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Evergrande and Osaka cherry blossoms cross each other

February 22, 2018 08:25
source: Xinhua News Agency
edit:Eastern Fortune Network

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In the second round of the A-League Football League Group G in the second round of the contest, the Guangzhou Evergrande team and the Osaka Sakura team in Japan battled into 0:0 and suffered two consecutive draws.

For Evergrande, Osaka Sakura is not an unfamiliar opponent. They beat the opponent 5:1 in the 2014 eighth quarter finals. However, in the past few years, the lineup of the two teams has changed a lot. Evergrande’s scoring heroes Muric and Elkson are no longer in the team.

Evergrande started to be anti-customer, and the offensive was quite threatening. In the 10th minute, Gao Laite's high ball hoisted into the penalty area, and Yulin headed the ball and missed the goal. In the 18th minute, Alan received a high pass from Gao Lat. After getting rid of a defensive player, the low shot was slightly wide. In the 22nd minute, Sosa’s long-range shot was saved by Liu Dian, and the mountain village and also the shots were once again resolved by Liu Dian. In the 25th minute, Gao Laite passed the restricted area and the Osaka cherry guard defended the mistake. Yulin got the ball and was shot by Jin Zhenyu.

In the second half, Osaka cherry blossoms began to work. In the 76th minute, Osaka cherry blossoms opened a free kick. Liang Dong Hyun fell to the ground and succeeded, but the offside goal was cancelled. Two minutes later, Osaka Sakura took the corner and Jonich headed the ball to break the net, but the referee said that the corner kick had crossed the bottom line in the air. In the 80th minute, Jin Yingquan kicked the ball through the wall with a free kick. Jinzhen collapsed and hugged the ball. Whether the ball has crossed the line has caused controversy. In the 87th minute, Sugimoto Kenji received a header from Kyoko Ichiro to go straight to the corner, and Liu Dian reacted to save the ball and avoid the team being beaten at the last moment.

In the previous round, Evergrande and Buri South Union scored 1:1. In this round of war, Evergrande and the two wars were all divided into two groups, the third group, Osaka Sakura and Jeju Union, respectively, with 4 points and 3 points respectively occupying the top two, and Burinan has accumulated 1 point, the qualifying situation of this group. It seems confusing.

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