listed companies, including the contents of short-term securities transactions and long-term equity investments, are conducive to investors grasping the use of funds and investment income of listed companies, and facilitating horizontal and vertical comparison of investment ability of listed companies. Investment value.

4.Equity pledge:

Shareholders use equity as a pledge to pledge to financial institutions within a certain period of time, thereby obtaining a financing means of loans, in order to alleviate the pressure brought by short-term liquidity shortage. Equity pledge is a relatively neutral event. Whether the shareholder uses the loan for any purpose, it will definitely affect the company's stock price. A good prospective project will definitely increase the stock price. Shareholders who use it for other purposes or whose investment income is not ideal will easily cause the stock price to fall and expose the equity pledge risk, resulting in a larger decline in the superposition effect.

5.Intelligent Diagnostic Unit:

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Based on the historical statistics of individual stocks, through the main control panel, public opinion monitoring, market heat, trend research, capital trends, value assessment, comprehensive evaluation of individual stocks, and get information on individual stock scores, market rankings, next-day rising probability, etc. Analysis of individual stocks, mining the value of individual stocks for reference, does not constitute investment advice. Different indicators have limitations and need to be used reasonably according to specific conditions.

6.National team holdings:

Statistics on the shareholding data of several large state-owned investment companies holding A-share listed companies, including Central Huijin Investment Co., Ltd. and Central Huijin Asset Management Co., Ltd. (Huijin); China Securities Finance Co., Ltd.CSI FinanceAsset management plan,Southern consumptionFlexible deployment of hybrid sponsored securities investment funds,Yi Fangda RuihuiFlexible deployment of hybrid sponsored securities investment funds,HarvestNew opportunityFlexible deployment of hybrid sponsored securities investment funds,HuaxiaNew economyFlexible deployment of hybrid sponsored securities investment funds,China Merchants Fengqing Flexible Configuration Hybrid Initiative Securities Investment Fund(Certificate of Credit); Beijing Kun Teng Investment Co., Ltd., Wutong Tree Investment Platform Co., Ltd., Beijing Fengshan Investment Co., Ltd. (Foreign Exchange Bureau). Pay attention to the investment trend of the national team's funds, change the shareholding, assist in the analysis of investment analysis, and adjust and optimize their investment strategies one step earlier.

7.Goodwill topic:

Goodwill refers to the potential economic value that can bring excess profits to the business operation in the future. It is the difference between the investment cost of the purchased enterprise and the fair value of the net assets of the merged enterprise when the business is merged. This topic focuses on the historical changes of the stocks' goodwill, and uses the performance forecast information to warn the listed company's goodwill impairment risk, suggesting the adverse effects of possible and already occurring profits in the company's business process.

8. Valuation analysis:

Provide relevant valuation indicators for the market, industry and individual stocks, such as price-to-earnings ratio, price-to-book ratio, market-to-account rate, and market-to-sales ratio. Based on historical valuation, judge the relationship between price and actual value, and find that undervalued stocks and sell-offs are high. Estimate stocks.

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