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Evergrande AFC Champions League Alan repeatedly squandered opportunities

February 22, 2018 08:17
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On the sixth day of the New Year's Eve, Guangzhou Evergrande won the Japanese team Osaka Sakura 0-0 in the second round of the AFC Champions League group. The group ranked third.

Two consecutive rounds of unbeaten start, which is extremely rare for AFC Champion Guangzhou Evergrande. Since the first time in 2012, Evergrande participated in the AFC Champions League, only the 2016 AFC Champions League group stage, Evergrande suffered two rounds before the group stage. In that year, Evergrande missed the group.

Yesterday, Jeju United won 2:0 victory over Buriram, and after getting 3 points, the team followed the Osaka cherry blossom with 4 points. Guangzhou Evergrande and Bulinan, which has only one point, are currently ranked in groups of three or four. The next round of Evergrande's match against Jeju United is almost a life-and-death battle.

Evergrande started a bad start in the new season. After Cannavaro returned to the team to coach, the game should be said to be a lot better, especially in the first half of the two rounds, which created a lot of scoring opportunities. On the defensive end, compared to last season's opening stage, Paulinho, Zheng Zhi and Zeng Cheng are missing. It should be said that the play is quite good. Evergrande's last zero opponent was still half a year ago.

However, the current lack of this team is sharp. The fans said, "I miss Elkson"; Yulin said, "I hope Zheng Zhi will return soon." But after that?

It was not Zheng Zhi who solved the problem of front weakness last season, but Paulinho. What Evergrande may need to look forward to now is that J Ma’s body can compete and expect him to reaffirm his courage and determination.

Evergrande has not been able to win against the Japanese team in the last five away games. As the age grows, this team is increasingly lacking in the physical strength of the game. The Super Cup in Shanghai will be held next week. The team is another test.

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