[There are prizes] stock market promotion season! Which stocks are worth buying?

Welcome to participate in the double 11 topic discussion # stock market promotion season! What good goods are worth buying? # Talk about which section of A-share is undervalued? Which industries are worth starting? What other funds have been put into your shopping cart? The event will begin on the same day and officially ends at 24:00 on Monday, November 12, 2018.
  • Last week's A-share trend made us feel disappointed, and even lost confidence again, but at the same time disappointment does not mean no hope. Looking back on Friday, I told you that the only hope for this week is in the short-term trend of 60 minutes and below. Because the short-term indicators generally fall back to the low level, there is room for growth, but the premise is that the rebound must take the amount, otherwise there will be a rebound, there will be no continuity. So is the opening trend on Monday satisfying the hope? First, there was a rise on Monday, and the volume was able to increase year-on-year. The increase in volume and the replenishment of the above gap, the cooperation of the index and the amount of energy can be said to meet our expectations last week. In the time-sharing chart and the 60-minute trend, we can clearly see that the opening half hour and the last half hour are there.
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  • Today, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets have been greatly affected by the positive influence of Zhou Weili's good news! The theme stocks are fully active. On the disk, the environmental protection sector led the market in today's two cities with a 5% increase in strength. The ST sector continued to rise and stop (I am afraid to operate such stocks, huh, huh), and the concept of venture capital continues to be highly active (up to 14 stocks) Home), shell resources in the strength of Hengli industry to capture the climax (up to 12 stocks), small-cap stocks also appeared in a wonderful scene of 21 daily limit, other sectors environmental protection, e-commerce concept, low-priced stocks The growth rate of all sectors exceeded 4%. At the close of the trading day, the two cities had more than 100 daily stocks and 5 stocks. From today's market point of view, due to the passion of the GEM, igniting the popularity of the two cities, leading the two major cities, but due to the weight
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  • Xiaoning said that the stock friendship reminds: no one can always accurately predict the trend of the market and individual stocks. Anyone's point of view is only a reference, and you have to take your own ideas. On Monday, the number of homes rose by 3,474, with 64 homes and 114 homes. The SSE Super BBD shows a net flow of funds. Shenzhen Component Index today's Super BBD shows a net inflow of funds. On the sector, the sectors with the most capital inflows are: Internet+, big data, and computer applications. The sectors with the most outflows are: Bank, MSCI Concept, Insurance. On the disk, there were 5 downs today, and 9 were yesterday. The number of downsides has increased significantly compared with yesterday. Today's daily limit of 155, except for 2 new shares, 153 daily limit. The specific analysis is as follows: on the plate, high transfer, environmental protection engineering, PM2.
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  • This article is 3445 words, about 5 minutes to finish reading. On November 11th, 2009, Tmall, who originally wanted to use the "care for single dogs" gimmicks, launched a network promotion campaign. It has now reached its 10th anniversary. On the same day of the year, this is called "shopping carnival". The network sales miracle will be played on time on this day. Merchants have tried their best to entice us to consume, e-commerce sales leap from tens of millions to billions of scales, from Ali solo to online and offline participation, from simple promotions to entertainment, topical consumption feast. As a product of the e-commerce era, the Double Eleven has become a carnival that the pickpockets cannot miss. So can the investment behind the double eleven bring us investment opportunities? After all, the money spent by the "hands-on" has to find a way to earn it back.
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  • This morning, the Shanghai stock index opened lower and went higher in the morning. All the way higher, time-sharing, the yellow line was obviously stronger than the white line, indicating that the theme stocks were obviously better than the index stocks. It is estimated that most people are making money today. As of the close, the Shanghai stock index fell 1.29. % GEM fell 0.29%, daily limit: 97 (21 words, 38 other) down limit: 5, up: 3270 drops: 290). This morning, the total turnover of the Shanghai stock index was 77.62 billion yuan (72.04 billion yuan yesterday), and the total transaction volume was enlarged by 5.58 billion. The Shanghai Composite Index has an amplitude of 1.13%, which is 0.77% higher than the previous trading day. The amplitude is significantly larger than yesterday's year-on-year; today's long-short value is 7.54. Compared with the previous trading day, the value has increased significantly from the previous trading day.
