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Guoshou Hongjun Annuity Insurance (dividend type)

China Life Products


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  • Basic Information

Insurance company China Life Insurance Use gender Unlimited
Term Insurance To 70 years old Annual payment period

5 years / 10 years / 20 years

Minimum contribution amount - Supplementary explanation of payment method -
Insurance management fee - Policy loan no
Loan ratio - Surrender fee -
Use area

China Mainland

Insurance category definition

After the end of each fiscal year, the insurance company will assign a life insurance of the dividends of such dividends in the previous fiscal year to a customer in a certain proportion, in the form of cash dividends or value-added dividends.

  • feature of product

  • Insurance example

                    Flexible payment of insurance premiums
Regularly receive pensions, cash out emergency revolving funds
High security condolences, policy income tax exemption
Returning dues to the birthday gift expert financial gold
Additional bonus bonuses

Mr. Qian, 30 years old, purchased Guoshou Hongjun Annuity Insurance, paid a premium of 100,000 yuan at a time, and enjoyed an insurance amount of 162,800 yuan. The annuity will be collected from the corresponding day of the 55-year-old year, and the annual fee will be 4,070 yuan. Survival to the 69th year of the effective date, a total of 4070 × 15 years = 61050 yuan. Survival to the age of 70 years, the corresponding day will receive a one-time insurance premium of 162,800 yuan. At the same time, you can also get the accumulated bonus income.

  • Insurance duty

  • Liability exemption

1. From the date of receipt of the annuity stipulated in this contract to the date when the insured has reached the age of 69 years, if the insured survives, the company shall enter into the corresponding year of the contract year, according to the following provisions. Pay an annuity.
For insurance premiums: annuity = basic insurance amount × 2.5%;
The insurance premium is paid in installments: annuity = basic insurance amount × payment years × 2.5%.
2. The insured shall pay the death benefit according to the insurance premium (excluding interest) due to the death of the insured within two years from the effective date of this contract. The contract is terminated due to accidental injury or Two years after the effective date of this contract, the company will pay the death benefit according to the following regulations. The contract is terminated.
Insurance premiums: death insurance = basic insurance amount;
Instalment delivery insurance premium: the insured person died during the payment period, the death insurance premium = the basic insurance amount × the number of policy years at the time of death; the insured person died after the expiration of the payment period, the death insurance = basic insurance amount × payment years.
3. The life of the insured to the effective date of the year of the age of 70, the company shall pay the maturity insurance in accordance with the following provisions, and the contract shall be terminated.
For insurance premiums: maturity insurance = basic insurance amount;
Instalment of insurance premiums: maturity insurance = basic insurance amount × payment years.

                    1. The insured person’s intentional killing or intentional injury to the insured;
2. The insured intentionally commits a crime or resists criminal enforcement measures taken in accordance with the law;
3. The insured commits suicide within two years from the date of the establishment of the contract or the restoration of the validity of the contract, except when the insured commits suicide as a person without civil capacity;
4. The insured person takes, ingests or injects drugs;
5. The insured drunk driving, driving without a valid driving license or driving a motor vehicle without a valid driving license;
6. The insured shall be ill due to illness within 180 days from the date of reinstatement of the contract;
7. War, military conflict, riots or armed rebellions;
8. Nuclear explosion, nuclear radiation or nuclear pollution.
No matter what happens above, the insured's death, the contract is terminated, the company refunds the cash value of the contract to the insured, but if the insured intentionally kills or injures the insured causing the insured to die, the company will refund The cash value of the contract is treated as the insured's estate.