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  •                                     Choice data app version 5.2.5 released NEW 2018-11-06 Collapse
    - Added purchase of Choice Financial Terminal, Mobile Super Level-2 and Roadshow Production Series;
    - Increase my order to view order details anytime, anywhere.
    - The Double Eleven event is launched on the line. From now on, you can purchase the Choice terminal at a special price and present many gifts.
  •                                     Choice data app version 5.2.4 released 2018-10-12 Expand
    - The roadshow platform will increase the production series, and the content will be deeper and the experience will be better.
  •                                     Choice data app version 5.2.3 released 2018-09-07 Expand
    - Increase the sweep function, support scanning the code on the PC side, and open the corresponding road show in the APP;
    - Optimize the research report page to optimize the road show list page
    - Fix known bugs and improve user experience.
  •                                     Choice data app version 5.2.2 released 2018-08-21 Expand
    - Added roadshow and teleconferencing functions, listening to experts to share dry goods anytime, anywhere, and onlookers to interpret hotspots;
    - Fix known bugs and improve user experience.