Shenzhen Lianwin Laser Co., Ltd. Details
basic situation Registration 7th Floor, Building 1, District 2, Honghualing Industrial Zone, Liuxian Avenue, Nanshan District, Shenzhen Date of establishment 2005-09-22
Legal representative Han Jinlong Chairman Han Jinlong
Company Profile     The company is the only equipment manufacturer specializing in precision laser welding in China. It develops, produces and sells world-class precision laser welding machines and is the first brand of laser welding machines in China. At present, the Institute of Optoelectronics of Shenzhen University, led by the well-known domestic optoelectronic expert Niu Shuqian, is the source of technology. Dr. Niuqiang, who has many technical inventions such as real-time energy negative feedback, is the chief technology officer. Talents include talents in optoelectronics, precision machinery, numerical control software, and computers that have been engaged in the research and development of similar products for more than ten years abroad. There are also experienced marketing and marketing personnel from home and abroad. The number of people with bachelor degree or above in the company accounts for the total number of employees. 80%. The benign configuration of professional talents and management talents enables the company to operate in both the UK and the business. This is a team with strong independent design, development and production capacity. The company currently has a number of invention patents and utility model patents, has all the intellectual property rights of the products, and can provide customers with completely tailor-made products. The “YAG laser welding machine with arbitrary waveform energy negative feedback control” developed and produced by our company passed the scientific and technological achievements appraisal organized by Shenzhen Science and Technology Bureau in 2004. It is in a leading position among similar products in China and has reached the advanced level of international similar products. . High technology and high starting point have made this technology create considerable economic and social benefits, and have also made due contributions to China's laser technology industry. In 2007, the company was recognized as a high-tech enterprise by Shenzhen Science and Technology and Information Bureau. In April 2008, it officially became a member of Shenzhen High-tech Industry Association.
Business Scope Technical development, sales and leasing of laser equipment and related products, mechatronic equipment; assembly, sale and leasing of laser welding machines, laser cutting machines and lasers After obtaining the fire inspection and acceptance, it can be operated); domestic trade (excluding franchise, special control, Monopoly goods); engaged in the import and export of goods and technology (excluding distribution, national franchise) Special control products).
Important financial indicators
Operating income (yuan) Net profit (yuan) Research and development expenses (yuan) Cumulative net profit in the past two years (yuan) R&D expenses as a percentage of operating income in the past three years (%)
2018 2017 2016 2018 2017 2016 2018 2017 2016 - -
981 million - 4.16 billion 8334.06 million - 6871.52 million 51.163 million - -