Fragments 10 million points

Data is updated every 30 minutes

  • Rank
  • username
  • Combination name
  • Total rate of return
  • 5-day yield
  • Daily rate of return
  • Match the final assets


1. If the player sets "not to disclose the final assets", the share of assets will be displayed as "******".

2. "Pruning the assets" is based on the data derived from the current "Preliminary Ranking", and the final income ranking of the preliminaries will determine the final allocation of the 10 million yuan.

3. The split asset data displayed on the list does not include the final assets obtained from the invitation activity.

                        After each trading day, the system will perform liquidation corrections on the top rankings of the competition, and the latest rankings will be announced on the official contest page before 9:30 on the next trading day.                         The specific update time is based on the information published on the contest page.