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Report basic information Issuer's full name Zhejiang Hangke Technology Co., Ltd. Date of acceptance 2019-04-15
Company short name Hangke Technology Financing amount (100 million yuan) 5.47
Approval Status Inquired Updated 2019-04-22
Registration Zhejiang Securities Regulatory Commission Industry Special equipment manufacturing
Sponsor institution Guosen Securities Co., Ltd. Sponsor representative Fu Yiqing, Wang Donghui
Accounting firm Tianjian Accounting Firm (Special General Partnership) Signing accountant Zhao Li, Jin Dongwei
law office Beijing Jindu Law Firm Signed lawyer Zhang Xingzhong, Chen Xunan
Evaluation agency Kunyuan Assets Evaluation Co., Ltd. Signature appraiser Ying Liyun, Chen Xiaonan
basic situation Registration No. 77, Gaoxin 11th Road, Qiaonan Block, Xiaoshan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China Date of establishment 2011-11-21
Legal representative Cao Yu Chairman Cao Yu
Company Profile     Adhering to the development tenet of quality, reliability, truth-seeking and innovation, Zhejiang Hangke Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to building a global leader in the charge and discharge industry and becoming a world-class new energy lithium battery component integrating sales, R&D, manufacturing and service. A complete set of production equipment system integrators. Hangke Technology is located on the bank of Qiantang River, close to Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway and Hangzhou-Jinhua Expressway. It is 10 kilometers away from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport and has convenient transportation. In the post-lithium process equipment manufacturing industry, the manufacturing efficiency, the ability of the world's first-class, first-class equipment, first-class quality.     Hangke has always cooperated closely with domestic and foreign counterparts to enable enterprises to maintain technological advancement in the industry, pay attention to talent introduction and training, and set up four research institutes and 16 project teams to serve you with strong design, installation, and Construction and commissioning capabilities. High-temperature pressurization machine, volumetric machine, OCV/IR test machine, sorting machine, IVE, bad discharge machine, intelligent three-dimensional warehouse, MES, software, stacker, AGV, logistics line, complete equipment turnkey project, In the research and production of secondary battery sorting equipment, a scientific research, development and production team with strong professionalism, technical skills and extensive knowledge has been formed. At the same time, it has established 34 offices around the world to provide you with professional after-sales service.
Business Scope Manufacturing, processing: lithium battery formation, testing equipment and charging and discharging equipment, lithium battery pack protection board products, lithium battery automated production line; service: lithium battery production technology technology development, results transfer, goods and technology import and export (legal, administrative Except for items prohibited by laws and regulations, projects subject to laws and administrative regulations may be operated only after obtaining permission.
Important financial indicators Financial indicator/time 2018-12-31 2017-12-31 2016-12-31
Total assets (yuan) 23.08 billion 1.836 billion 12.53 billion
Net assets (yuan) 9.12 billion 660 million 486 million
Minority shareholders' equity (yuan) - - -
Operating income (yuan) 1.109 billion 771 million 411 billion
Net profit (yuan) 286 million 181 million 89.7.66 million
Capital reserve (yuan) 1.08 billion 1.08 billion 4.01 billion
Undistributed profit (yuan) 386 million 165 million 174,352,000
Net assets per share (yuan) 2.5300 1.8300 8.3300
Basic earnings per share 0.8000 0.5000 1.7800
Diluted earnings per share 0.8000 0.5000 1.7800
Operating cash flow per share (yuan) 0.7000 0.7700 2.2500
Weighted return on equity (%) 36.56 31.50 56.37
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1 Zhejiang Hangke Technology Co., Ltd. Kechuang Board initial public offering stock prospectus (declaration draft) 2019-04-15 Accepted
2 Tianjian Certified Public Accountants (Special General Partnership) Financial Statements and Audit Reports on the Initial Public Offering of Zhejiang Hangke Technology Co., Ltd. and Listing on the Science and Technology Board 2019-04-15 Accepted
3 3-1-3 Guoxin Securities's listing sponsorship document for Zhejiang Hangke Technology Co., Ltd. initial public offering of shares and listing on the Science and Technology Board 2019-04-15 Accepted
4 3-1-2 Guoxin Securities issued a sponsorship letter for the initial public offering of Zhejiang Hangke Technology Co., Ltd. and listed on the Science and Technology Board 2019-04-15 Accepted
5 Legal opinion of Beijing Jindu Law Firm on the initial public offering of Zhejiang Hangke Technology Co., Ltd. and listing on the Science and Technology Board 2019-04-15 Accepted