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Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index
Serial number Unblocking time Lift the ban on the day
Number of stocks
Related Number of lifts (shares) Actual lifting of the ban (shares) Actual lifting of the market value (yuan) Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index The Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index rose (%)
12018-07-038Unblocking stock details604 million544 million3.708 billion3409.280.04
22018-07-045Unblocking stock details4.67 billion344 million2.105 billion3363.75-1.34
32018-07-058Unblocking stock details829 million8.28 billion10.302 billion3342.44-0.63
42018-07-064Unblocking stock details101 million58.7 million510 million3365.120.68
52018-07-098Unblocking stock details8.82 billion8.82 billion5.484 billion3459.182.80
62018-07-109Unblocking stock details25.97 billion11.33 billion14.76 billion3467.520.24
72018-07-119Unblocking stock details460 million386 million4,090 million3407.53-1.73
82018-07-129Unblocking stock details789 million752 million6.852 billion3481.062.16
92018-07-1310Unblocking stock details161 million158 million23.13 billion3490.340.27
102018-07-1615Unblocking stock details12.10 billion10.93 billion296.09 billion--
This month207Only stocks are lifted and banned289.94 billionStock market value2693.06 billionyuan 点击查看全部>>
                        List of lifting the ban
Serial number Stock code Stock short name Related Unblocking time Unblocking number
Actual release number
Actual lifting of the city
The value of yuan)
Preemptive circulation
Market value ratio (%)
Closing the closing price of the previous trading day (yuan) 20 days before lifting the ban
Quote change(%)
1002090Jinzhi TechnologyDetail  data  Share it2018-07-1318.44 million18.44 million257 million8.6613.94-19.65
2300429Strong new materialDetail  data  Share it2018-07-131.26 million1.26 million34.10 million0.9027.13-10.90
3300673Petty sharesDetail  data  Share it2018-07-135.98 million5.08 million259 million16.9451.011.35
4300538Tongyi sharesDetail  data  Share it2018-07-13300,000300,0007.27 million1.2724.22-24.15
5603005Crystal TechnologyDetail  data  Share it2018-07-132.98 million2.98 million66.06 million1.7422.15-18.00
6300432Fu Lin SeikoDetail  data  Share it2018-07-1312.15 million12.15 million1.02 billion3.278.4-13.13
7600131Minjiang River HydropowerDetail  data  Share it2018-07-1310.22 million10.22 million64.08 million2.576.273.47
8300290Rongke TechnologyDetail  data  Share it2018-07-1349.43 million49.43 million4.12 billion18.228.333.89
9300238Crown creatureDetail  data  Share it2018-07-1353.94 million53.94 million10.21 billion28.1618.92-19.63
10300036Hypergraph softwareDetail  data  Share it2018-07-136.34 million4.42 million90.89 million1.3520.5812.09