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Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index
Serial number Lifted the ban time The lifting of the ban on the day
Number of stocks
Related Lifted the number of shares (shares) Lifted market value (yuan) Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index Change (%)
12018-02-074Lifted the details of individual stocks149 million5.531 billion4050.50-2.37
22018-02-0810Lifted the details of individual stocks944 million13.893 billion4012.05-0.95
32018-02-0910Lifted the details of individual stocks410 million44.73 billion3840.65-4.27
42018-02-125Lifted the details of individual stocks640 million37.61 billion3890.101.29
52018-02-135Lifted the details of individual stocks322 million2.960 billion3935.631.17
62018-02-147Lifted the details of individual stocks19.281 billion85,751 million3966.960.80
72018-02-2231Lifted the details of individual stocks6,704 million760.60 billion4052.732.16
82018-02-232Lifted the details of individual stocks17.47 million141 million4071.090.45
92018-02-2613Lifted the details of individual stocks6.658 billion52.443 billion--
102018-02-277Lifted the details of individual stocks291 million35.88 million--
This month's total115Only lifted the stock, lifting a total of ban36.660 billionStocks, market capitalization265.776 billionyuan 点击查看全部>>
                        Lifts details list
Serial number Stock code Stock abbreviation Related Lifted the ban time Lifted the number of shares (shares) Lifted market value (yuan) Accounting for the proportion of the market value before the lifting of the ban (%) Lifting the ban on the 20th
Quote change(%)
1603118Join the sharesDetails  data  Share it2018-02-26398 million2.792 billion105.49-16.94
2603828Ke LidaDetails  data  Share it2018-02-26216 million1685 million199.40-21.82
3601198Dongxing SecuritiesDetails  data  Share it2018-02-261.5 billion20,025 million119.24-13.03
4002513Lan Feng biochemistryDetails  data  Share it2018-02-266.83 million60.76 million2.81-13.10
5002501Liyuan refinedDetails  data  Share it2018-02-26264 million2.367 billion35.77-8.18
6300116Kennedy can fertileDetails  data  Share it2018-02-262016 million154 million1.560
7300110Wah Yan PharmaceuticalDetails  data  Share it2018-02-26196 million1.437 billion16.62-47.20
8002547Spring SeikoDetails  data  Share it2018-02-26116 million1.067 billion16.9716.33
9002589Ruikang medicineDetails  data  Share it2018-02-26273 million372 million30.268.27
10002438Jiangsu magical powersDetails  data  Share it2018-02-2641.44 million286 million13.14-9.09