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Report basic information Issuer's full name Guangdong Jiayuan Technology Co., Ltd. Date of acceptance 2019-04-15
Company short name Jiayuan Technology Financing amount (100 million yuan) 9.69
Approval Status Inquired Updated 2019-04-19
Registration Guangdong Securities Regulatory Commission Industry Computer, communications and other electronic equipment manufacturing
Sponsor institution Dongxing Securities Co., Ltd. Sponsor representative Yu Qianchang, Yuan Ke
Accounting firm Lixin Accounting Firm (Special General Partnership) Signing accountant Zhu Juan, Zhao Zhongcai
law office Guangdong Xinda Law Firm Signed lawyer Zhao Ya, Cai Yiwen
Evaluation agency Zhonglian International Evaluation Consulting Co., Ltd. Signature appraiser Zeng Yonghe, Cheng Hailun
basic situation Registration Yanyang Town, Meixian District, Meizhou City, Guangdong Province Date of establishment 2001-09-29
Legal representative Liao Pingyuan Chairman Liao Pingyuan
Company Profile     Guangdong Jiayuan Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly Guangdong Meixian Meiyan Electrolytic Copper Foil Co., Ltd.) was established in September 2001. It is engaged in the research, manufacture and sales of various high-performance electrolytic copper foils of 7~12μm. It is a powerful machine. High-tech enterprises with excellent management, strict management and excellent quality can meet the different quality requirements of electrolytic copper foil products in lithium battery factories, copper-clad board factories and circuit board factories. Since its establishment, the company has formed a garden-style modern industrial park covering an area of ​​more than 70,000 square meters with complete infrastructure and an annual output of 5,000 tons of electrolytic copper foil. It has established a powerful provincial-level engineering technology research and development center for the company's follow-up. Development has laid a solid foundation. The company's existing plant area of ​​40,000 square meters, with international advanced level of water treatment, copper dissolution, raw foil, post-processing, cutting copper foil equipment and sophisticated, sophisticated testing equipment, and has introduced high-level management personnel and Professional and technical personnel to optimize the structure and improve management. The company has formed a unique business philosophy and corporate culture spirit. The business tenet of “winning the market with quality and developing with technology” enables us to win the market with first-class products and services; “competing first-class employees, producing first-class products and creating first-class products” The company's development strategy has formed the driving force for the company's progress and established our company's advantages in the market competition. Our company has always pursued the quality policy of "Quality First, Customer Supreme, Scientific Management, Keep Improving", and constantly improve the quality of our products by introducing advanced technology and equipment, improving production processes and improving work efficiency. The product quality is stable and reliable, in line with national GB/T5230-1995 "electrolytic copper foil" and IPC-4562 quality standards. The 9μm single-sided and double-sided electrolytic copper foil independently developed by the company is developed according to the demand of several large lithium battery manufacturers in China. It is a special performance electrolytic copper foil. In 2007, it was identified as “National Torch Program by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The key high-tech enterprises were recognized as “national high-tech enterprises” by the Provincial Science and Technology Department in 2008. The 9μm double-sided roughened electrolytic copper foil was appraised by the Science and Technology Department of the Provincial Science and Technology Department in January 2006. The overall technical level is leading domestically, and the products fill the domestic gap. The company's “high-elongation double-sided optical ultra-thin electrolytic copper foil” has been produced. The Ministry of Science and Technology has identified the “National Key New Product” and the “High Performance Ultrathin Electrolytic Copper Foil for Lithium Ion Battery” project as the 2010 National Torch Program. The products have been put on the market in large quantities and have achieved significant social and economic benefits. . The company has passed and strictly implemented the GB/T19001-2008 quality management system and GB/T24001-2004 environmental management system certification standards, continuously deepening its own reforms, continuously and effectively improving quality, expanding production scale and improving product structure to provide customers with the highest quality and The most reliable copper foil product. With the most enthusiasm and the best service, we will develop together with our customers at home and abroad to create a bright future.
Business Scope Research, manufacture and sales: electrolytic copper foil products; export business of self-produced products and technologies of the enterprise; import of raw and auxiliary materials, instrumentation, machinery and equipment, spare parts and technology required for the production of the enterprise (national limited Except for goods that are operated by the company and prohibited by the state from importing and exporting; (Projects subject to approval according to law may be operated after approval by relevant departments)
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Important financial indicators Financial indicator/time 2018-12-31 2017-12-31 2016-12-31
Total assets (yuan) 10.13 billion 7.9 billion 568 million
Net assets (yuan) 703 million 527 million 4.4 billion
Minority shareholders' equity (yuan) - - 1.03 billion
Operating income (yuan) - 566 million 4.19 billion
Net profit (yuan) - 851.925 million 652.298 million
Capital reserve (yuan) 155 million 155 million 7710.26 million
Undistributed profit (yuan) 336 million 179 million 1.02 billion
Net assets per share (yuan) - 3.0400 2.2700
Basic earnings per share - 0.5500 0.4600
Diluted earnings per share - - 0.4600
Operating cash flow per share (yuan) - - 0.6800
Weighted return on equity (%) - 21.13 24.82
project progress
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1 Guangdong Xinda Law Firm's legal opinion on the initial public offering of Guangdong Jiayuan Technology Co., Ltd. and its listing on the Science and Technology Board 2019-04-15 Accepted
2 Dongxing Securities Co., Ltd. on the initial public offering of Guangdong Jiayuan Technology Co., Ltd. and listed on the Science and Technology Board listing sponsorship 2019-04-15 Accepted
3 Lixin Accounting Firm (Special General Partnership) Financial Statement and Audit Report on the Initial Public Offering of Guangdong Jiayuan Technology Co., Ltd. and Listing on the Science and Technology Board 2019-04-15 Accepted
4 Guangdong Jiayuan Technology Co., Ltd. Kechuang Board initial public offering stock prospectus (declaration) 2019-04-15 Accepted
5 Dongxing Securities Co., Ltd. issued a sponsorship letter for the initial public offering of Guangdong Jiayuan Technology Co., Ltd. and listed on the Science and Technology Board 2019-04-15 Accepted