The concept of solar energy flow details
More plate flow of funds
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                        Real-time capital flow map
                        Update time
                        Unit (million)
  • Main net inflow today:
  • Million
  • The main net ratio:
  • Today, a large single net inflow:
  • Million
  • Large single net ratio:
  • Net big single inflow today:
  • Million
  • Big single net ratio:
  • Net bill inflow today:
  • Million
  • Net bill in the net:
  • Small single net inflow today:
  • Million
  • Small single net ratio:
                        Financial trends after-hours funds
                        Update time                         16:05
                        Unit (million)
  • The main net inflow
  • Large single net inflow
  • Net big single inflow
  • Net inflow of a single
  • Small single net inflows
                        Real-time transaction distribution
                        Update time
Types of Inflow Outflow
Large single Million Million
Big single Million Million
In the single Million Million
Small single Million Million
                        After-hours capital flow statistics
                        Update time                         16:05
                        Unit (million)
  The main net inflow   Large single net inflow   Net big single inflow
  Net inflow of a single   Small single net inflows
  • Solar stocks flow of funds
  • Concept of historical capital flow
  • Ranking today
  • Ranking on the 5th
  • Ranking on the 10th