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Report basic information Issuer's full name Vision Power Information Technology Co., Ltd. Date of acceptance 2019-04-08
Company short name Vision Financing amount (100 million yuan) 18.30
Approval Status Accepted Updated 2019-04-08
Registration Beijing Securities Regulatory Commission Industry Computer, communications and other electronic equipment manufacturing
Sponsor institution CITIC Jiantou Securities Co., Ltd. Sponsor representative Wu Qianshan, single addition
Accounting firm KPMG Huazhen Certified Public Accountants (Special General Partnership) Signing accountant Lei Jiang, Guo Chengzhuan
law office Beijing Guofeng Law Firm Signed lawyer Hu Qi, Wang Yuepeng
Evaluation agency Zhonglian Assets Evaluation Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Zhongqihua Assets Evaluation Co., Ltd. Signature appraiser Gao Feng, Zhou Xin, Shi Laiyue, Yun Ning
basic situation Registration Room 1103, Gehua Building, No. 1 Qinglong Hutong, Dongcheng District, Beijing Date of establishment 2009-03-12
Legal representative Yang Chunhui Chairman Yang Chunhui
Company Profile     Established in 2009, Vision Power Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in network communication core technology R&D, network communication technology and Internet basic technology research. Vision Power developed and designed a new V2V vision networking communication protocol. Based on the network communication protocol, R&D launched a unified video multimedia service platform system, which is the world's leading LAN unified video multimedia service platform. Vision networking and unified video technology are major innovations in network technology, with high-quality video playback, teaching and teaching, telemedicine, live (remote) live broadcast, intelligent on-demand, video (remote) communication, video (remote) conferencing, video (Remote) monitoring, digital TV, time-delay TV, video mail, intelligent broadcast control and other dozens of video, multimedia, IP data-related services integrated on a system platform, unified intelligent management, video quality can reach HD to Ultra HD quality. Vision networking technology is widely used in video conferencing, video convergence, video surveillance, emergency command, teaching and teaching, information release, video on demand, live video and other application scenarios, and has been widely praised by users. The company and the national network operators jointly build high-definition video networking covering all provinces and cities across the country, providing end-to-end full video solutions and cost-effective remote HD video interconnection services for customers in various industries.
Business Scope Technology development, technology transfer, technical consulting, technical services; computer system services; basic software services; application software services; mechanical equipment leasing; sales of computers, software and auxiliary equipment, communication equipment, electronic products; engineering design; (Only for Internet users to provide Internet access services), domestic multi-party communication services, information services (excluding Internet information services) (value-added telecommunications business licenses are valid until August 21, 2023); operating telecommunications services. (Enterprises choose their own business projects in accordance with the law, carry out business activities; Internet information services, engineering design and projects subject to approval according to law, after the approval of relevant departments, carry out business activities according to the approved content; may not engage in the city's industrial policy prohibition and restriction projects Business activities.)
Important financial indicators Financial indicator/time 2018-12-31 2017-12-31 2016-12-31
Total assets (yuan) 1.399 billion 399 million 181 million
Net assets (yuan) 493 million 174.11 million 176.27 million
Minority shareholders' equity (yuan) - - -339.21 million
Operating income (yuan) 11.52 billion 348 million 151 million
Net profit (yuan) 475 million 718.17 million 366.66 million
Capital reserve (yuan) 1352.21 million - 26.00 million
Undistributed profit (yuan) 383 million 50.42 million 1381.53 million
Net assets per share (yuan) 9.8500 3.4800 4.2000
Basic earnings per share 9.5000 - -
Diluted earnings per share 9.5000 - -
Operating cash flow per share (yuan) 4.7100 10.3600 8.2700
Weighted return on equity (%) 186.35 126.22 1363.02
project progress
Serial number file name Updated status
1 Vision Power Information Technology Co., Ltd. initial public offering of shares and listing of prospectus on the board of the company (report) 2019-04-08 Accepted
2 CITIC Jiantou Securities Co., Ltd. on the listing of sponsors for the initial public offering of shares of Vision Power Information Technology Co., Ltd. 2019-04-08 Accepted
3 CITIC Jiantou Securities Co., Ltd. issued a sponsorship letter for the initial public offering of shares of Vision Power Information Technology Co., Ltd. and listed on the Science and Technology Board 2019-04-08 Accepted
4 Beijing Guofeng Law Firm's legal opinion on the application of the initial public offering of shares by Vision Power Information Technology Co., Ltd. and listing on the Science and Technology Board 2019-04-08 Accepted
5 Vision Power Information Technology Co., Ltd. 3 years annual financial statements for 2016, 2017 and 2018 2019-04-08 Accepted