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                    List of restricted shares
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Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index
Serial number Unblocking time Lift the ban on the day
                                    Number of stocks
Related Number of lifts (shares) Actual lifting of the ban (shares) Actual lifting of the market value (yuan) Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index The Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index rose (%)
12018-10-313Unblocking stock details125 million125 million10.41 billion3153.821.40
22018-11-017Unblocking stock details1.62 billion151 million1.890 billion3177.030.74
32018-11-026Unblocking stock details1.103 billion633 million8.316 billion3290.253.56
42018-11-0512Unblocking stock details13.23 billion1.299 billion115.42 billion3262.84-0.83
52018-11-069Unblocking stock details843 million830 million5.253 billion3243.15-0.60
62018-11-073Unblocking stock details350 million350 million8.668 billion3221.91-0.65
72018-11-085Unblocking stock details29.36 million22.07 million376 million3212.77-0.28
82018-11-0911Unblocking stock details565 million564 million4.332 billion3167.44-1.41
92018-11-1214Unblocking stock details1.164 billion1.103 billion98.58 billion--
102018-11-1312Unblocking stock details2.41 billion186 million19.23 billion--
This month197Only stocks are lifted and banned161.93 billionStock market value126.20 billionyuan 点击查看全部>>
                        List of lifting the ban
Serial number Stock code Stock short name Related Unblocking time Unblocking number
Actual release number
Actual lifting of the city
                                The value of yuan)
Preemptive circulation
                                Market value ratio (%)
Closing the closing price of the previous trading day (yuan) 20 days before lifting the ban
                                Quote change(%)
1600782New SteelDetail  data  Share it2018-11-124.02 billion4.02 billion2.22 billion14.425.48-2.66
2600522Zhongtian TechnologyDetail  data  Share it2018-11-12335 million335 million25.19 billion12.267.522.17
3002332Xianyi PharmaceuticalDetail  data  Share it2018-11-12148 million145 million9.57 billion19.116.68.37
4002640Cross-border communicationDetail  data  Share it2018-11-1265.48 million26.99 million314 million2.7411.645.43
5000062Shenzhen HuaqiangDetail  data  Share it2018-11-1254.37 million38.87 million700 million5.8318.020.0
6603916SuboteDetail  data  Share it2018-11-1252.95 million52.95 million6.2 billion69.6711.74-5.55
7002084Seagull liveDetail  data  Share it2018-11-1243.25 million43.25 million173 million9.514.016.37
8300725Medicine stone technologyDetail  data  Share it2018-11-1242.43 million38.31 million21.08 billion139.3255.016.88
9603779WeilongDetail  data  Share it2018-11-1210.62 million10.62 million1.37 billion11.4712.91-4.23
10300495Beauty ecologyDetail  data  Share it2018-11-125.32 million5.32 million73.37 million2.1713.87.23