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  • This year is the tenth year of the "Double 11" artificial shopping festival. According to industry commentary, in the past ten years, “Double 11” has grown from a “Single Day” campaign to a commercial “Olympic”. This year's Tmall "Double 11" attracted 180,000 brands worldwide and set a new high. Also hitting a new high is the trading speed. The data on the morning of the 11th shows that Tmall’s “Double 11” orders per second reached a peak of 491,000. It’s really awesome! Please see the picture below: The final Tmall "Double 11" turnover exceeded 200 billion yuan for the first time, locked at 213.5 billion yuan, once again creating a business miracle of BABA. Oriental Fortune Network (stock code 300059) organized "[Awarded Events] during the "Double 11" period
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  • Double 11 strikes, e-commerce platform has cut prices, and our A shares are just in the discount season, which sector is underestimated? Which industries are worth starting? What other funds have been put into your shopping cart? Let's take a look at the "shopping" list that you also want to buy! [Content of the game] Welcome to participate in the discussion of the double 11 topic, talk about # stock market promotion season! What good goods are worth buying? # Activity begins today, officially ends at 24:00 on November 12, 2018 (Monday). (Special Tip: You can analyze the industry, sector, investment theme or fund, and explain the reasons for the "good goods". Individual stocks can only be used as an example. Do not directly recommend shares. The opinions expressed by users only represent personal opinions, and This website has nothing to do with it and does not constitute any investment.
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  • On Saturday, this week, after the Shanghai stock index last week, there was no unexpected further short-selling market this week. Instead, it closed out five consecutive yin trends, especially on Friday, the gap opened lower and the lowest price closed. This is exactly the opposite of last week's trend. Last Friday was the highest price closing. In the news, 1. Two new shares were issued last night, indicating that the IPO has not been suspended. This may be the reason for Friday. Some comments were made in the morning. Some people even said that this Friday was because there was no last Friday. New shares, new shares this week, should rise next week. At first glance, it makes no sense to think about it. It seems that it is really true. At least when new shares are issued, there is no five-day trend in one week. 2. US stocks continued to fall on Friday night, which will definitely affect the opening of next week. The probability of opening lower next week is relatively high.
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  • Recently, Ma Yun’s father dreamed of laughing, and immediately doubled 11 and defeated the girls. The handcuffs have been for a year. The only way to stop them from being crazy is to have no net. Can you imagine a world without a network? The Internet has played a huge role in the development of the world pattern. He has changed our food, clothing, housing and transportation. We are going from 3G to 4G to 5G, which will be launched soon. This will be a revolutionary moment. 3G lets us get used to mobile chat and watch webpages. 4G lets us see short videos, live crazy and mobile shopping and support. The convenience of protection, then what will 5G bring to us? It is certain that a new business model will be brought about, bringing unmanned driving and artificial intelligence to a new level. So what is 5G? How much is 5G?
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  • The market analysis of the Shanghai Stock Exchange - 1.39%, Shenzhen Stock Exchange -0.64%, small and medium board refers to -0.55%, the GEM index -0.51%, the Shanghai Composite Index continues to be pressured, and the GEM is better, resisting the red. The intraday hotspot is still in the concept of venture capital, and the 5G and oversold concepts are also assisted by the side, but the shell resources have gradually disappeared into yesterday's yellow flowers, and the rebound in the market can only catch the main line to abandon the tributaries. The sector represents the daily limit of stocks: no form of real open secret shell resources concept stocks Heng Li Industrial is not afraid of attention, today's top winds. It’s just that the selling pressure is too big to seal, the chips have been loosened, and it is a rational choice to gradually withdraw from the high-end shell resource ticket at this stage. There is no banquet in the world. Venture capital today's daily limit, continue to stage the leading competition. Hongye shares opened the second board, the same T-board as yesterday’s trend, the stock
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