Beijing Xingyi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Details
basic situation Registration No. 18 Zhonghe Street, Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone Date of establishment 2000-10-27
Legal representative Yin Yi Chairman Yin Yi
Company Profile     The company is a new type of medical service enterprise integrating R&D, production, marketing and service. It has independently developed more than 80 new drugs, including 7 new drugs, 16 new drugs, more than 20 new drugs, and 4 new drugs. The other, the new varieties of fields include cardiovascular, anti-tumor, anti-infective, digestive tract drugs, immunomodulatory drugs, natural medicines and chemicals, most of which have obtained the national new drug certificate. As a modernization of traditional Chinese medicine The representative varieties of safflower yellow powder injection and injection, Ginkgo biloba extract powder injection and injection have been clinically approved, and PU and FG have been applied for IP application simultaneously at the same time as applying to the State Drug Administration. A total of 26 invention patents have been accepted.
Business Scope Production of tablets, capsules, freeze-dried powder injections, small-volume injections, APIs (Nevirapine); entrusted processing of nationally approved tablets, hard-capsule health foods; sales of health foods; laws, administrative regulations, the State Council decided If the license is approved by the examination and approval authority and registered by the industry and commerce administration authority, it may be operated; if the laws, administrative regulations, and the State Council decide not to provide permission, the company shall choose its own business project to carry out business activities. Technology development, transfer, training, consulting, and service for medicine and chemical industry.
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Important financial indicators
Operating income (yuan) Net profit (yuan) Research and development expenses (yuan) Cumulative net profit in the past two years (yuan) R&D expenses as a percentage of operating income in the past three years (%)
2017 2016 2015 2017 2016 2015 2017 2016 2015 9505.43 million -
326 million 298 million 3.4 billion 4832.16 million 4673.27 million 6293.66 million - - -