Elite Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Details
basic situation Registration 5th Floor, Venture Innovation Building, No. 6 Wuluo Street, Demonstration Area, Shanxi Province Date of establishment 2012-07-16
Legal representative Gong Dali Chairman Gong Dali
Company Profile     The company is a professional production dispatching and commanding IT solution and operation and maintenance service provider. The company is based on the provision of industry solutions, with software development as the main body, information system integration as the product realization method and operation and maintenance service as the guarantee. The company has "Computer Information System Integration Qualification (Level 2)", "Safety Protection Engineering Design and Construction Qualification (Level 2)", "ISO9001 International Quality Management System Certification", "ISO20000IT Service Certification", "CMMIL3 Certification", "Information Technology" Qualifications such as Service Operation and Maintenance Standard Compliance Certificate. It is one of the top ten software enterprises identified by Shanxi Province, the first batch of “innovative enterprises” in Shanxi Province, “software and information technology service demonstration enterprises”, the key laboratories of Shanxi Province's two-integration integration, and the “provincial industry technology center” listing units.
Business Scope Design, development, production and sales of software and electronic products; planning, design, integration, engineering general contracting and operation and maintenance services for information systems and industrial automation systems; information technology research, consulting, transfer and training; data processing; Rental services; import and export trade.
Important financial indicators
Operating income (yuan) Net profit (yuan) Research and development expenses (yuan) Cumulative net profit in the past two years (yuan) R&D expenses as a percentage of operating income in the past three years (%)
2018 2017 2016 2018 2017 2016 2018 2017 2016 6019.44 million -
2.11 billion 161 million 123 million 3910.97 million 2108.47 million 147,799,300 1533.38 million 1142.84 million -