Beijing Sanyuan Gene Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Details
basic situation Registration Building 4, No. 1, Jinyuan Road, Industrial Development Zone, Daxing District, Beijing Date of establishment 1992-09-24
Legal representative Cheng Yongqing Chairman Cheng Yongqing
Company Profile     The company is a modern pharmaceutical biotechnology company with a registered capital of 110 million yuan. It is mainly engaged in research, development, production and sales of pharmaceutical biotechnology products, including genetic engineering drugs, genetic engineering vaccines and diagnostic reagents, and engaged in related technology trade. And technical advisory services business.     The ternary gene was established in 1992 and is the first company in China to be named after genetic engineering know-how. The co-founder is Mr. Hou Yunde - the former deputy director of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Mr. Cheng Yongqing - China was the first to engage in high-tech entrepreneurship and risk. Professional manager of investment.     Ternary gene main product recombinant human genetic engineering α1b interferon is China's first genetic engineering class with independent intellectual property rights for the treatment of a variety of viral diseases and malignant tumors; Yundesu (recombinant human genetic engineering α1b interference The prime brand name has established a high-quality brand of Chinese genetic drugs, creating good economic and social benefits.     The ternary gene research and development strength is strong. In 2001, the ternary gene research and development center was approved by the Ministry of Personnel to set up a postdoctoral research station. Currently, more than ten projects are under development, and there are many internationally advanced clinical research drugs, with more than 40 items in China. Invention patents in countries such as the United States. The ternary gene has undertaken more than ten major new drug innovation programs at the national and Beijing-level organizations, and has obtained more than ten new drug certificates and production approval documents.
Business Scope Production of therapeutic bioengineered products (recombinant human interferon alpha 1b for injection, recombinant human interferon alpha 1b injection) (drug production license valid until December 10, 2020); nutrition and health supplies, sales of medical devices; biotechnology products Development, sales and technology transfer and consulting services for chemical products (excluding hazardous chemicals and a class of precursor chemicals); development of nutritional and health products, medical devices; operation of self-produced products and technology export business of the enterprise and member companies The import business of raw and auxiliary materials, instruments and meters, mechanical equipment, spare parts and technology required by the company and its member companies (except for the state-limited company operations and the state's banned import and export goods); One supplement" business. (Projects subject to approval according to law shall be subject to the approval of relevant departments to carry out business activities in accordance with the approved content.)
Important financial indicators
Operating income (yuan) Net profit (yuan) Research and development expenses (yuan) Cumulative net profit in the past two years (yuan) R&D expenses as a percentage of operating income in the past three years (%)
2017 2016 2015 2017 2016 2015 2017 2016 2015 - -
245 million - - 4354.66 million - - 154.42 million - -