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Report basic information Issuer's full name Shanshi Network Communication Technology Co., Ltd. Date of acceptance 2019-04-09
Company short name Hillstone Financing amount (100 million yuan) 8.94
Approval Status Accepted Updated 2019-04-09
Registration Jiangsu Securities Regulatory Commission Industry Software and information technology services
Sponsor institution China International Capital Corporation Sponsor representative Xu Shizhen, Wang Wei
Accounting firm Zhitong Accounting Firm (Special General Partnership) Signing accountant Cao Yang, Wang Juan
law office Beijing Jindu Law Firm Signed lawyer Li Yuanyuan, Yan Zhijun
Evaluation agency Beijing Tianjian Industrial Assets Evaluation Co., Ltd. Signature appraiser Yang Shihong, Li Run
basic situation Registration No. 181, Jingrun Road, Suzhou High-tech Zone Date of establishment 2011-07-20
Legal representative Luo Dongping Chairman Luo Dongping
Company Profile     Hillstone is a leading technology innovation leader in China's network security industry. Since its inception, it has focused on innovation in cutting-edge technologies in the field of network security, providing network security products and services including border security, cloud security, data security, and intranet security. , is committed to providing users with comprehensive, smarter, zero-interference network security solutions. Hillstone provides high-efficiency and stable security protection for more than 17,000 users in government, finance, operators, Internet, education, healthcare and other industries. Shanshi Network has R&D centers in Suzhou, Beijing and Silicon Valley, USA. The business has covered more than 50 countries and regions in the Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Information technology is based on computing, storage and network. Network is one of the important cornerstones of information technology. Its architecture design and evolution is an important part of information technology development. The network architecture can be refined into infrastructure layer, virtualization layer and transport. Dimensional layer. The safety equipment developed by Hillstone Network can comprehensively protect the infrastructure layer, virtualization layer and operation and maintenance layer, and build a layered defense security system for users. The infrastructure layer mainly covers border security, application security, and data security. Yamashita's next-generation firewall, intrusion prevention/intrusion detection system, and cloud sandbox provide users with access control, deep attack detection, and APT attack detection for network boundaries. Such as comprehensive intelligent security protection; Web application firewall, webpage anti-tampering system, the overall security protection of the application system, effectively blocking malicious behavior such as web page tampering and attacks; database auditing, data leakage prevention system can perform sensitive data and documents Protection, identification of data and operational monitoring, blocking internal and external personnel through the network, mail and other channels of data theft. In the virtualization layer, Hillstone Network provides services such as virtual machine micro-isolation, traffic visualization, application visualization, and security visualization for cloud tenants and cloud service providers through “Shanshiyun·Ge” and “Shanshiyun·Boundary” to ensure the network layer. Virtualization security in three dimensions: application layer and database. At the operation and maintenance level, Hillstone's security audit platform effectively records various types of access behaviors, so that audits can be conducted after security incidents occur, and current protection technologies are tested to verify the effectiveness of security protection. With strong independent research and development capabilities of software and hardware, Hillstone provides a complete network security solution for customers in various industries. Shanshi Network has been recognized by many third-party organizations at home and abroad for its comprehensive protection capability and market performance in the field of network security. For five consecutive years, Hillstone has been selected by Gartner's "Enterprise-level Firewall Magic Quadrant" and "UTM Magic Quadrant" for two consecutive years. It has been selected by Gartner's "IDPS Magic Quadrant" for two consecutive years. In 2018, Gartner was named the Asia-Pacific Enterprise Firewall. "Global manufacturers." In 2019, Hillstone became the network security company selected by China for Gartner's "Network Traffic Analysis Market Guide"; Hillstone Network Data Center Security Protection Platform won the "Information Security Product Guide" published by Silicone Valley Communications, "2019 Global Excellence Award"; Hillstone Division The data center firewall, the virtualized micro-isolation product “Shanshiyun·ge” and the T-series intelligent next-generation firewall won the most innovative data center security product award, the next-generation cloud security solution award and the breakthrough security analysis solution respectively issued by CyberDefenseMagazine. Program award. In 2018, Hillstone's "NFV-based Virtual Machine Micro-Isolation Security Solution" won the "2018 Network Security Solution Excellence Award" from China Network Security Alliance and the "2018 Key Information Infrastructure Excellence" of China's Key Information Infrastructure Alliance. Solution Technology Innovation Award." In 2018, Hillstone's cloud security product "Shanshiyun·ge" won the "VMwareReady" certification of VMware Hillstone, becoming one of the more than 10 network security products in the world. In 2016, Hillstone was awarded the NSSLabs “Recommended Level for Next Generation Firewalls”. With excellent technical level and outstanding market performance, Shanshi Net has strong market competitiveness at home and abroad, which supports the sustainable development of Shanshi Net.
Business Scope R&D, production, sales and after-sales service of information network communication software and hardware products, as well as program design, technical consultation, own technology transfer and system integration services related to communication technology. (Projects subject to approval according to law may be operated after approval by relevant departments)
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Important financial indicators Financial indicator/time 2018-12-31 2017-12-31 2016-12-31
Total assets (yuan) 746 million 4.02 billion 323 million
Net assets (yuan) 420 million 218 million 2.07 billion
Minority shareholders' equity (yuan) - - -
Operating income (yuan) 566 million 463 million 327 million
Net profit (yuan) 7218.68 million 6005.22 million 118.50 million
Capital reserve (yuan) 396 million 393 million 403 million
Undistributed profit (yuan) -130 million -170 million -1.99 billion
Net assets per share (yuan) 3.1000 1.9300 1.8400
Basic earnings per share 0.5341 - -
Diluted earnings per share - - -
Operating cash flow per share (yuan) 0.0700 -0.0600 0.1800
Weighted return on equity (%) 31.89 27.17 0.58
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1 Legal opinion of Beijing Jindu Law Firm on the initial public offering of Shanshiwangke Communication Technology Co., Ltd. and listing on the Science and Technology Board 2019-04-09 Accepted
2 Shanshi Network Communication Technology Co., Ltd. 2016, 2017 and 2018 Audit Report 2019-04-09 Accepted
3 About the issuance sponsorship of Shanshiwangke Communication Technology Co., Ltd., the initial public offering of shares and listing on the Science and Technology Board 2019-04-09 Accepted
4 About the sponsorship letter of Shanshiwangke Communication Technology Co., Ltd., which is the first public offering of shares and listed on the Science and Technology Board 2019-04-09 Accepted
5 Shanshiwangke Communication Technology Co., Ltd. Kechuang Board initial public offering stock prospectus (declaration draft) 2019-04-09 Accepted