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CSI 300 Index
No. Lift time The day was lifted
The number of shares
Related Lifting the ban (shares) Lift market value (yuan) CSI 300 Index Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index Change (%)
12018-05-0910Lift stocks details518 million42.32 billion3871.62-0.18
22018-05-1010Lift stocks details206 million3.312 billion3893.060.55
32018-05-1114Lift stocks details10.62 billion123.32 billion3872.84-0.52
42018-05-1415Lift stocks details980 million19.958 billion3909.290.94
52018-05-1516Lift stocks details14.17 billion24.540 billion3924.100.38
62018-05-1619Lift stocks details15.94 billion23.491 billion3892.84-0.80
72018-05-179Lift stocks details2,000 million3.646 billion3864.05-0.74
82018-05-1814Lift stocks details739 million112.91 billion3903.061.01
92018-05-21twenty threeLift stocks details61.78 billion52.344 billion--
102018-05-229Lift stocks details47.23 million15.16 billion--
This month total213Only the stock was lifted and the ban was lifted42.536 billionStocks, market value310.155 billionyuan 点击查看全部>>
                        List of banned details
No. Stock code Short stock Related Lift time Lifting the ban (shares) Lift market value (yuan) Proportion of the market capitalization before the lifting of ban (%) 20 days before lifting the ban
Quote change(%)
1000825Taigang StainlessDetails  data  Share it2018-05-213.616 billion216.99 billion173.910
2600637Pearl of the OrientDetails  data  Share it2018-05-213.08 billion5.572 billion14.151.63
3002239AojiaDetails  data  Share it2018-05-2111.07 billion40.19 billion58.100
4000156Hua Digital MediaDetails  data  Share it2018-05-21287 million32.68 billion28.850
5002872Tian Sheng PharmaceuticalDetails  data  Share it2018-05-2190.36 million28.06 billion170.490.0
6000001Ping An BankDetails  data  Share it2018-05-21252 million27.65 billion1.49-4.70
7002753Yongdong sharesDetails  data  Share it2018-05-21135 million26.92 billion157.067.96
8300461Tanaka SeikiDetails  data  Share it2018-05-2143.11 million23.28 billion182.843.65
9300451Business softwareDetails  data  Share it2018-05-2169.31 million22.56 billion53.49-9.68
10603197Baolong TechnologyDetails  data  Share it2018-05-2141.10 million172 million140.05-6.40